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Half Birthday Blog Entries of August 2013

Aug 31, 2013

Happy Half Birthday Emerson (6
My sweet Emi…I truly cannot believe you are now six months old. This post comes a little late due to the past week of craziness with my surgery, but all is good now and I can now write this to you. You...
08/30/13 16:41 | France |
Are You a Sweet or Spicy Family? - Trending Christian Blog
...have it since you did all my chores for me as a surprise for my halfbirthday…” – launches me into a watershed moment. I love Jen’s honesty here. How often do we compare ourselves and our children to other...
08/29/13 20:29 | United States |
Animal Jam Insider: Somebody's got the fever.
We will just have to find out! Next it's puptart's half birthday party today! Pup I still need to get ... make it. Wish Puptart a great half birthday. Which reminds me I'm going to be 14 in less than 6 months...
08/29/13 18:12 |
pink & gold dinner party
...invitation for laughter, delight, and friendship. As I just passed the half-birthday milestone over the weekend, I was reminiscing about how my 28th year on this earth began — with a party at home! I wanted nothing...
08/29/13 01:20 | France |

Monograms 'n Mud: Half Birthdays…Add them to the List
...during our Target run. With the addition of a toy stegosaurus, the 1/2birthday boy's treat was complete. After dinner we sang and enjoyed our meteors ("rainbow rice crispy cupcakes"). Bear is shirtless in...
08/29/13 09:53 |

Aug 30, 2013
This is amazing!!!
First the ones to my precious great niece, Audrey. We celebrated her 5 1/2birthday last week. If you've never done that for a child, please do!!!! They get so excited and wonder if it's even true. Audrey...
08/28/13 09:41 |
Paxman Photography: Baby R turns 6 months old today | Pinetop Arizona...
...chance today to photographer her at her 6 month mark today. Happy 1/2Birthday today little one!
08/28/13 04:37 |

JD posted an update: HAAAAAAAAAA The Hollywood Gossip — by Hilton Hater... which he, Bieber and two unidentified pals get their upper half birthdaysuits on. Isn't it nice to know Biebs forgave Twist for allegedly assaulting a young woman inside the singer's house? Sigh...
08/29/13 17:57 | United States |
PDP Suspends Andy Uba, Chris Ubah And Three Other Members | FAMOUS PEOPLE...
...unidentified pals get their upper half birthday suits on. Isn't it n […] Kendrick Lamar on "Control" Verse ... unidentified pals get their upper halfbirthday suits on. Isn't it n […] Kendrick Lamar on "Control" Verse...
08/29/13 14:04 | France |
Justin Bieber and Friends: Shirtless! which he, Bieber and two unidentified pals get their upper half birthdaysuits on. Isn’t it nice to know Biebs forgave Twist for allegedly assaulting a young woman inside the singer’s house? Sigh...
08/29/13 12:49 | United Kingdom |
Diving for Pearls: Birthday Malt Report: Balblair 1978, Round 2!
...about this bottle , I am only drinking it on my birthday. And half birthday. And other times. Anyway, it was still more than 60% full this year and I wanted to see how/if it changes in the bottle. Plus...
08/29/13 12:42 |
Take Two: Two Years Ago Today....
AND because i wanted him to have a half birthday SO bad. i was driving to work minding my own business ... son would in fact NEVER have a halfbirthday, and braced myself for what the next day would hold. it's...
08/29/13 12:33 |
You Leave Me Breadless: Weekend away.
There was much cuddling. Evangeline turned 6 months old! Sleepy halfbirthday We found a cute little breakfast place in Littleton called The Coffee Pot. The food was pretty good and the coffee was OK...
08/29/13 10:30 |
No Title
Gah! I found this on pintereste and I do the same thing. I loved celebrating my half birthday in high school and for a while after. My husband and I were both born on 3/1!!!
08/28/13 21:28 |
Tots and Me: 2013-2014 A Day in the Life of our Homeschool
...ago Belated Curriculum Post! 5 months ago Nunnally Family Fun HalfBirthday-18 months 4 weeks ago One Hook Wonder Nature Study - Deer Mouse 9 months ago One Mom, Five Boys and a Bundle of Joy Lazy Mornings...
08/28/13 17:07 |

Aug 29, 2013

The Campbells: 3 & 1/2
...& 1/2 We celebrated Scott's half birthday yesterday, and by celebrated I mean we told him he was officially ... didn't actually celebrate Scott's halfbirthday yesterday. It was a crazy busy day (as Tuesdays tend to be...
08/28/13 17:09 |
Free Samples Roundup: Truvia, Lunch Label Printables + More!
...exp. 9/30) Join Ben & Jerry's Chunk Mail (FREE Birthday and Half-Birthday Treats!) Join the Sonic Wacky Pack Birthday Club (FREE Kids Meal for their Birthday) Join Donatos Pizza Email Club (FREE 14"...
08/28/13 15:45 |
No Title
What a beautiful cake! I didn’t know anything about this half-birthdaybusiness, but now I’m kind of feeling ripped off…
08/28/13 13:45 | United Kingdom |
Celebrating Half Birthdays?
But in all honesty, I feel that that's the only "half" birthday that should really be celebrated. I... But, I'm talking about an out right half birthday PARTY...? I have a good friend who does this... She...
08/28/13 12:22 |
Ruffle Cake Tutorial
...only one to not know what a half birthday is? Because apparently I missed the little guy’s. And I’d ... do. As for the little guy’s half birthday, I’m working my way out of missing it. His request: macarons...
08/28/13 11:47 | United Kingdom |
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 – Happy Half Birthday, Jack!!
28 Tuesday, August 27, 2013 – Happy Half Birthday, Jack!! Celebrated Jack’s (our bro-in-law) Half Birthday at the Cell tonight. Thought it was so cute that Jack asked if I would attend DESPITE...
08/28/13 01:00 | France |
Cedars and Tiny Flowers: Five Favorites
...with Hallie for Five Favorites! Hop on over for the link-up's half birthdayedition. I guess these aren't really my five favorites for the week, but more so five favorites in the past month since I have...
08/27/13 09:11 |

Google Alert - photography
Once we used our cameras exclusively for stills. THEME Happy 1/2birthday Miles! | Southern Oregon professional baby ... admin Sweet Miles came to see me recently for his 6 month baby planner session...
08/28/13 12:46 |
Levi+Caity Brill Photography: Hudson
Hudson Happy 1/2 birthday Hudson! This little guy has changed so much over the last few months and it has been fun to see. Hudson is a sitter, an almost...
08/27/13 09:00 |

Aug 28, 2013

Flourless chocolate cookies
...while. Additionally, I’d promised a friend at work that I’d bake for her halfbirthday (since she was born in a leap year and thus doesn’t get a “real” bday every year – sad!), but now I would be missing it. She...
08/27/13 22:08 |
Great is Your Faithfulness: 30 Rock party
...28th), I decided to celebrate his half birthday. I was poor and in college, so scrounging up enough money... So I decided to throw him a surprise 30th (half) birthday party. It was 30 Rock themed. I didn't go...
08/27/13 20:37 |
swoon studio: Imagined: An Indoor Picnic
...picnic. Maybe someday I can get one of my girls to celebrate their half-birthday and actually have a party outside. Or just have a summer baby. Hmm.... Anyway. I thought I would share some of the pictures...
08/27/13 18:02 |
Ellie at 6 1/2 6 1/2 August 27, 2013 by Lindsay It’s special that Ellie’s half birthdaycoincides with the start of a new school year. It gives her two things to recognize. She is very excited about First Grade...
08/27/13 01:40 | France |
Mummy's Daily Telegraph: When the bee stings...
...stung to save you. I'm sorry. But in other, happier, news, happy halfbirthday to the little man. Six months old today. The days have simply flown by since that fateful morning when you were delivered at...
08/26/13 22:57 |

Aug 27, 2013

The VanSickle Family: Linley is 18 Months Old
...y is 18 Months Old August 25th was our baby girl's year and a halfbirthday. She is officially 1.5 years old! At 18 months old she wears size 18 months clothes mostly with some 24 month items. She has...
08/26/13 14:25 |
No Title
Your rivals may lose their confidence.. Its Thursday, July 18, 2002 (my halfbirthday, thank you). Joe decides not 腕時計 ポリス to go to school t
08/26/13 13:04 | Latvia |
s the cause of waterhealth and education in rural « Drosmedraudzeties...
Your rivals may lose their confidence.. Its Thursday, July 18, 2002 (my halfbirthday, thank you). Joe decides not 腕時計 ポリス to go to school t
08/26/13 13:04 | Latvia |
6 months ago
...babbling, and a TOTAL daddy’s girl. To celebrate her 6 month (half)birthday, today we are getting pedicures with a friend, frozen yogurt and baby food with grandma, and hopefully going to the gym for...
08/26/13 11:51 | France |
The Rae's: family celebrations
...Saturday was my mom's birthday and Eden's half birthday. (I can't believe that she is 18 months old!) In honor of Eden's half birthday, we did a little photo shoot: On Sunday, we all got together at my parents...
08/26/13 10:00 |
My day ahead!
A day off work & going to make the most of it! Half birthday today, got Basement Jaxx tickets & a beer pong set! Off into town & wedding idea planning stuff! All of you have a really great day!
08/26/13 05:22 | France |

Happy half birthday
to my little boy, Luca James xxx and with each day I love him more xxx uploadfromtaptalk1377503626492.jpg Sorry pointless (cheesy) post but have no idea where the last 6 months have gone... upload...
08/26/13 02:54 | United Kingdom |

Sugar Hill: rub-a-dub-dub...
...little baby angel is officially 7 months?!?! yea... i know. his 1/2 birthdayparty was YESTERDAY it seems.
08/26/13 11:22 |
I Love to Read and Review Books :): Pretty Darn Funny Season 2: Pinterest...
and then pinning it all on PINTEREST! The troupe has come together to help Madison plan a 1/2 birthday party for Mordecai. Can they help her come out of her baby blues? Pretty Darn Funny and Deseret Book...
08/26/13 09:04 |

Aug 26, 2013

new york city cruise: The Chef is happy to share his recipes with food...
...encour­age those who love food and arts to pick an occa­sion (half-birthday, "un-birthday," anniver­sary, or "just because") and savor the "Beau­ti­ful life!" And with the $2,000 sav­ings (that's $1000-off...
08/25/13 16:08 | United States |
Worth It: Sayonara
...dinner and call it a half-birthday party. Neve's half-birthday fell on Thursday and since I was at work ... had no idea how I'd explain a half-birthday party to Yumi), I asked if we could defer the celebration...
08/25/13 00:50 |
Crafty Moms Share: Shindigz Party Supplies & DYI Ideas Review
This year we are planning on the big family and family friend party then and doing a half birthday party for her school friends (and friends her own age). Hazel and I sat down at the computer and went...
08/24/13 21:19 |
Life with the Haleys: Maggie Charles is 6 months old..
...gie Charles is 6 months old.. Oh My Goodness.. How is it your halfbirthday already? I'm in denial you are 6 months. I want my last baby to stay little forever. YOu are growing too fast and getting so...
08/24/13 15:10 |

Flushing boy defies the odds
Sunday, Ben's parents celebrated his 3-and-a-half year birthday with a luau party. "We started having a half birthday for his first one, because we didn't know if he'd have a first birthday," says Ben's...
08/25/13 12:52 |

Mia talerico good luck charlie season 3
22:34 Good Luck Charlie - Episode - Gabe's 12-1/2 Birthday by disneysshows Featured 2,498,017; 1:49... 22:34 Good Luck Charlie - Episode - Gabe's 12-1/2 Birthday by disneysshows Featured 2,498,017; 1:49...
08/25/13 00:34 |

Full Health + 1/2 Birthdays: Celebrating the Good
...and hit it’s peak during Dar’s 1/2 birthday party. Since life has been crazy, and work has been even crazier ... Champion Brewing Co for a surprise 1/2Birthday + 1 year in Charlottesville night of fun. It was a great distraction...
08/25/13 20:40 |

Aug 25, 2013

Choices. Choices.
...usually declines. Today, I was a little concerned. We went to the halfbirthday party of some of our friends and it was sugar/food dye overload. There was cotton candy, sno cones, 7-layer sprinkle covered...
08/24/13 21:55 | France |
I am 22 and a half
I've had magazines from my mum and the odd facebook well-wisher but this year trumped that. For my half birthday I'm going to see David Byrne and St. Vincent. This may have been my boyfriend wanting...
08/24/13 05:03 |
No Title
I hope my parents come Sunday and not today. It’s my half birthday today . Six months till I’m 25,..
08/24/13 00:24 | France |
erd airline reservation system: Each day Chef Andrea Chin points to a dif­fer­ent...
...encour­age those who love food and arts to pick an occa­sion (half-birthday, "un-birthday," anniver­sary, or "just because") and savor the "Beau­ti­ful life!" And with the $2,000 sav­ings (that's $1000-off...
08/23/13 23:41 | United States |

Week Recap
She is going to look so cute on her big day. Thursday was her 1/2 birthday. I cant believe my baby is 6 months old already. What happened to that little wrinkled baby that I brought home from the hospital?...
08/24/13 08:59 | France |

Aug 24, 2013

Happy Half Birthday
Happy Half Birthday August 23, 2013 by Six months ago today our sweet baby girl ... brought into our life. Happy Half Birthday dear one!
08/23/13 15:50 | France |
The Windy {City} Wilsons: 18 Months of Serious Joy
We're so thankful. He's been amazing us for 18 months today. Officially ahalf birthday at 1.5 years. I'm already thinking about birthday party #2. Surely nothing compared to birthday party #1, but I...
08/23/13 13:29 |
High Five for Friday! #H54F
Kayaking! So fun and so bucket list fulfilling! 5. Roaring Fork to celebrate “Maggie’s half birthday.” Amaze. Can’t wait to write about this place too! Ok so Rae is actually coming this weekend and tomorrow...
08/23/13 11:05 | France |
Google Alert - celebrity gossip
Here's a shot of Mario Armando Lavandeira III, posted in honor of his firsthalf-birthday, as well as a look at three generations of This as-it-happens Google Alert is brought to you by Google.
08/23/13 10:16 |
::UP:: | AdoreDAILY
Decided to celebrate with some superhero training for my half birthdayalong with my bro J.Shotti. I’m still spinning! It was the GREATEST thing I’ve EVER done and I’m completely ADDICTED! There...
08/23/13 05:55 |
Family Life: Friday Facts 2013. - Speaking of days, yesterday was Tanner's year and a halfbirthday! - Today is HUG YOUR BOSS DAY and NATIONAL SPONGE CAKE DAY! Hope everyone has a splendid weekend - it's the last weekend before...
08/23/13 02:21 |
Kayla and the Mouse: Pastries, Princesses, and Pachyderms
...easy. I have plans tonight to head to Epcot this evening (my halfbirthday!), to see Illuminations , if the weather holds up. And tomorrow, I'm tentatively heading to one of the Disney water parks, either...
08/22/13 15:04 |

Boy has 'most common disease no one has heard about' | Health - Home
08/23/13 00:49 | United States |
Preppy Pink Crocodile: 35 Random Acts Of Kindness
35 Random Acts Of Kindness Yesterday was my half birthday and I realized that I never posted about what I did on my actual birthday . In February. So six months and one day
08/22/13 23:26 |

Aug 23, 2013

Photographer For a Day! – msCandaceMarie! Sara wanted some pictures of her family for Kole’s 6 month “halfbirthday.” She wasn’t happy with her usual photographer (and I wouldn’t be either!!). So, we had a little photo session of our own on...
08/22/13 22:52 | France |
God bless the Swedes.
...test out a couch or punch a memory foam pillow (yesterday was my half-birthday, I’m accepting gifts). Honestly, despite the stubborn wayward carts and the people (ew, people), there are few places in which...
08/22/13 21:22 | France |
No Title
Happy Belated Half-Birthday to the cutie pie!!
08/22/13 18:36 |
The Joy of My Salvation: 6 Months with Rebecca
...oww, stop hitting me Momma), I mean Dear Rebecca, Today is your halfbirthday. You have become so active in the last two months, especially. You were crawling long before the other two, your brother Britt...
08/22/13 13:36 |
Perez Hilton plans big move with 6-month-old son
Here’s a shot of Mario Armando Lavandeira III, posted in honor of his firsthalf-birthday, as well as a look at three generations of Lavandeira family members: Baby Mario has grown so much in six months...
08/22/13 10:42 |
sophisticated simplicity: thoughts on tuesday
so maybe that story will be told sometime. --also, today's my half birthday. how did it get to be august, the middle of august no less? time marches on.
08/20/13 23:02 |

Glad to be a Girl: Here is some Good Advice
Plus I knew I'd be seeing the same crowd on Wednesday night at @ 's HalfBirthday celebration dinner at Schwabing . Which generally I am not a real fan of, but since I don't remember the last time I...
08/23/13 01:34 | South Africa |
Local boy fights 'most common disease nobody's ever heard of' | Health...
...think he would get to his first," said T.J. "We're on our fourth half birthdaynow." But life is not easy for Ben. He can't cough or swallow on his own. He can't hold up his head and needs round-the-clock...
08/22/13 16:30 | United States |
A Letter to My Dog | WELL TAYLORED LIFE: A Letter to My Dog
...old in February. I guess that makes sometime this month your halfbirthday. I remember the day I brought you home from the hospital middle of nowhere. I'd driven about an hour outside of Tallahassee...
08/22/13 09:00 |

Aug 22, 2013

Aubrey & Lindsay's Little House Blog: Zara Home
An open letter to Aubrey - if you're looking for something for Christmas for me - or my half birthday, the "hotel" style tableware I've shown above I drooled over. ;) 7:43 PM Online Shopping , Shopping...
08/21/13 22:43 |
class of 2013
...of... I walked at graduation. It was kind of like celebrating a half birthdaythough, since I still have a semester of student teaching before that hard earned diploma lands in my hands. But I'm glad I...
08/21/13 21:05 |
And more trail mix
And then I came home to the most glorious surprise ever: A PACKAGE from my dear friend Sarah! It was a “happy half birthday” present! She rocks! I lived with Sarah for 3 years in undergrad, and she knows...
08/20/13 22:20 | France |

"Am I being a disingenuous mommy?" (or only a little despairish?)
...the street. (There's nice stuff too-- the Megatherium has her half birthdaytoday, and we made it to the silly "Babies in Bloom" library program where she got to spend half an hour listening to silly...
08/21/13 14:31 |

the 5 months of my life: High School
Was will man da denn bitte noch mehr? <_3br> </_3br> Nun zum Montag, meinem ersten 1/2 Birthday. Die Geschichte dahinter ist, dass meine Gastfamilie undbedingt meinen Geburtstag feiern wollte, da ich...
08/21/13 23:00 | Germany |
The Wludyka's: Ava is 6 Months
Ava Grace, you have enhanced my life in a way that I didn't even know was possible. Happy 1/2 Birthday!
08/21/13 14:28 |

Aug 21, 2013

Free Sample Roundup: Snapple K-Cup, Hardcover Photo Book + More!
...exp. 9/30) Join Ben & Jerry's Chunk Mail (FREE Birthday and Half-Birthday Treats!) Join the Sonic Wacky Pack Birthday Club (FREE Kids Meal for their Birthday) Join Donatos Pizza Email Club (FREE 14"...
08/21/13 15:45 |
Half Birthdays and Autumnal Afternoons...
...any other excuse, the coming month will be the marking of my halfbirthday! Now, I’m not planning on a big party or receiving presents, but maybe I will think about having an afternoon with my friends...
08/21/13 08:39 | France |
Stuff I want: cross-stitches
...amazing examples I found. P.S. My half-birthday (the day that’s six months in between my last birthday and ... around and believe in buyinghalf-birthday gifts. -If I had a desk job, I would definitely display this...
08/20/13 22:25 | France |
The Bun Letters: 6 Months
Happy Half Birthday Six Things Daddy: I love how you look my way when you hear my voice Mommy: I love the way you talk to yourself in the back...
08/20/13 21:30 |
The Petersen's: 6 months.
wow! really? he looks... older!" it happens at least once a day:) happy half-birthday sweet boy! ^^ among his most favorite things in life? his feet. gosh, those ticklish feet are cute, eh? ^^ tatted...
08/20/13 09:52 |
Double The Fun: Over The Hill...
August 20th... I am over that proverbial "hill..." Today.. is my half-birthday. Today.. I am exactly six months from turning... {gulp} 30 . In case it isn't evidenced by my shitty-ass drawing... I am...
08/20/13 08:00 |
Kim, Pat, Owen and Paige: Chuck E Cheese
...said I didn't want to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese for Owen's halfbirthday but then when I asked him what he wanted to do before summer was over it was the only thing he mentioned! I decided to surprise...
08/20/13 06:15 |
...started, but I always celebrate my half birthday — quietly. I love thinking about the past six months, if certain... I also always end up on the beach for my half birthday, usually solo with my thoughts and ideas for...
08/19/13 18:30 |
Under-rated Anakin
But this was no ordinary day; it was my half-birthday. One turns 30.5 only once in one’s lifetime... But if it happens to be your half-birthday and you’ve got the money to spare, you might be pleasantly...
08/19/13 16:54 |
In the Nest birth story! I’ll be posting it on September 02nd; Birdie’s half birthday. So watch for that, if you’re in to that kind of thing.
08/19/13 00:29 | France |

Save on eating out!
...Subs, and a $20 gift certificate to use during the month of your halfbirthday at Ra. Enjoy Happy Hours! There are some wonderful happy hours all over town, the discounted apps can easily serve as dinner...
08/21/13 01:47 | United States |

Aug 20, 2013

Hang On, Honey: home, part II.
It looks like such great advice! I adore the fact that she celebrates halfbirthday's so well, because I totally wanna do the same. Spa and sushi? Yes please. Girlfriend also has impeccable taste in...
08/19/13 16:53 |
No Title
...longer than about 10 minutes. Its Thursday, July 18, 2002 (my halfbirthday, thank you). Joe decides not to go to school today, leaving me alone at break. But i dont mind, because joe is smothering me...
08/19/13 13:39 | Latvia |
let me say sorta or be or any other longwinded and « Drosmedraudzeties...
...longer than about 10 minutes. Its Thursday, July 18, 2002 (my halfbirthday, thank you). Joe decides not to go to school today, leaving me alone at break. But i dont mind, because joe is smothering me...
08/19/13 13:01 | Latvia |
30 by 30 {halfway point update}
Today is my half birthday. So I am 28 1/2 years old. I am halfway through the amount of time I gave myself for my 30 by 30. And I’m not sure if I’m going...
08/19/13 11:51 | France |
No Title
Oh fuck that. And fuck you for even bringing it to my attention! (smiley wink facae) And fuck half birthday parties! 2 likes
08/19/13 09:08 |
The Adventure of Parenthood: Happy Half Birthday Baby Boy
...I have the best job in the world - being a Mama to you. Happy halfbirthday Archie
08/19/13 03:13 |
Cassel Crew: More Rapunzel
The girls were sad to learn that the same group doesn't come each summer, so he won't be back :( Today is Jasmine's half birthday. She's 12 1/2. Coming up on 13 too soon!
08/18/13 20:44 |

My Craftroom Creations: Pages with Papertrey, Sibling love
...this holiday. Why? Well, this holiday falls a week before her 1/2 birthday, so it is a great way to make sure that I have pictures that show how much she has changed in half of a year. Since Josh's birthday...
08/19/13 11:20 |

Aug 19, 2013

Happy First Date-iversary
After all, I am the person who celebrates partial birthdays – like when I turned 41 7/12ths or my 42 1/2 birthday coming up in December. The past two years have had some high highs: our first date on...
08/17/13 18:12 | France |
Our Lucky Charm: Five Months
That has made me cranky so I am going to ask mommy to finish the blog. Next time I write, it will be for my 1/2 birthday! See you in September. In the meantime, make sure to check out the weekly updates...
08/16/13 23:01 |
We started a new celebration in our house . . .
...Birthday Person loves to do! Have FUN! Let us know, Do you celebrate1/2 Birthday’s in your house?!
08/16/13 17:32 |
Happy Birthday Jennifer Lawrence!
...entertaining and smart movie. 3 and 1/2 Birthday Girls! THE HUNGER GAMES (2012) I have not read the popular ... entertainment. Brilliant. 3 and1/2 Birthday Girls! An award well deserved and a speech that proves she’s...
08/15/13 10:55 | France |
No Title
Hahaha! First of all - happy 1/2 birthday! AND guess what?? We really do celebrate that! No seriously! ... is a WONDERFUL one! :) Happy 1/2birthday! :) Rebecca
08/14/13 07:20 |
Homestyle Scribbles: Happy 1/2 Birthday Daisy!
Happy 1/2 Birthday Daisy! Nels shows off his old sister. All Daisy wanted for her half birthday was to ride a horse. And maybe a turtle. But...
08/13/13 12:38 |
The Rowdens: My 3 1/2 Year Old!
...connection with him. Since he will always be my baby boy :) Happy 3 1/2Birthday, Tyler!
08/09/13 12:37 |
Newborn Photographer
...session she has rocked every session! What a cutie pie! Happy 1/2birthday little one! SweetyHeart Photographer Wahiawa Hi Newborn Photographer
08/06/13 19:03 |
...fact. It marks Masons 1/2 birthday a
...matter of fact. It marks Masons 1/2 birthday a Recently, I came to terms with the fact that a dining room ... matter of fact. It marks Masons 1/2birthday a day that I intend to celebrate every year forever. Instead...
08/05/13 21:40 | United States |
19 months
I can’t believe I missed her 18 month, 1/2 birthday post, but better now than never. Last update was 3 months ago. So much has changed I feel like since then. The biggest is how...
08/05/13 18:33 | France |
Onde Começa A Magia: Boa Sorte, Charlie!
...2x09 - Teddy's Bear 2x10 - Meet the Parents 2x11 - Gabe's 12-1/2Birthday 2x12 - The Break Up 2x13 - Charlie Shakes It Up 2x14 - Baby's New Shoes 2x15 - Bye Bye Video Diary 2x16 - Monkey Business 2x17...
08/01/13 22:30 |
Магиик ;ите на Мим: Пеперm 1;ди в старо злато / Vintage Gold Butterflies
...few months, because of my workload, and with the exception of 1-2birthday cards, I did not create anything :-( Въпреl 2;и това, съумяk 4;ах да откраk 6;на малко време, за да се порадk 4;ам на красоm 0;ите сътвоl 8;ени...
08/01/13 10:06 |
Sugar Hill: celebrating abel. abel. yes we did. have a 1/2 birthday party that is... as most of you know we are happy to celebrate... they are always up for celebration (even the 1/2 birthday parties). they continue to let me follow...
07/31/13 13:53 |
Life is Wonderful: Josie is 6 Months Old
Happy 1/2 birthday to little miss Josie! - Josie's 6 month check-up is tomorrow, so we will know her height and weight then. I am thinking that...
07/30/13 21:26 |

No Title
Plus how does co-ordinating his own body and verbal language make him unstoppable? Wut? @Falconer – happy half birthday, Eldritch Spoon Power Babies! I must totes be an alpha female. Louis said this...
08/18/13 19:15 |

Aug 18, 2013

Hamra Time: Sawyer: 18 Months
...have in store for the next few months. We sang happy "1 and a halfbirthday to Sawyer" this morning and he sang along! STATS Weight : 29 Length: 32 inches Eating: a breakfast/lunch/snack type-eater...
08/17/13 19:54 |
The First Year-and-a-half
...Music Together class. We sang a special “Happy Birthday” for my half-birthday. What a special day! Can you believe I am 18-months-old already? Time flies when you’re an Elle Belle! And this baby has learned...
08/17/13 10:33 |
The Lucky Layman's: 5 on Friday!
...parties, etc. so Hubby & I broke down and bought her a belated half-birthday present (only 2 months late.) Her very own table & chairs. Since she's been sick she hasn't even seen it, but I just know she's...
08/16/13 10:41 |