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February 2014 Half Birthday Happenings, Stories,
Gifts & Party Ideas from the Blogosphere

Half Birthdays are big! Here's just a small sampling of all the half birthday celebrations, events, news, novelties, and suggestions floating around daily on blogs everywhere.

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February 28, 2014

No Title
[ edit ] Upcoming events Feb. 28, 2014 - Feb. 28, 2014 Athleta BayshoreHalf-Birthday Party Come celebrate our Half-Birthday with us at Bayshore Town Center, Friday, February 28th. New Spring Merchandise...
02/27/14 20:02 | United States |  Tweet
Beauty Highlight: Mom Tested Kid Approved by Cynthia Yang
Today’s natural high: For my 6-year-old’s half birthday celebration at school (her birthday is in the summer so we celebrate her half birthday at school), we brought a book to donate to the class and...
02/27/14 10:02 | United States |  Tweet
Happy Half-birthday, Baby!
The half-birthday party is a new bona fide trend that has parents celebrating... Pinterest boards show adorable half birthday cakes and ideas for “half” themes … never mind that babies...
02/27/14 07:12 | United States |  Tweet

LP is 2 and a Half!
5 years already – Even though it feels like she’s been here forever – I can’t remember a time before LP. Happy Half Birthday Little Pickle x
02/27/14 20:32 | United States |  Tweet
Cynthia Yang posted a blog post
Today's natural high: For my 6-year-old's half birthday celebration at school (her birthday is in the summer so we celebrate her half birthday at school), we brought a book to donate to the class and...
02/27/14 12:50 | United States |  Tweet
FutureLint (I have nothing to wear!): Blue on blue x2
I joked to Nate about how yesterday was my half birthday, which means I'm 32.5, which means I'm halfway ... work, wishing me the happiest halfbirthday ever: He's a keeper. And silly.
02/27/14 10:33 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Ha-you sound like me when it comes to birthdays : ) Technically I have ahalf birthday in March...can I celebrate that too?? Lots of corndog fans in the HP this week! Have a great day!
02/27/14 06:32 | United States |  Tweet
Baseballs, Butterflies, & Blessings: Ellie - 3 1/2
...3 1/2 Last week we had a big half birthday in our house! On Monday morning, I had every intention of celebrating Ellie's half birthday... until I was up most of the night with her as she was sick...
02/27/14 05:49 | United States |  Tweet
Vanilla Fudge & Banana Cake
...special cake. When she mentioned she liked the toffee and banana halfbirthday cake I made last year, I thought I’d make a new version with a slight twist. Instead of toffee… I used fudge! Lots and lots...
02/27/14 03:20 | United States |  Tweet
Get It All Down: how can I begin anything new with all of yesterday in...
...of a novel. Anyone's birthday coming up soon? tomorrow is my half-birthday, shared by someone...someone for whom music has sometimes said things better than I could say them. Not for lack of trying...
02/26/14 22:37 | United States |  Tweet
Veronica M.D.: Odds and Ends
...******************* It was a double half-birthday!! Jeremy and I decided it was important to us to celebrate their half-birthday just to give them something a little extra, since sharing a birthday is...
02/26/14 19:36 | United States |  Tweet
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cakes
...would be this: Really don’;t make a cake to celebrate Ellie’s half birthday. Alas, … -chocolate-chip-cookie-layer-cakes.html #Cakes, #Chip...
02/25/14 23:02 | United States |  Tweet

State of the Game Address | November 12th 2013
...things like this: Do you remember the HalfBirthday cake? Everyone got for free in their mail (Still do!) Shame about the ancient wardstones they were fun. Id love to see more...
02/26/14 21:54 | United States |  Tweet

Flashback TS | Good Luck Charlie 2x10: Meet the Parents ~ Temporada em...
...seu clone britânico na mesma sala Próximo flashback: Gabe's 12-1/2Birthday Reviews de Good Luck Charlie você só encontra aqui no Temporada em Série . Até a próxima!
02/27/14 19:30 | Brazil |  Tweet

February 27, 2014

Tiger Woods’s mistresses
...proudly shared a photograph of her daughter Wyatt on her six-month ‘halfbirthday’. Rachel, 37, and husband Matt Hahn welcomed their bundle of joy on May 15, just seven months after their Las Vegas wedding. ...
02/26/14 15:16 | United States |  Tweet
Treasure Box Cookies
...has already asked that I make these instead of cupcakes for his halfbirthday this year. Treasure Box Cookies 3/4 c butter, melted (12 T – and yes, this works with coconut oil) 1 c brown sugar, packed 1/2...
02/26/14 13:44 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
You are SO GORGEOUS! And this looks so fun, I want to go to a wedding like this. And your birthday is my half birthday!
02/26/14 12:51 | United States |  Tweet
The Chronicles of Ellie Bellie Bear: Gracious Wisdom: A perspective on...
...Anne. It means gracious wisdom. Sophie was born a day before my half-birthday. I threw up in the car when our grandparents drove me and my other sister, Mari, there. My dad did Tai Chi outside the hospital...
02/25/14 16:39 | United States |  Tweet
Spring(ish) and My Half Birthday (aka Three Ways my Husband is the Bes...
First of all, who has a husband that remembers her half birthday? And celebrates it? Andy is seriously my favorite, and I am ridiculously blessed. It’s started to feel a little Spring-y around...
02/24/14 20:00 | United States |  Tweet
tuesday – half birthday – 18 months
tuesday – half birthday – 18 months February 25, 2014 | , , , two for tuesday | 1 Comment » One and a half. Wow. Happy half birthday kid!!
02/24/14 19:27 | United States |  Tweet

February 26, 2014

Diving for Pearls: Single Malt Report: Glen Mhor 26 year old 1978 Scott's...
...26 year old 1978 Scott's Selection On Monday, I celebrated my halfbirthday, which is something all five-and-a-half year old grownups do. On my actual birthdays, I sample a whisky my age alongside a whisky...
02/25/14 16:50 | United States |  Tweet
A Day in The Life of Clara C: Day Five Hundred and Fifty
...25th February 2014 ~ Today I'm 18 months old. Happy one and a halfbirthday to me! Grandma and Grandad took me to the fun cafe in Chingford Mount, where I had a play... ...and lunch too. We had the cafe...
02/25/14 16:26 | United States |  Tweet
Life Lately And A 27 Things Update
well since this month i celebrated my half birthday i thought it only fitting that i updated you all on how my 27 things while im 27 list is coming along. am i halfway through...
02/25/14 08:10 | United States |  Tweet
Young Adult Chronicles: Half Birthday Wishes + The Road To 25
...half birthday y’all! Now I’m sure you’re wondering: “Who in the heck celebrates their half birthday ... ex. January 18th) you get your halfbirthday (today, July 18th!) To me, half birthdays are just as important...
02/25/14 05:39 | United States |  Tweet
Le Haute Jaz: Weekend Update!
It wasn't until we almost there that I remembered that they sent me my half-birthday email, so I had a (basically) free meal! I was able to get my burrito bowl & sweet tea for a whopping $2.15!! We changed...
02/24/14 16:48 | United States |  Tweet

No Title
Yippeeeee!!!! So much more fun than junk mail and bills. (I am slow, so we may celebrate your 1/2 birthday.) :)
02/25/14 15:53 | United States |  Tweet

February 25, 2014

Go Ahead, Celebrate!
...big day for me because…it’s my half birthday. Check: If you’re not rolling on the floor laughing by now ... who the hell celebrates their half birthday? Trust me friends, I didn’t come up with this; I was suckered...
02/25/14 02:40 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
The song is "Happy" from Despicable Me 2. Thanks! The half birthday was a one-time only deal. Now, I just need to get him to forget all about it before 5 and a half comes around. :) It was a hit...
02/24/14 13:43 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
So pretty! Gaby’s bday isn’t until December, but maybe I’ll talk her into having a half-birthday in June! *lol*
02/24/14 13:10 | United States |  Tweet
30 Before 30 revisited (again)
...revisited two months later when I mistakenly thought it was my half-birthday). Since today’s my birthday, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to take stock of the list. Not only did I want to see how...
02/24/14 12:15 | United States |  Tweet
Wheat Penny
htm (scroll down to bottom for chart) And HOLY COW!!... Beth Sparkly Um...your sister's half birthday is Friday. Just saying...
02/24/14 11:50 | United States |  Tweet
2/24/14 ftf, wren
It’s my half birthday today, halfway through the wren fiscal year! The weekend was relaxing. I got some house cleaning done, did a lot of hiking and...
02/24/14 05:43 | United States |  Tweet

Happy Birthday Rift !
Originally Posted by Jonus Happy Birthday Rift! Woo! Attachment 17313 Are we getting a 3yr Birthday Cake? I still have my half-birthday cake! Want some?
02/23/14 21:16 | United States |  Tweet
~ The Warriors Club ~
Originally Posted by kittycats10rox Guys I just remembered today is my halfbirthday Whats a half birthday?
02/23/14 03:39 | United States |  Tweet

What is your favorite thing to do solo at WDW?
So I would definitely say it's a great solo trip option. Happy 49 1/2 Birthday. Don't forget to wear your Birthday button. Thanks! I am excited about the tour, I have always wanted to do one and now...
02/24/14 20:51 | United States |  Tweet

February 24, 2014

What is your favorite thing to do solo at WDW?
So I would definitely say it's a great solo trip option. Happy 49 1/2 Birthday. Don't forget to wear your Birthday button.
02/24/14 04:38 | United States |  Tweet

February 23, 2014

No Title
And want to learn, but suspect I haven't the willpower. Looks like the half-birthday party was a huge hit :)
02/22/14 17:44 | United States |  Tweet
My Blog’s Half Birthday! + My Real Birthday Wishlist
Tomorrow is the half birthday of my blog! Yippee! There may be a giveaway, there may not, so stayed tuned in for the next couple of days for details. It’s...
02/22/14 12:43 | United States |  Tweet
Happy Half-birthday E!
Toda y is E’s half birthday – I can’t believe my baby is already 18 months old! I have so much to tell you about the past 18 months, but I want to take...
02/22/14 07:12 | United States |  Tweet
Celebrating Milestones...
I personally LOVE birthdays and if I could I would even celebrate my halfbirthday; I also love reasons to celebrate. It makes me happy, it increases my positivity generally, and better yet, it makes...
02/22/14 03:00 | United States |  Tweet
thatwolfshow: mmmcoconut: #nathan fillion #this is the face of...
...rapture #it probably has glitter paint  Tomorrow is Ragnarok and my halfbirthday! Bring on the apocalypse! 
02/21/14 22:12 | United States |  Tweet

The Tatum Family: 6 months
You are so loved beautiful boy and have a one of a kind place in mommy's heart. Happy 1/2/ birthday (Next week he is getting his real 6 month photos and Hannah is getting her 3 years so stay tuned).
02/22/14 12:12 | United States |  Tweet
Kindergarten Days: Happy FRIDAY :) :) :)
Nora and I had a 'look-alike' outfit on today :) What a sweetie!!! Happy 1/2birthday to Bryanna :) :)
02/21/14 15:13 | United States |  Tweet
Math, Love, and Wien: Happy 1/2 birthday, AlteLu!
Happy 1/2 birthday, AlteLu! Our dear sweet AlteLu is 6 months old! It seems almost impossible that 6 months has already passed since our little...
02/20/14 21:12 | United States |  Tweet

February 22, 2014

Happy half-birthday to my little blog
It was six months ago today that I started my silly, little blog. I remember the day well. I was sitting at my desk in my old office, crippled with anguish and mental exhaustion. Two and a bit weeks since...
02/21/14 12:53 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
...I'm sure you'll come up with something good soon. I hope the halfbirthday party goes well and everyone has a fab time - I'll look forward to seeing the photos :)
02/21/14 05:46 | United States |  Tweet
the sassy shack: 25 days
...picture-taker, approves the lighting, composition, etc.). My 37 and a-halfbirthday is on Monday (the day Alex gets home!), so when I'm older and totally gray and more freckled and chapped, the little guys can...
02/20/14 21:48 | United States |  Tweet
Happy Half Birthday, Mikala!
Per her request, sitting on the floor at Honda Ya This entry was posted on February 21, 2014 at 5:37 PM and is filed under
02/20/14 20:37 | United States |  Tweet
Cracker Crumb Chaos: Will's Half Birthday in Kingwood
Will's Half Birthday in Kingwood On Sunday, we celebrated Will's halfbirthday (7 1/2 already!) in ... February, we celebrate Will's half birthdaywith them. It's a small celebration, but one we always enjoy...
02/19/14 11:51 | United States |  Twee

No Title
Gabe's 12-1/2 Birthday 9am - 9:30am, 7TWO NSW Saturday, 22 February 2014 Gabe's 12th birthday party has continually been cancelled for months, so Amy...
02/21/14 15:15 | Australia |  Tweet

February 21, 2014

Happy Half Birthday to our Theodorable!
So, today is Theo’s half birthday. And he’s adorable. So there’s going to be some photos (obviously) ... this, but I couldn’t let Theo’s half birthday go unrecognized! We love our boy more and more, and it’s so...
02/20/14 16:42 | United States |  Tweet
Mrs. King's Kangaroos: Evan C's 1/2 birthday!
Evan C's 1/2 birthday! Today we celebrated Evan C.'s half birthday! He is now 4 and a1/2 years old!
02/20/14 14:56 | United States |  Tweet
live the movies: Hollywood Forever Cemetery from '90210'
..."90210" reboot, Silver (Jessica Stroup) decides to throw herself a half-birthday party at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Sounds a bit creepy, no? But it's actually pretty cool -- in Hollywood, they really do...
02/20/14 09:00 | United States |  Tweet
Hormones: Day 89, February 19th, 2014 Month 3,...
...which is why I forgot to post this. Also it happened to be my half birthday, so I guess that’s a little thing. Doesn’t really matter but yeah. Yay alcohol
02/20/14 07:06 | United States |  Tweet

My Craftroom Creations: 11 months and Happy 6 1/2 Birthday Leah!
11 months and Happy 6 1/2 Birthday Leah! Hi friends! I hope you are all doing well. Today I might... I also wanted to wish my precious girl a Happy 61/2 Birthday! As tradition has it, we will be celebrating...
02/21/14 00:01 | United States |  Tweet
Mrs. King's Kangaroos: Evan C's 1/2 birthday!
Evan C's 1/2 birthday! Today we celebrated Evan C.'s half birthday! He is now 4 and a1/2 years old!
02/20/14 14:56 | United States |  Tweet

February 20, 2014

Dr seuss font mac free
Seuss Fonts (Links) 10 Easy Dr . Seuss Snacks Half Birthday Tradition Ribbon Topiary Video Tutorial... Seuss Fonts (Links) 10 Easy Dr . Seuss Snacks Half Birthday Tradition Ribbon Topiary Video Tutorial...
02/19/14 05:15 | United States |  Tweet

It Takes Wisdom To Know The Difference: Not Quitting Just Yet
Direct from party to grocery store to pick up dental floss for the kids and cookies for Thing Two's half birthday celebration in school today (his birthday is in August, so we celebrate half birthdays...
02/19/14 09:20 | United States |  Tweet
chasingghost-s: GIVEAWAY/PROMO (5k+) so I’m about to hit my...
winner will be drawn randomly on March 9 aka national panic day (and myhalf birthday hell yeah) 139 notes
02/19/14 03:19 | United States |  Tweet
confession session: here’s a baby and you’re gonna like it
...hipster parent out there had their kid do. I didn’t celebrate her half-birthday because it conflicted with my real birthday and I wasn’t sharing. Melanie plays with plastic toys because we got them as gifts...
02/18/14 19:57 | United States |  Tweet
Welcome to Our Learning Safari: Olympic Medal Count and Half
We are also planning to send a Valentine slideshow to our Canadian pen pals tomorrow. We celebrated Myiah's half birthday and discussed what a "half" is. The boys and girls created lots of "whole" things...
02/18/14 18:12 | United States |  Tweet
Happy Half Birthday, Garrett!
Happy Half Birthday, Garrett! (Well, a day late )…
02/17/14 17:29 | United States |  Tweet

I had my son on christmas. I was just wonering when he gets older do i...
I have a couple of friends that let their kids celebrate their "half birthday" with a party in the summer rather than a party around the holidays.
02/19/14 05:56 | United States |  Tweet
Willowbee's 6 months old today (pics)
...mad dash to her food bowl and then back for more cuddles Happy halfbirthday Evie Thank you CC for letting me have my little angel I can't imagine life without her Some of these pictures you will have...
02/19/14 04:52 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
[megathread] TIP can't read. He outgrew Letters.
Yesterday,  05:35 PM #767 BriRedfern View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message GODFATHER Join Date Mar 2005 Posts 38,315 Happy double half birthday Dusto. Reply With Quote
02/18/14 11:35 | United States |  Tweet

February 19, 2014

What kind of interesting information is on the fault in our stars chapter...
...night. Her mother wakes her up the next morning to celebrate her half-birthday, which Hazel celebrates with Kaitlyn by going to the mall. Awkwardness ensues when Kaitlyn mentions death. Hazel goes off and...
02/18/14 19:28 | United States |  Tweet

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too!: Happy Half Birthday, Liam!
Happy Half Birthday, Liam! Happy Half Birthday to my beautiful baby boy! Six months flew ... baby who changed my life. Happy half birthday, my love! You are loved so very much.
02/18/14 23:46 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Na. My *half* birthday is the 18 of March, but. . . .
02/18/14 21:00 | United States |  Tweet
what's your age/birthday?
Anonymous asked: what's your age/birthday? 19! (but whoa i thought you were like 15!!) nah and i’ll be 20 on june 25. my half birthday is on christmas #Neat
02/18/14 20:10 | United States |  Tweet
Halfway there.
Last Thursday, February 13, marked my half birthday and the halfway point for this blog! I celebrated with an Olympics watch party in the middle of a snowstorm, jell-o shots and...
02/18/14 11:00 | United States |  Tweet
The Colorless Cottage: Fun filled weekend
...the girls come. Sunday was my half-birthday so I celebrated with a glass of wine and an early bed time ... at about 7:30 that it was my half-birthday. And today, thank you Presidents, I have the day off and I'm...
02/17/14 16:59 | United States |  Tweet
Eric, Chani, & Tylie: 6 Months!!
The last six months of our lives have been phenomenal with you!! Happyhalf birthday, Angel! Love, Mommy and Daddy :)
02/17/14 16:56 | United States |  Tweet
Valentine’s Day done right.
...right. Other than February 14th signifying the day that follows my halfbirthday, it really doesn’t hold too much weight. Especially when I still consider myself to be surrounded by strangers who may not be...
02/17/14 12:01 | United States |  Tweet

Sillyness Abounds: 1/2 Birthday
1/2 Birthday Grandma and Grandpa came down from Nebraska over Valentines ... for Avalyn since it was her 1/2 birthday! Jons family has been celebrating 1/2 birthdays ever since...
02/18/14 10:29 | United States |  Tweet

February 18, 2014

ch_impys Musikprofil – Benutzer bei
I'm getting mad i suppose;) In that case, and maybe not being total jerk - Happy Half-Birthday;) Btw - i really like Fang Island 'daisy' :) Cheers. 2. Mär. 2010 aganaui And Happy Birthday! :) 2. Mär...
02/17/14 10:48 | Germany |  Tweet
, oh hey its my half birthday what up
oh hey its my half birthday what up
02/17/14 05:05 | Vanuatu |  Tweet
Icarly monologues
...don't own iCarly . However, my half birthday is right around the corner, so if anyone is looking to get ... don't own iCarly . However, my half birthday is right around the corner, so if anyone is looking to get...
02/16/14 18:14 | United States |  Tweet

2/17/14 Guest Blogger: Jamie: “UFOs over Kneehigh Valley”
...after a famous railroad called Lehigh Valley. Today, which is my halfbirthday (that is, halfway to my birthday) was “hella” boring. The bright side: I went to this golf clinic at my school and got to work...
02/17/14 20:41 | United States |  Tweet
手作り大好き 我が子と学ぶアメリカLife ハーフバースデー ~Half-birthday
とーくんのハーフバースデーを記念して先 日 チ ルドレンズミュージアム へ行ってきました。 とーくんは目をクリっとさせて、あちこち館内を見ていました。 同じくらいの赤ちゃんも来ていたので良い刺激になったようです。 We went to Boston Children's Museum the other day in order to celebrate my sn's hal birthdy. He...