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Half Birthday Blog Entries of January 2011

January 31, 2011

Twitter / Bri Hughes: it's not my half-birthday ...
it's not my half-birthday anymore :( ... it's not my half-birthday anymore :( about 22 hours ago via web. TankHughes. Bri Hughes. Footer ...
Half Birthday Party Ideas? - Yahoo! Answers
Half Birthday Party Ideas? - Yahoo! Answers: I didn't get to have an 18th birthday party (it wa…
Todays my half-birthday - All is Brawl
Todays my half-birthday. posted to the public at 11:24 AM on Saturday Jan 29, 2011 ... Kakuzu wrote at 1:29 PM on Jan 29, 2011 : Happy half-birthday. ...
half and half!!! - Birthday Cake Photos by cakescraftsandmore on ...
half and half!!! girl (8) and a boy(4), one party, half cake for each! :) - Birthday Cake Photos by cakescraftsandmore.
Our baby girl celebrates her half birthday! - Hoosier Farm Babe ...
By Hoosier Farm Babe
Our baby girl celebrates her half birthday! Seriously ... I can not believe Baby RayRay is 6 months old. July 31, 2010 seems like just yesterday, except at that time it was like 95 degrees and today we are a far, far cry from 95 degrees ...
Hoosier Farm Babe Tell Tails -
celebrating « The Loving Path
By Debbie
We haven't always celebrated his half birthday, but as Isaac gets older I'm finding myself longing for ways to slow down the passage of time. It's just all going by too fast. seventy-one. We didn't have a big to-do today, just a little ...
The Loving Path -
Six Months to Go Before the Big 3-0
By Diane Erwin
January 15 was my half-birthday, and also the day in which a high school classmate turned 30 herself. It made me remember how I hated, how I absolutely detested, being among the youngest in my class. Everyone could drive, vote and ...
Pay a Visit -

January 30, 2011

Happy Half Birthday, AnnaMaria!
Happy Half Birthday!!! She is too cute and that 3rd picture is hilarious Chat Icon .... Happy Half Birthday AnnaMaria! I can't believe she is 6 months old! ...
Happy Half-Birthday, my Sweet Girl! | Paleo Digest
Happy Half-Birthday, my Sweet Girl! Joyful Abode – Today, Anneliese turned 6 months old. The last month has been an explosion of development. ...
They're Only Little Once, But You Can Celebrate Twice - Southeast ...
So what are some ways to celebrate your little one's half birthday? ... Don't forget to sing “Happy Half Birthday” or if you really want to buck tradition, ...
Critter Chronicles: (Somewhat) Silent Sunday: Three and a Half
By Heather @Critter Chronicles
"It's my half birthday! It's my half birthday!" he says excitedly as he dances around the room. Three and a half is amazingly much easier than three. What a difference six months makes. Happy half birthday, little dude. ...
Critter Chronicles -
I Am Here « The Free School Apparent
By bzeines
It was always remembered by me as my half birthday. When it was declared to say happy birthday to my dad, I would also remark that it was also the day I was, say, 5 and a half. My father died in 1978 from a massive coronary. ...
The Free School Apparent -
meet the barkers: my baby girl
By Meg
happy half birthday to miss preslee jae! we love you so much and could not imagine our family without you as a part of it! you are such a happy little girl . you have the cutest chubby legs. i love to cuddle with you ...
meet the barkers -
Waiting For Baby... Not Always Patiently: Happy Half Birthday ...
By Jess and Kory
It's a Kebert family tradition to celebrate half birthdays. We can't pass up on tradition so here are some pictures of our party: Daddy's half birthday in 1985. Avery Jo in her half hat and half bib. Catching the theme yet? ...
Waiting For Baby... Not Always Patiently -
Bruce Gulde's Inforama: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!
By Bruce Gulde
The white Golden Retriever, Aspen, we acquired in 2009 shares her half-birthday the same day as ours as she was born on July 29. So, on January 29 we now celebrate 2 ˝ birthdays, and this year it was a really fun one. ...
Bruce Gulde's Inforama -

January 29, 2011

The Sabbatical Chef: My half-birthday
By The Sabbatical Chef
And sometimes, since my birthday is in the summer, I celebrate my half-birthday. Not because I think of it, though, but because others do. Mrs. T, our administrative assistant and a long time friend, went to Foster's Market and bought ...
The Sabbatical Chef -
Half-Birthday - The Squashed Bologna
By Varda
And now I'm off to make a special half-birthday lunch for my dear boys. Tomorrow they will be closer to nine, one day closer to being claimed fully by the world. Today they are still eight and a half, still mine. ...
The Squashed Bologna: a slice... -
C6-H12-O6: Saturday Sciuridae - Jan 29, 2011
By EcoPhysioMichelle
On a personal note, today happens to be my and Hannah's half-birthday. I didn't know we had the same birthday until today. I also want to add, on the heels of my last post, that I don't think the people making these women in science ...
C6-H12-O6 -
A Brighter Yellow: Half Birthday Fun
By Lisa
Since Weston and Brennan have a summer Birthday, they celebrated their half Birthday at preschool. They both loved their moment in the sun followed by blowing out the candle on the playdoh cake with teacher Judy. ...
A Brighter Yellow -
Driver on the way!
By Deena
You have to have your learner's permit for six months before you can take your driver's test, so if you want to get your license on your 16 birthday, and who doesn't, then you have to get your learner's permit on your half birthday. ...
life beyond the bleachers -

January 28, 2011

Truly Captivating...: Princess Emilee's 11th Birthday!
By (Susanne)
Susanne said... Thanks, Mindy!! We did have a blast!! So much so that we promised the boys a "Disney Birthday" each in the future. Only one prob... Sam's bday is in JUNE. We may have to celebrate his HALF birthday that year! :-) ...
Truly Captivating... -
Onto a winner
By Sybarite
And then it was a case of organising a restaurant for Monday evening for The Other Half's birthday. In a display of no originality whatsoever, I've booked Bistrot Bruno Loubet again. There's a danger of going back to somewhere really ...
The Voluptuous Manifesto -
Such a Sew and Sew: Vintage Thingie Thursday: New Service Pieces ...
By Elizabeth
I'm glad you got a few more pieces to add to your collection. I guess you'll have another great reason to look forward to your next birthday! Maybe you need to celebrate your half-birthday? There's always anniversaries too. :) ...
Such a Sew and Sew -
Grape Did It: Eighteen months
By Hope Sypert
Today marks Truett's eighteen month birthday, a sort of half-birthday if you will and no, I am not an extreme-parent. We are not marking this day with a sixty thousand dollar half birthday party, nor was he crawling two miles at six ...
Grape Did It -
Happy Half-Birthday, my Sweet Girl! | Joyful Abode
Happy Half-Birthday, my Sweet Girl! Written on January 28, 2011. WP Greet Box icon. Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS ...
DYKSTERHOUSE NEWS: Ringing in the New Year and Mary Laine's Second ...
By Kathryn
Gary and I decided that we would save Mary Laine's birthday parties and presents for her half-birthday every year since her birthday is so close to Christmas. That is still the plan, but we decided to mark the day with hats, cake, ...
Two and Half
By Christy
Yesterday was Jon's half birthday. Michael was very set on us making him a cake, but as we are not big cake eaters (I find myself eating it just so it won't go bad) I talked Jon into brownies. I made them while he was napping and we had ...
Mom with Mission -
We say it's our half-birthday… | Libros Schmibros
Thank you to everyone who stopped by Libros Schmibros to celebrate our half- birthday with us! Especially effusive thanks to those of you who donated. ...
Happy half birthday;) | Facebook
Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, ...
January 27th: My Half Birthday....
By Iris
January 27th: My Half Birthday.... Thursday, January 27, 2011. | | |. Dear Phlox ,. So today? Was a day full of interesting events. First period started off with watching a movie on composition in photographs. ...
A School Year of Correspondence -
Happy 2 1/2 Birthday to Us! |
By LeAnne Ruzzamenti
Disclosure: Their real half-birthday is tomorrow, January 28, but mom is traveling for work. I think they might get another celebration from dad tomorrow . Maybe we're going a bit over the top! Share this: ...
Happy Half Birthday, Lana!
By Rachael Davis
and last year, she realized that nearly everyone in her preschool class besides her celebrated their birthdays at school. Thus, when she was 3, we began celebrating her 1/2 Birthdays at school. Today was the day we celebrated her being ...
The Davis Dailies -
Half birthday
By The one girl
Happy half birthday, Luke! We are so happy to {almost} have an official 4 1/2 year old in the house (celebrated at school today, but your actually half birthday is on Saturday). To borrow one of your favorite sayings. ...
One girl among a bunch of boys -
Surprised? No, not really...: half birthday
By Sara
half birthday. Six months have gone by since Lake exploded onto the scene. Six! Sometimes it seems like life has always included her chubby cheeks and other times it feels like just yesterday we were holding her for the first time in ...
Surprised? No, not really... -
Evalana Christabelle and Lazarus Canaan: Papa
By rachel vaughn
4 hours ago. One girl among a bunch of boys · Half birthday - This half birthday brought to you by the color *pink*. Because there is pink in the birthday crown, there is no getting the half birthday boy to wear it. ... 4 hours ago ...
Evalana Christabelle and Lazarus Canaan -
By Tootie
...whose half-birthday we celebrated. ...our new "Star of the Week"~Emma. ...the song we sang about the moon, the sun, and the Earth. ...what I did for Station Rotations. ...what I would like to take for Sound Box tomorrow! ...

January 27, 2011

AW: Half birthday!
AW: Half birthday! My itty bitty 6lbers are now a half a year old. I'm so sad that time is just flying and their babyhood is passing me by. ...
Happy Half Birthday-Flowers-Pink Roses Greeting Cards, Half ...
Happy Half Birthday-Flowers-Pink Roses Greeting Cards, Half Birthday greeting cards. Personalize any greeting card for no additional cost!
Half-Birthday | BU Photography Blog
'I have a heart with room for every joy.' - PJ Bailey Today, my sweets, you are 3 and a HALF. I remember the huge leaps you took in your first few months of ...
Clinging to the Vine: Whooah, We're Half Way There
By Heather
Somewhere between there and the next half-birthday or two, we began singing half of the birthday song--as in, only the first half of each word. It goes something like this: "Hap Bir ta oo, hap bir ta oo, hap bir de [fill in first half ...
Clinging to the Vine -
K. Law: Inspired: a 6 month old turtle
By KLaw
I have to say I'm so glad the Internet wasn't around when I was a baby b/c my mom totally would've posted pictures of my bare ass all over the place too :-). January 27, 2011 · Julia said... OOOH! He's so cute! Happy Half Birthday! ...
K. Law: Inspired -
wait… 18 months?! « A Piece of the Pyles
By Lauren
The boys are 18 months old today – a year & a half… it didn't even dawn on me until Jeff texted me in the morning asking if I realized it was their half birthday (& I always realize!). The past 6 months have gone by so fast – I know ...
A Piece of the Pyles -
happy half birthday to me!
By christine
Today, January 26, 2011, is my half birthday! I realized this as I was staring at the time/date on my phone on the bus from Rutherford to campus today. Back in middle school and the beginning of high school, my friends and I used to ...
the CAT's meow -
Half Birthdays
By Natalie
Two years ago we had a half birthday party. Some of my friends brought a half eaten can of peaches (mmm my fav!), a half eaten bag of candy, one of those necklaces that break in half and say "best" and "friends", and we each got half a ...
Natalie in Neverland -

January 26, 2011

The Birthday Pie | The Great Balancing Act
By Susan
My half birthday is on Saturday… you know, just so you know… ;). xo. Reply · Ang · January 26, 2011 at 10:10 am. I may actually make this for my b-day tomorrow! If I can find gluten free graham crackers I will have all the ingredients! ...
The Great Balancing Act -
Guy Rachel Guppy & Puppies: Happy Half-Birthday to Harper
By Rachel Elizabeth
Happy Half-Birthday to Harper. Harper, Today you are six months old. For you, it is a lifetime, for me, just small portion . Half a year and yet so much has changed for both of us. Somethings have not changed. Your eyes are still blue, ...
Guy Rachel Guppy & Puppies -
Happy half birthday baby John July 2010 Babies What to Expectcom
Today my lo turns 6 months! I can't believe how fast the time is going and how much he's changed since that wonderful day 6 months ago we first saw him!&
Chasing Cheerios: Half Birthday Treats
By (Melissa)
O recently celebrated her 4 and a half birthday. We always have a small celebration for half birthdays, and this year she got to celebrate at school! Since O has a summer birthday, she was able to walk around the sun (a candle) holding ...
Chasing Cheerios -
Spain Family: Happy Half Birthday Mason Man!!!!
By GO4It
yep, its here- his half birthday!! Those of you who know me well know that I do not mess around when it comes to half birthdays- which means we are having a half birthday party tonight- with cake (unfortunately Mason can't have any but ...
Spain Family -
Half Birthday Secret Gift Exchange Anyone? : September 2010 ...
Since our cyber shower and secret ornament exchange were so fun, I was wond.
Half Birthday Gift Exchange Clicky Poll
Ok Ladies- it was suggested I do a clicky poll to gauge interest in another gift exchange. My thought was "half birthday" for the December (and October and ...
Happy 1/2 Birthday Isaac
By hez
... and wouldn't want to get his friends sick, so there would be no cupcake making for our family. Way to have a good attitude Isaac! We settled on scooby snacks and gogurts strapped together with silly bands. Happy half-birthday kid. ...
Riordan Review -
Growing up BLACKXICAN: Little Man's Half Birthday!
Today is little man's Half birthday so we are off to Chuck E Cheese. Stay tuned for some awesome pix since this will be the kids first time there. ...
The Cam Fam: Happy Half-Birthday to You!
By Kathy
We finally got around to celebrating Emery's half-birthday at school today. For those of you with summer birthday kids, you know what I'm talking about. This was a new concept to me (the half-birthday celebration), and I almost missed ...
The Cam Fam -
By Tootie
Today we celebrated Robbie's half-birthday! Robbie's mom and dad read the story, "Oh Say Can You Say Dinosaur?". Then we enjoyed yummy caramel corn for snack! Happy Half-Birthday,. Robbie! Posted by Tootie at 12:40 PM ...
lilliputian: Half A Year Old
By sweetTooth
Makes this momma misty-eyed knowing she's growing up so quickly. I look forward to the fun and challenges this tiny tot is going to bring. Love you sweetheart, happy half-birthday!!!! Posted by sweetTooth at 9:31 AM ...
lilliputian -

January 25, 2011

If my birthday is on August 2, when is my half birthday? | ChaCha ...
The half birthday that is celebrated “is a day six months before or after ... What famous persons birthday is on august 6th? People with August 6 birthday are ...,-when-is-...
Camden Local Involvement Network | The People's Supermarket a Half ...
You are here Home ? events & meetings ? The People's Supermarket a HalfBirthday Celebration. The People's Supermarket a HalfBirthday Celebration ...
Happy Half Birthday Tab BabyCentre
Happy Half Birthday Tab. 9 minutes agopublic7 visits notify me. And Happy 6 months EBF to me too. Youre six months old today Youre amazing I dont know how ...
Nat'l Peanut Butter Day, molecular gastronomy starter kit, lion ...
By culinarypirate
FYI: This will be added to my half birthday (April 30th) gift list. Loving: America's Top 10 New Sandwiches on HuffPo Food. The mac n' cheese with BBQ pulled pork is just plain genius. But the updated “Luther Vandross” may give the ...
Culinary Piracy -
Happy half birthday, Thomsen! « Rolled Up in Colorful Carpets
By atl
Happy half birthday, Thomsen! January 24, 2011 by atl · IMG_6999 Originally uploaded by altlord. Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a Comment. Like. Be the first to like this post. ...
Rolled Up in Colorful Carpets -
the half-birthday.
By Lauren Elizabeth
the first week of school was pretty amazing. i absolutely love my classes. i am taking a class on chick-lit! right now we are reading pride & prejudice followed by bridget jones' diary, house of mirth, confessions of a shopaholic, ...
Love, Lauren Elizabeth -
peterson family: it's a half birthday
By jessica
it's a half birthday. Oli man is six months old today. Oh where has the time gone? He has stolen our hearts and changed our lives. We are totally in love with this little guy. At six months he: • loves to suck on a washcloth in the bath ...
peterson family -
I gave my BF a birthday card that was hard for me to write ...
Anyway, recently it was by boyfriend's (of a year and half) birthday and I gave him a birthday card and inside wrote some pretty sentimental and I think sweet stuff. Basically I wrote that I was happy he was part of my life. ...
Answerology: Give Advice -
Happy (belated and punctual) Half Birthday | Boom Boom! Cards
We where hanging on his half birthday and I told him "Happy Half-Birthday" he replied "Silly Chihuahua, What's That?" I explained and he smiled really big ...
Tokyo Joe's: Free bowl on your half birthday
Tokyo Joe's wants to celebrate with you! Sign up for their Addict Club and you will not only receive the scoop on what's new but you will also receive a ...
Look Who's Nine and a Half! | Great Cakes Soapworks
I woke up Friday morning and thought, “Wow, I bet it's nearly my older daughter's half birthday.” Then I calculated the date. Her birthday is July 21st , ...

January 24, 2011

with your heart my soul is bound
Today is my half birthday! - Dorky, I know. But having a summer birthday always meant I never was able to celebrate by bringing snacks when I was in ...
What are your player colors? « Gameday Cloth
By Jana
I remember the day... #GamedayCloth 4 days ago; Half Birthday Sale - 5 days ago; RT @foxsports: Carmelo won't repeat LeBron's mistake 5 days ago. Theme: Rubric. ...
Gameday Cloth -
Last Year at This Time and other Random Thoughts
By Kathy C.
Tyler's half birthday was yesterday. When the kids were little, we'd bake a cake , cut it diagonal and stack the halves on top of each other to look like a half cake. Now we get cupcakes or small cakes--whatever Walmart happens to have. ...100
Cassel Crew -
Cammi Clan: Half-birthday and 8 month old...really??
By Lynzie
Half-birthday and 8 month old...really?? Wowzers! My Corbyn Christian is two and a half today! As I sit here snuggling on the couch (at 5:47 a.m.) with my little man while he drinks his medicine, I think about all the joy he has brought ...
Cammi Clan -
Birthday half sized calendar - Command Supply - Home
growing up creative: Printables of hegehog - top ten christmas toys 2009 .20 mil pvc inkjet printable card free printable map of arizona Half birthday ...
Mason is 6 months!!!!
By Graziano Beach Bums
Mason's Half Birthday Party!! You might be wondering what happens at a Half birthday party...well the guest of honor has his first bite of fruit, a try at using a sippy cup, and a Gerber Puff (solid food that melts in his mouth). ...
Joe, Ashley, Owen, & Mason -
Happy Half Birthday Alex!
By Alexander Eli Neuman
6 months ago today our precious baby boy was born. Remembering life before Alex isn't impossible, I just don't want to. He has brought us so much happiness in such a short span of time. As Alex learns something new each day I realize so ...
A.E.N. -
A Little Bit of Everything
By Heidi Strike
Usually this wouldn't be celebrated, or barely even mentioned, but since I won't be able to celebrate my real birthday in Denmark, my half birthday was good enough! I made macaroni and cheese for dinner, and then we celebrated. ...
My Journey in Denmark -
Mrs. Creswell's Kindergarten: Happy Half Birthday Isaac!
By Mrs. Creswell
We celebrated Isaac's half birthday on 1-10-11. Happy Half Birthday Isaac! Posted by Mrs. Creswell at 9:59 PM · Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz. 0 comments: Post a Comment. Older Post Home ...
Mrs. Creswell's Kindergarten -
Happy Half Birthday! 6 Months Old
By Clutts Family
First time eating Veggies...Carrots Yum!! And sitting like a big boy in my high chair. My 6 month pictures with my teddy bear. I can also sit up all by myself : ) My mouth is open in my pictures because I talk a lot! ...
Nick and Tasha Clutts -
Two and a Half | Tracy Grace Photography
By admin
The extra half seems to have brought on a little more of the terrible twos. She is stubborn, opinionated, bossy; basically she is two. She is also sweet, fun, tender and brings me endless joy. Happy half birthday K! Categories: ...
Tracy Grace Photography -

January 23, 2011

The Dining Dragon: Half Birthday Bash!
By MrsDragon
Half Birthday Bash! THIS SATURDAY, January 29th 12:30-2. Po Boy Factory. I've created an event over on Facebook for those of you that like to manage your social calendars that way: ...
The Dining Dragon -
Jessica and the Whale: Surprise!
By Jessica Stewart
This past Thursday was my half-birthday, which is not something that I would normally celebrate or notice. However, because my birthday is in the summer, I have never celebrated it at school (I have never brought cupcakes for the class, ...
Jessica and the Whale -
tanya11111 Happy half birthday Jade I bet you have half a
You did I changed it to Jade when I realized today is her half birthday14 12 lab mix Im a big sentimental goob. Jazmo You did I changed it to Jade when I ...
Happy Half-Birthday Mom
By Juliet
So I realize that it is technically the 23rd...but how this works is...I just have to get it in before I go to bed...and to is still the same day that it was a few hours ago...the tomorrow i spoke of yesterday if you will. ...
The Crimefighter's Sighs -
Oh Shit! It's My Half-Birthday! « The Lime Juice Boys
By capnblackjack
Oh Shit! It's My Half-Birthday! January 22, 2011. by capnblackjack. Only six more months left to shop everybody! –Cap'n Halfjack. Share this: Email · Facebook. Print · StumbleUpon · Digg · Reddit. from ? Home Life ...
The Lime Juice Boys -
she's two-and-a-half, folks
By Jess
Happy Half-Birthday to Lourdyn! She got to eat fries for lunch AND for dinner! Hehe; I forgot to mention...earlier this afternoon, Lourdyn had a mini meltdown because she didn't want to go poo-poo on the potty. ...
Raising Conn -
Date Night
By Msnels
Tonight we went out on a fabulous date/"anniversary" (of what I don't know)/half -birthday celebration. Actually, it was the Man's Christmas present for me this year. What better gift than a romantic dinner and quality time with the ... -
A Half Birthday
By Susan
We celebrated Lauren's half birthday today. (We celebrated half birthdays for all of our kids... I blogged about Ian's & Aaron's too. <--ok maybe I didn't blog about Aaron's, but we definitely celebrated it. There's a picture somewhere ! ...
The Vandervort Family Blog -

January 22, 2011 : Halo: Reach Forum : It's my birthday tomorrow.
IT WAS MY HALF BIRTHDAY ON THE SEVENTH! NOBODY CARES ABOUT ME, NOBODY SANG OR ANYTHING. also it was my female companion's birthday today (she's not quite my ...
Shane's 5th birthday
By Saracide
We are considering celebrating Shane's "half" birthday.. that way we can do a summer party too. Spoiled??? I think so.. :). We came back to our place (Which is naked! Don't mind the bare walls and windows.. our house is under ...
Shane and Sara -
My half-birthday. « Blue Simian
By bluesimian
I decided to start celebrating my half-birthday which we decided is on July 2nd, this being the middle of the year. Although it is close to July 4th, so I'm not sure I'm going with that. I need to find a good unbirthday date to use ...
Blue Simian -
cookie crumbs: Happy Half Birthday
By Cookie Crumbs:
Happy Half Birthday. These little 3-cookie packs are for a dear friend's daughter who is celebrating her half birthday in school. She loves the color pink, what little girl doesn't :). Happy (Half) Birthday Anna & Thanks Betsy! ...
cookie crumbs -
My half birthday
By Juliet
I realized at exactly 12:00am this morning, January 21st, that I missed my own half-birthday. It was January 20th, as it has always been, and I didn't even note it until the very minute it was officially over. ...
The Crimefighter's Sighs -

January 21, 2011

HAPPY 6months TO US!!!!!
By sugar snap pea
Ok, half birthday party...we hope to look like this by the end of it: On a serious note: On February 13th (beautiful Second Sunday on King Street) we are having Jonathan Miller, the author of Adventures of Sammy, have a fun book signing ...
sugar snap pea -
remember what matters: the life of a teacher...
By Amy
Never once when I was younger did someone say, "Hey, let's celebrate your half- birthday in January. You can take treats to school!" That never happened. I didn 't get to take treats to school, I never got to get my locker decorated, ...
remember what matters -
Ella's First Date
By Laura
I suddenly remembered that I had free tokens in my email from her half birthday, so Ryan promised they would go together soon. This morning I dropped them off and went to the grocery store, and got back when they had 2 tokens left so I ...
Happily Ever After -
Fredrickson Family Fairytale: Happy (half) Birthday Joana!!!
By jennifer
It's Joana's half birthday! We decided to have a surprise party for her because she wont be here for her real birthday:( We had invited lots of friends and family, got her out of the house, and when she came back she just said "hey" and ...
Fredrickson Family Fairytale -
Mrs. Funk's Class: Happy Half Birthday!
By Megan Funk
Happy Half Birthday! Jordan's birthday is really July 22nd, so we are celebrating it today! Have a happy one! Click to play this Smilebox invite · Create your own invite - Powered by Smilebox. Free invite card created with Smilebox ...
Mrs. Funk's Class -
happy trails to you...: Happy Half Birthday to Brody!
By Jen
Happy Half Birthday to Brody! Brody turned 6 months old yesterday! It's crazy how quickly time has flown by. It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. At one month old he was all smiles. ...
happy trails to you... -
PB: Birthday Traditions
By Jen
a note to Collin at Age 6, and a note to Kate at Age 2 1/2 (for her half- birthday). *Links to the right in "Favorite Moments Past." What are your favorite birthday traditions? *I was born at 7:54 a.m., and as a kid, my family celebrated ...
A day of scrapbooking
By Chereazy
Yesterday was my half birthday! (yes I celebrate my half birthday) So I decided to do some thing fun! I spent the entire afternoon scrapbooking. I completely lost track of time, and watch a couple great chick flicks while doing so too. ...
one.heart.scrapper -
YoBaby's Half-Birthday Giveaway - Stonyfield Farms
We're celebrating first half-birthdays this year and welcoming all the new members of our YoBaby family! Each month, we'll select 6 babies who will be ...
A Very Merry Half Birthday!
By Jenny
He is a lover and so far, he is friendly with anyone who holds him. Stay tuned from his stats from next week's 6 month doctor check-up. Reese still likes to call him Blaker Doodle. Chase calls him Blakey. Happy Half Birthday, Blake ...
The Staniaks -
Adventures of a Wee Fee: My Half-Birthday
By Miles
My Half-Birthday. I am six-months old this Friday, happy half-birthday to me! I this finally, my mom learned how to share video. Let's see how this goes. I dare you to try not to smile. Just try it. ...
Adventures of a Wee Fee -
Big Girl Birthday | To Reach the World
By daisyblue19
Hopefully (or maybe on my half birthday) I will get to celebrate with friends and family, otherwise I know I will at the wedding! Yay me to getting through my first big girl birthday with no tears, no fights and pretty much no sadness! ...
To Reach the World -
Hey Miss Landers, Do You Know What Day It Is Today? « A Star ...
By HurleyBurleyGirl
“Miss Landers, I'm going to make you cupcakes tomorrow and bring them to class because tomorrow is your half birthday!” Isn't that sweet? I honestly didn't expect anything to happen but do you know what? Not only did they bring me fancy ...
A Star Danced, and Under That I was Born -

January 20, 2011

Half Birthday Brunch
By Hannah
1/17/11 arrived on Monday, bringing yet another palindromic date of 2011, MLK Jr . Day, and my half-birthday! All good things: like most Hannahs, I love palindromes; Martin Luther King, in addition to being an all-around stand up guy , ...
The Pumpkin Patch -
Elisablog: Completely random today.
By Virginia
This month is Evan's half birthday. I need to show you the chocolate half birthday cake I made for him because it was one of the best cakes I've made while living in this damn high altitude. (seriously, I have made some super flat cakes ...
Elisablog -
3.5 Years
By Libby
Well seeing as it's almost Fien's half birthday, I figured Day Three of Fien-a- palooza would be... Fien's 3rd Birthday! So Fien turned 3...back in August... here's what happened... First Fien got her presents from the family. ...
5371 Miles Away -
Money Saving Tips For Buying a Life Insurance Policy
By admin
Make sure that the company is increasing the premium according to your age and not your 'half birthday'. This is the process of raising the premium 6 months before your birthday. This amount could really add up to a substantial amount ...
Insurance Articles -
Our European Life.: Kaleb's First Half-Birthday!
By Suzanne Turek
I'm off to check on the yams baking in the oven, waiting to be pureed for Kaleb's half-birthday luncheon. (I will be sure to get it on video!) In the meantime, here is a preview of our Christmas in the States. ...
Our European Life. -
A Picture a Day for Life Surprised It's Your Half Birthday
Surprised It's Your Half Birthday. Cheers to ya buddy You survived six months of your parents care. Here's to hopin for AT LEAST six more ...
the celebration shoppe blog » half birthday party ideas
I mentioned a few days ago that my little guy, who is a June birthday, would be celebrating his “half” birthday at preschool this week since all the winter ...
Offbeat Mama | Monday Mama Montage: it's BIRTHDAY WEEK!
Regarding half birthdays, my fiance has always celebrated his half birthday, because while he and his older sister are seven years apart, they were both ...
The Sanchez family: Half Birthday
By Stacey
Allison celebrated her half birthday November 4th. I always loved half birthdays . And I think it is unreal that Allison will turn 6 in a little more then 3 in a half months! This first semester of kindergarten just flew by. ...
The Sanchez family -
Happy Half-Birthday!
By Nat
Someone is 6 whole months old! Can you believe it? Probably... seeing as how I give a monthly update, lol... So here's the latest on this cute little girl: She is sitting well, but still sometimes topples over after a while (mostly ...
Life AfterMath -
We're All Getting Older!
By Sophie
Jose Daniel will turn 8 in July, so we celebrated his half birthday. Jose Daniel has an older sister, who is in high school at ECA, and his mother also works at ECA. As you can see in the picture, Jose Daniel is another silly one! ...
Just a Little Pencil in the Hand of God -

January 19, 2011

It's my half birthday! « The Jenna Daily
By Jenna
As of today (my half birthday!), I have exactly 6 months to complete the list! Eeeek! Well, that's all for now. There's plenty more, but I'll save it for another day. Two posts in one day is enough of a milestone. :). Happy Wednesday! ...
The Jenna Daily -
Mrs. Funk's Class: Braxton D.'s Half Birthday!
By Megan Funk
Wednesday, January 19, 2011. Braxton D.'s Half Birthday! Braxton D. really tuns eight on July 19th, but we thought we would celebrate it today! We hope you have a great half birthday! Click to play this Smilebox slideshow ...
Mrs. Funk's Class -
Give Me The Rock » Blog Archive » Day 85 of 170: Half Court
By Nels
Only two games on the night on which this NBA season reaches its half birthday. Both of them were low scoring affairs, the Hawks and Heat only getting to a 93- 89 final with the help of overtime. Line of the Night: Usually overtime ...
Give Me The Rock -
Happy Birthday | For Whom The Bill Tolls
By willmelv
Also my half birthday is coming up in a few days. While we'll be able to celebrate my real birthday together back in the States, imagine how nice it will be when you send me presents on my half birthday as I'm alone in a strange country ...
For Whom The Bill Tolls -
where the streets are made of gold
By TefMarie
I sent her a card last year, and I wrote of all my love towards her and reminded her not to steal the glory of my half birthday. I knew she would get a kick out of that. But she never got to read it. It came after she had already become ...
From the Inside Out -
Happy Half Birthday!
By Leslie
I am so honored to be their mother. The first six months have been incredible, and I can't wait to spend my next years watching my son and daughter grow and learn. Miles and Vivienne, happy half birthday! We love you to pieces.
This Great Adventure -
Happy Half Birthday Zoe
By Stephanie
Miss Zoe has changed so much in the past 6 months since we celebrated her 4th birthday. It seems like she has really done a lot of growing up, and while part of me loves the fun of having someone to talk and laugh with, another part of ...
The Martin Family -
1/2 Birthday Girl!
By Jillibean
Happy Half Birthday Lil E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that it was already six months ago that we were frantically rushing across state lines to see you!!!! Love you sweetie!
Life of a Jillibean -

January 18, 2011

Come Party With Me: Half Birthday Housewarming — Invite
Tomorrow is my half birthday, and if you are a long-time YumSugar reader, you'll know that I always celebrate my half birthday! ...

Gameday Cloth Celebrates Half Birthday - post ...
Most people celebrate birthdays once a year, but we're just too excited to wait. It's our Half Birthday, so come help us celebrate! ...

Ińigo 2.5! « ińigo boy
By Ińigo
Happy 2nd-and-a-half birthday to me! 30 months came quite quick! I have grown so fast and I am a big boy now. So many things have happened to me, and my developments were quite amazing. Let me share you some of my milestones at this ...
ińigo boy -
Mrs. Schneider's Kindergarten Blog: Schedule for 1/17 - 1/21
By Laura Schneider
F - Music & Gym, Computer This week we will be working on two letters: B and K. Our new sight words are for and me. We are busy making birthday cards today! We are celebrating Sami's birthday and Dylan's half-birthday! ...
Mrs. Schneider's Kindergarten Blog -
Creations by Christa: Ten on Tuesdays
By Christa
He asks me to donate money for James' half birthday. Then James gets on the phone and gives me the details. James is shy and Alex is not, which is why Alex called and James didn't, even though James and I had a conversation about his ...
Creations by Christa -
a letter to you, OBaby, on your half-birthday | O My Family – This ...
By AllisonO
We celebrated your one and a half birthday yesterday. IMG_5249.jpg. {We sang ' Happy half birthday” to you. You were not a fan.} Every single month with you has been special, OBaby, but these last 6 months have been particularly amazing ...
O My Family - This new mom's blog -
My special half-birthday gift to myself
By Danielle
I mentioned before that I do note "Half birthdays". My birthday is July 17th, so today is the halfway point. I got myself a special gift- contact lenses! This is the first time in my life that I have put contacts in my eyes. ...
Danielle's New Daily Life Blog -
Profoundly Seth: Look who's TWO (and a half)!!
By El
Still, as soon as I realized it was his half-birthday, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures without cleaning him up at all or even throwing clothes on him. I figure why not be real about it? This is Seth as two and a half, ...
Profoundly Seth -
News From the Babler House: Updates!!
By Anna
Olivia also recently celebrated her "half" birthday. We have never made a big deal out of her half birthday, but this year she made a HUGE deal out of it. I guarantee if you ask her how old she is, she will tell you 4 and a half :D It ...
News From the Babler House -
Lee Boys and Girl: Happy 6th Birthday Matt!
By Sandy
Topped off the day with a trip to Baskin Robbins where both Emery and Matt got free cones for their birthday and half birthday. Mmmm....rainbow sherbet.... On the drive home he was over heard saying, "This was the best birthday ever! ...
Lee Boys and Girl -

January 17, 2011

In honor of Marshall's half birthday - Marshall Nation
In honor of Marshall's half birthday · Edit · Delete; Autopost. Marshall, Nana, Pops, Garrett, Grady, Mom and Dad all had fun in the snow today, Marshall's 2.5 year half birthday. @ Kahler Glen Resort, Leavenworth, WA ...
Marshall Nation -
Christopher My Christopher.
By Chris and Brindy
I kind of want to celebrate his half birthday instead just since I am so scatter brained in January. I had planned to find a really great place to go tubing for his birthday, however, Lydia graciously gifted us with a night of throw up ...
Chris and Brindy Bennett -
Happy 1.5 Years Henry!
By Carrie
They had a cute little "half" birthday party for Henry at school since he will celebrate his real birthday during the summer. It was so fun! I was surprised that they let me come down for his party,, sometimes seeing me during the day ...
Managing the Martins -

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