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"Celebrate Your Teens, They're Still Kids"

by Sabrina Fu,  Baltimore Sun, January 6, 2016

"Half-birthday celebrations during the teenage years are part of the larger signal that our children are still important to us, in a way even more precious than when they were babies." Read more

"Party Themes: The Half Birthday Party"

              by Terri Akman for Metro Kids, May, 2015 Read more

                        Celebrate a party idea whose time has come.

Are You a Half Birthday Hater?

Some people, when first presented with the concept of a half birthday, become incredulous. Indignant. Self-righteously cynical. Instantly opposed. Read more

Should You Celebrate a Half Birthday?

6 reasons to celebrate your child's half birthday with wholehearted enjoyment. Read more

The Half Birthday Party: Happy Half Birth-"

by Terri Akman for The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 14, 2014

When Chloe Winters celebrated her 11th birthday, no biggie. Turning 10, however, required a blowout bash. Read more

"Half Birthday Celebrations on the Rise"

Craig Fahle Show WDET Detroit, March 25, 2014

Craig Fahle Show - Half Birthday Celebrations
                    on the Rise

"Half Birthdays Save the Day"

by Jenny Franklin, April 3, 2013

School birthday party days were the best days, but for some kids who were unfortunate enough to be born in that window of summer, the day to abandon work in their honor never came. Read more

"Trend Alert! Half-Birthday Parties
for Kids Are Officially a Thing"

by Leah Davidson for iVillage, March 8, 2013 Read more

Half Birthdays: The Stealth Mental Health Holiday

The Half Birthday is the one day of the year you can claim for yourself, to indulge, relax and treat yourself in a special way, with no one else being the wiser. Read more

Six Months Old: Hey, Where's the Party?

Six months. A hundred and eighty-plus days. Twenty-six weeks. Half a year. Call it what you will, to a baby that's like...forever. A hard-won accomplishment. A major milestone in their little life. And good enough for a half birthday bash. Read more

Half Birthdays Are Coming of Age: Celebrations Optional

Of all the holidays, anniversaries and occasions we celebrate (or are obligated to celebrate), there's one milestone gaining in popularity partly because it doesn't impose itself on us. Unless of course we want it to. It's the Half Birthday. Read more

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