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Half Birthdays: The Stealth Mental Health Holiday

(Pssst.) Wouldn't it be great to have one day each year that no one else knew about, where you could just chill out, do some special things for yourself, take liberties, and indulge in ways you don't normally do?

Not your birthday. You want this new day to unfold under the radar, a secret between you and yourself—without fanfare, festivities and everyone fawning over you, which can be stressful in itself.

No, you want this to be a stealth occasion, one that occurs on the same date each year, a day that's easy to remember so you don't forget it and miss out.

Relaxing in a FieldWe're talking half birthday. The new mental health holiday. Your annual midway day where you ratchet it down a bit, treat yourself a little more kindly, and no one else is the wiser. Sound like a plan? Then here are some ways to put it into play.

First, of course, figure out when your half birthday is, then mark it on your calendar. The easiest and least technical way to do this is simply add six months to the day you were born. So a birthday of Nov. 5th becomes a half b'day of May 5th. If your birthday is December 31st, there is of course no June 31st, so just add a day and your half birthday becomes July 1st.

But all this is moot since there's a convenient half birthday finder that will do the job for you. Just go to halfbirthday.com/calculator. It even gives you the names of famous people who share your half birthday.

Now comes the fun part. Without giving yourself away, fill your special day with little treats and pleasures you generally deny yourself. Maybe it's sneaking out to a movie at, of all times, mid-afternoon. Munching a lusciously expensive chocolate bar, or digging into a sinful ice cream sundae. Taking yourself out to a gourmet breakfast. Sleeping in an extra half hour. Skipping a workout and giving the old bod a rest. Wearing your favorite outfit, the one you save for special occasions. (Because it is!)

You know what you like most. Or want to do least. So go for it. The idea is, cheese
                                  cakefor just this one day, once a year, be indulgent, be lazy and let your hair down a little. If anyone notices, just smile, shrug and say you're running at half throttle today. For more ideas on ways you can celebrate your half birthday, simply visit halfbirthday.com.

Be sure to schedule a reminder to yourself a few days prior so you can make plans, or break plans, whatever the case may be. You might find yourself looking forward to your half b'day more than any other day of the year.

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