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Six Months Old Hey, Where's the Party?

Six months. A hundred and eighty-plus days. Twenty-six weeks. Half a year. Call it what you will, to a baby that's like...forever. A hard-won accomplishment. A major milestone in their little life.

Begs for a celebration, wouldn't you think? A half birthday party, to be technical.

And not just for baby. Parents deserve a little pat on the rear, too. Think of the hundreds of diapers negotiated. Feedings dispensed. Burps elicited. Countless hours of sleep forfeited.

                            PlayingIs it any wonder hordes of moms and dads aren't waiting till the big oh-one and are raising sippy cups to toast the half year mark? Just googling keywords like "half birthday ideas," "half birthday blogs," or "half birthday whatever" will clue you in on how enthusiastically people are embracing this burgeoning occasion, and the thousands of interesting ways they're celebrating it.

And the nice part is, it doesn't have to be an all-out bash like a first birthday party. We are talking half here. Keep it relaxed, informal, inexpensive. Instead of mailed invitations, evites will do fine (you can find a free one to email guests at halfbirthday.com). Only fun gifts with a "half" theme and a low price tag, $10 tops, should be allowed.

And please, you need only go half out for this. Half a ration of grog (juice) for the honoree and his little guests, half caffe coffee for the adults, half a cake, and an hour and a half at the most will result in a whole lot of fun. As for decorations and activities, again let half, and your imagination, be your guiding principle. You'll be surprised what neat ideas you'll hatch when you get going on this.

World headquarters for everything half birthday, halfbirthday.com offers suggested half b'day gifts for all ages, party ideas, a half birthday calculator, ecards, recipes, games, and much more.

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