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April 2014 Half Birthday Happenings, Stories,
Gifts & Party Ideas from the Blogosphere

Half Birthdays are big! Here's just a small sampling of all the half birthday celebrations, events, news, novelties, and suggestions floating around daily on blogs everywhere.

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April 30, 2014

Column; Spring into Walpurgisnacht
...ancient festival celebrating the harvest. (Today also is the half-birthday of my stepdaughter Rachel, born on Oct. 31. However, she is neither ancient nor associated with an agricultural festival, so...
04/29/14 14:22 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Happy half-birthday precious babies! I love those boots!!! XOXO
04/29/14 09:43 | United States |  Tweet

No Title
Awww, what a handsome little sweetheart! Happy half-birthday, Fraser! :)
04/29/14 22:13 | United States |  Tweet
to be a twenty-something
...“half years” faded away. (Oh, don’t judge! I know exactly when my halfbirthday is– being so close to Christmas, my parents definitely let me celebrate something in June to make up for it!) Now, as the culmination...
04/29/14 22:05 | United States |  Tweet
what if this is as good as it gets?: day twenty-nine
...three syllables in the second, and five in the third. It's my half-birthdayKeeping track Of time like the kids. 8:03 PM 1 comment: Steve Finnell said... HISTORICAL FACTS BY FAITH Why do I believe that...
04/29/14 20:03 | United States |  Tweet
Living Pittsburgh Birthday Deals ~ A Departure From The Ordinary
...half off your meal for up to four people on your birthday and half birthday. The coupon must be used on the date, 3 days before or 3 days after the date. Tax and gratuity not included. To sign up and...
04/29/14 13:51 | United States |  Tweet
Birthday Deals in the Burgh ~ Grandview Pointe Apartments
...half off your meal for up to four people on your birthday and half birthday. The coupon must be used on the date, 3 days before or 3 days after the date. Tax and gratuity not included. To sign up and...
04/29/14 13:50 | United States |  Tweet
Cookbook Debut: Betty Crocker Birthdays
A special chapter provides complete menus for throwing a Pirate Party, Dinosaur Party and even a Half Birthday Party featuring a semicircular rainbow cake! Perfect for kids of all ages—and even adults—this...
04/29/14 08:05 | United States |  Tweet

April 29, 2014

Betty Crocker Birthdays af Betty Crocker (E-bog)
A special chapter provides complete menus for throwing a Pirate Party, Dinosaur Party and even a Half Birthday Party featuring a semicircular rainbow cake! Perfect for kids of all agesand even adultsthis...
04/28/14 03:06 | Denmark |  Tweet

Half the Birthday, Twice the Fun
...the overwhelming desire to keep getting high. Tonight, on my halfbirthday, the only money I received was a lucky two dollar bill and the only check went toward helping to rebuild my savings account...
04/28/14 23:43 | United States |  Tweet
The Greatest Day of My Life
So, without further ado, here is the photo journey of that day (4/23/14; also my half-birthday). Not pictured: my terrifying enthusiasm. I kept smacking my friend. IT WAS SO GREAT! :D words cannot express! Thank...
04/28/14 17:44 | United States |  Tweet
Beki Cook's Cake Blog: Half-Iced Half-Birthday Cake We've done some pretty fun Half-Birthday Cakes around here the last couple of years. See, my guys are ... anything wrong with making a Half-Birthday Half-Cake and celebrating in the spring. This year, though...
04/28/14 08:30 | United States |  Tweet
Driving with Bad Blood
In Wisconsin, all young aspiring drivers must take a driving education course. I enrolled when I was fifteen. On my half birthday, I went straight to the DMV and obtained my probationary license. I began...
04/28/14 02:39 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Hazel’s mother was always into “celebration maximization,” even for something such as her “half birthday” because every day she survived was thought to be an accomplishment. Hazel’s mother is with/near...
04/27/14 23:53 | United States |  Tweet

Rivers & “spiders”
...weight in corn-on-the cob and S’mores! & story time. Happy 2 1/2Birthday to our sweet KG!!!
04/28/14 11:21 | United States |  Tweet
Gage {6 Months}
...stroll along some gorgeous trails and pond area to celebrate his 1/2birthday. Enjoy some photos of the handsome Mr. Gage and his sweet parents! Oh the drool!! I can’t get enough of this kid! He is always...
04/27/14 20:49 | United States |  Tweet

April 28, 2014

air max pas cher femme And plan for the words of help from family members...
My almost 5 year old daughter gets PERFECT reports from daycare all year long. Then somewhere around her half birthday, she will suddenly start getting terrible reports, zeros every single day and comments...
04/27/14 22:25 | United States |  Tweet
So I graduate college on my half birthday. That’s pretty neat.
So I graduate college on my half birthday. That’s pretty neat.
04/27/14 13:10 | United States |  Tweet
Ezekiel – 6 Months
Happy Half Birthday Baby Boy! The forecast predicts 10 days of straight rain and gray days, but Ezekiel can brighten up any rainy day. He is such...
04/27/14 09:08 | United States |  Tweet
SMITH STORIES: Owen at age 4 1/2
Last week we celebrated Owen's half birthday! For months now he has claimed to be "four and a half" and "almost five" but now it is the truth! He now wears mostly size 4...
04/27/14 00:36 | United States |  Tweet
Unexpectedly Expecting Baby: Happy Half Birthday (Yesterday), Jack! breaking point. A girl needs her chocolate, amiright? Happy halfbirthday, little man! We love you so very much, sweet boy, and are so happy to have you in our family!
04/25/14 20:06 | United States |  Tweet

April 27, 2014

Strange Food Saturday: New York
Strange Food Saturday: New York Today is Zan’s half-birthday, and since we’re best friends and we’re weird, we’ve always celebrated half birthdays, almost as hard as we celebrate real ones...
04/26/14 10:46 | United States |  Tweet

Woody's Resort & Spa!
Does he dream in color? 6. Does he know when David Hasslehoffs 1/2birthday is? 7. Has he ever been aboard a UFO? 8. Will he accept the "woody" in her 9. Would he wear a pink shirt? 10. Has he had sex...
04/25/14 10:08 | United States |  Tweet

April 26, 2014

Still about Chance
As soon as he learned to play with it, he loved it, but it promptly popped like a balloon. So, this is his sort-of half-birthday present: it was an immediate, HUGE hit. Run, run, run! He played for over...
04/25/14 16:36 | United States |  Tweet
5th vaccination & half birthday « On our Wedding days...
On our Wedding days… “To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow – this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.” Menu Create a free website or blog at . | The Widely...
04/25/14 11:41 | United States |  Tweet
Save Time By Using These Great Insurance Coverage Tips
...time fοr you to aсtually make the purchase іs prior tߋ hit youг half birthdaycelebration. Insurance carriers don’t սse үօur aсtually age, but aոything they phone уoսr “age nearby”. If you will likely be...
04/25/14 09:04 | France |  Tweet
Ellen’s Cauliflower
...differ. To me, she is the first and last word in the field. Happy Half-Birthday Special Correspondent Ellen!
04/25/14 07:29 | United States |  Tweet
Trailerhood Aristocrats: Catching Up
Catching Up GW had his half birthday. We had our annual Farm Credit customer appreciation dinner. It was a big night. GW debuted his hat. And T asked her 11-year-old...
04/25/14 01:00 | United States |  Tweet
It seems that time is going by at warp speed. My baby had his half birthday. Things are flying. On this date in April 2010 I had just become a mother six days prior. It was my third day home from the...
04/24/14 19:35 | United States |  Tweet

April 25, 2014

No Title
Happy half-birthday to your gorgeous babies!!!
04/24/14 16:46 | United States |  Tweet
...and Sparkles: Happy Half-Birthday! Corbin & Lynley's 18 month update
Happy Half-Birthday! Corbin & Lynley's 18 month update We celebrated Corbin and Lynley's half-birthday on Easter, and just like every milestone, it just sneaked up on us!...
04/23/14 16:36 | United States |  Tweet

endlesstabi: GIVEAWAY  WOOHOO!!!! Yayyy!!!  So I’ve always...
...spamming them with reblogs lol. The giveaway ends May 4th (Tabi’s halfbirthday yayyy!!)
04/24/14 17:01 | United States |  Tweet
Carto ao Tom Jobim – A Letter to Antonio Carlos Jobim
...midwest, that you, a Brazilian composer who died on my one-and-a-halfbirthday, the same date on which John Lennon was murdered in front of The Dakota and Beethoven’s Seventh premiered, made an impression...
04/24/14 16:00 | United States |  Tweet
Want The Ideal Life Insurance For You Dollars? Consider These Guidelin...
...actսally make the investment іs prior to deciding to struck үour halfbirthday party. Insurance companies don’t utilize ʏour really age, Ьut whɑtever they phone yoսr “age closest”. When you ѡill prօbably...
04/24/14 13:14 | Germany |  Tweet
No Title
I really like this too! The bright pink and navy go together really well. Happyhalf-birthday! =)
04/24/14 12:07 | United States |  Tweet
Easy as ABC: Easter Weekend
By the time Claire was six months old, she'd traveled to five states and two provinces. And to celebrate Maggie's half birthday? We finally ventured an hour away. The weather wasn't the best (cold, windy...
04/24/14 07:55 | United States |  Tweet
Guard Your Most Beneficial Advantage - Your Lifestyle!
Ԝhen yߋu are buying a ոew life coverage plan, tҺe most effective time tо сan make tҺe buying іs prior to strike ʏoսr half birthday party. Insurance firms don’t utilize уour basically grow olɗer, bսt...
04/24/14 07:42 | France |  Tweet
Just Another Smith: Fringe
...enough extras to keep it interesting. By the way, today is my half-birthday! Whoo! I'm officially 29.5 today! So, 30 is looming and I'm not sure how I feel about that. You get extra presents on milestone...
04/24/14 07:09 | United States |  Tweet
Happy half birthday.
His half birthday. I had such a hard time finding the words that I wanted to... I look back to the post I wrote for my daughter’s half birthday , three and a half years ago, and I...
04/23/14 19:36 | United States |  Tweet
Dan is Thirty: Greys Court Revisited
...Greys Court where we'd been just three days earlier for Ben's half-birthday. This time we met some friends from church there and spent a lovely afternoon eating a picnic and then wandering around the...
04/22/14 06:50 | United States |  Tweet

April 24, 2014

keep it simpElle: Review: Jointace by Vitabiotics
Review: Jointace by Vitabiotics April is officially my half birthday month! I am half way to turning 30 years old this coming October! I'm determined to push my limits and be in the best shape...
04/24/14 02:00 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Six months is my absolute favorite age. I wish I could have a six month old (who sleeps through the night) forever and ever. Happy half birthdayMonito!
04/23/14 11:59 | United States |  Tweet
Easter Recap | The Ill-prepared Housewife
Not so! But, luckily the frosting was able to pinch hit for the head. An so, another holiday down, and there’s just one half birthday party on the horizon (I may have forgotten to throw the twins a b-day...
04/23/14 07:14 | United States |  Tweet

Moms let's see a recent picture of your little one
Here is Jamison on his 18 month "half birthday" and Josiah, 5 1/2 yrs
04/23/14 17:47 | United States |  Tweet
New Lujosoft Movie Nfo Creator 2014
This time together forces them to see each other in a new light. At Silver'shalf-birthday party, Silver and Dixon continue to get closer. Meanwhile, Harry and Debbie must deal with Harry's past when...
04/23/14 12:39 | United States |  Twee

Happy 1/2 Birthday
I had my second diabetic check up last week and that made me realise that I’ve had this, or been made aware of it, for 6 months. The check up itself seems like a waste of my time, the nurse disagrees with...
04/23/14 08:57 | United States |  Tweet

April 23, 2014

Binky Boy
Because the risk of these infections is generally lower in young babies, using a pacifier until your baby's half birthday (when his need to suck is greatest) and weaning him from it soon after may work...
04/22/14 05:56 | Sri Lanka |  Tweet
Thor and Sky Tuesday!!!
Posted Tuesday, April 22nd 2014 @ 10am I will not say Happy HalfBirthday to Sky but I will say here is Thor and Sky Tuesday week 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04/21/14 22:24 | United States |  Tweet

No Title… coach factory outlet locations having a halfbirthday party is supposed to be fun and different… That’s where Huggies comes in! Huggies is going...
04/22/14 21:58 | United States |  Tweet
More like Earth’s Half-birthday
04/22/14 16:06 | United States |  Tweet
29 Short-long Years
Now that my half birthday has passed, I’m officially less than 6 months away from the big 3-0 . To be honest, the closer it comes, the less I fear it...
04/22/14 15:30 | United States |  Tweet
Six Months
...eye. I got a promotional card the other day, wishing Gus a Happy HalfBirthday! Here! Have some free yogurt! (Speaking of yogurt, I get to eat some dairy! I mean, it might still have disastrous gastrointestinal...
04/21/14 15:20 | United States |  Tweet
My Easter Weekend.
My dad’s was April 20, our oldest nephew’s is April 24 and my mom’s (Fun Fact: this is also my half-birthday) is April 26. It’s going to be another crazy week! My sisters and I have been working for...
04/21/14 14:28 | United States |  Tweet
18 Months
More than anything, I wanted to mark this day, since I know that we’d be celebrating if Grace were here. Happy half-birthday, baby girl. Your daddy and I love you and miss you every day. I wish you could...
04/20/14 21:36 | Montenegro |  Tweet

Lefty's Hot Stove: Ellen at nearly 2.5
I'm thinking I might not have the focus or energy to write about this in a couple weeks when her 1/2 birthday arrives, so here it is a couple of weeks early! Schedule : Ellen's day starts by calling...
04/22/14 10:12 | United States |  Tweet

April 22, 2014

The Legendary Graduate: Blood of Sugar
Smith Apoorva, You're so beautiful, Just like you... Happy Half-Birthday"Happy Half-Birthday" by Joseph D. Smith My birthday is near, Yet not here, But in my heart very dear! May 12th, What I mu...
04/21/14 15:20 | United States |  Tweet
How I spend my Dash: I Must Confess… My Non Easter
From me, they got a Humpty Dumpty & pair of new PJ's each (which was ahalf Birthday/Easter gift [ When I was a kid, I never did Easter crafts of an Easter Hunt. It was just a Humpty Dumpty & maybe the...
04/21/14 00:00 | United States |  Tweet
Easter Brunch
I promise, this will be the last blog about that…till next year. I even decorated my house half Easter, half Birthday. We had Jim and Sandra, Terry and her boys, Greg, and even Courtney, my niece, was...
04/20/14 14:07 | United States |  Tweet
A different kind of 4/20
...a confusing meaning for me. 4/20 is Hitler’s birthday and my half-birthday, so I’m not sure if that makes me the anti-Hitler, or just half the man he used to be.
04/19/14 23:33 | United States |  Tweet

December 2014 thread #2
...obvious... Re Christmas birthday, I think we are definitely to try the halfbirthday route... But then again EDD is dec 20th, and dd arrived 12 days early which would be kinda acceptable :-)
04/21/14 03:14 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

April 21, 2014

beautiful ladybirds
And back then he wasn’t even three years old. This week he turned three-and-a-half and it was on his ‘half birthday’ that I found myself discussing his well-being in the company of an expert who I noticed...
04/20/14 14:18 | United States |  Tweet
and one more bunny boy this was cute ppl should do this again pls!!! happy easter also my half birthday :~)
04/20/14 12:09 | United States |  Tweet
Building Faith: Ain’t Gonna Happen in a Day
...right foot. And this morning, after wishing Trystn a Very Merry HalfBirthday, I gave her an abridged version of the Easter story. Amazingly I felt my heart flutter as I watched her reactions and pretend...
04/20/14 10:45 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Another great week in the Platt household! Happy half birthday to Little One! And what an awesome young woman Princess is becoming. :) Too bad I don't live closer or she could help me out...
04/19/14 15:25 | United States |  Tweet

Those with HS kids that do not have a p/t job..
...depending on what you can afford. I give her a .50 raise on her halfbirthday each year. She gets great grades and stays busy with school activities. She rarely spends her money and is very particular on...
04/20/14 16:29 | United States |  Tweet

April 20, 2014

30 Months // Two and a Half | The Gilbertson Family
Happy half birthday Kenley Dee! Two weeks old Six months old One year old One and a half Two years old Two and a half years old *** It’s been so fun watching you grow!
04/19/14 13:12 | United States |  Tweet
If A Baby Was Born Nov 25 How Old Would He Be Now
...Birthday Calculator : Birthday calculator find out when your half birthdayis, day of birth, animal age And combined birthday age with your friends or celebrities. April, May, June, July, August, September...
04/19/14 11:30 | United States |  Tweet
Basketball Half Time "Half" Birthday Party
...terrific BASKETBALL HALF TIME “HALF BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Trixy Gardner of A Delicate Gift . This theme is such a cute idea for a half birthday party! I especially love the fun basketball dessert...
04/19/14 06:00 | United States |  Tweet

April 19, 2014

What Are You Doing This Weekend? Stranger Critics Answer the Question
If I had any money, I would celebrate Record Store Day (AKA MY HALFBIRTHDAY hint hint) with the triple Notorious B.I.G. Life After Death LPs or the Veruca Salt 10" with "Seether" on it. Don't laugh...
04/18/14 10:00 | United States |  Tweet
Lynnwood Bowl & Skate Introduces the
...Order to enjoy, Half hour segments, Well as adult, Split into half, Birthdayparty options, Includes one hour, Bowling.
04/18/14 06:31 | United States |  Tweet

esoulix said: Happy (half) Birthday! thank...
esoulix said: Happy (half) Birthday! thank YOUUUUU!! HALF A PARTY!
04/18/14 22:23 | United States |  Tweet
Learn Before Buying Life Coverage By Looking At This Write-up
...for ƴօu to caո even make the purchase is prior to struck ƴour halfbirthday celebration. Insurance firms don’t սse ʏour basically еra, but tɦe things thеy phone your “era nearest”. When ƴou wіll liҝely...
04/18/14 20:08 | France |  Tweet
Chatting Over Chocolate: Five Loves on Good Friday
...Grace to You 2. A Very Merry HALF-Birthday to Little One! As of yesterday, Little One is OFFICIALLY 9 ... April 18, 2014 at 6:30 AM Happyhalf birthday to your Little One!!!! :) How fun! I love the Easter eggs!...
04/18/14 11:07 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Happy half birthday to your Little One!!!! :) How fun! I love the Easter eggs! I dyed some this week too :-p My white crayon trick didn't work out...
04/18/14 09:30 | United States |  Tweet