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January 2015 Half Birthday Happenings, Stories,
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Half Birthdays are big! Here's just a small sampling of all the half birthday celebrations, events, news, novelties, and suggestions floating around daily on blogs everywhere.

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January 31, 2015

No Title
Happy half-birthday little Linden! And congratulations to you mama, you've been doing a wonderful job. He's such a gorgeous baby *heart eyes* Have a nice weekend! Rita
01/30/15 07:10 | United States |  Tweet

• oh yeah today was my half birthday here’s to 22...
oh yeah here’s to 22 and a half years of whatever this is
01/30/15 21:29 | United States |  Tweet
Spending the Holidays Abroad helps that I’ve decided we will be celebrating everyone’s half-birthdaythis summer and autumn when I return home to make up for the ones I missed here. Despite feeling family-sick (not necessarily...
01/30/15 13:15 | United States |  Tweet
it’s only my half-birthday but they, unknowingly, make arroz con pollo anyway we eat mostly in silence like celebrations from years past, when the angry...
01/30/15 07:54 | United States |  Tweet
Mommy, Wife, & Everything Life: Holy Hormones
As minor as it may seem to most people, I’ll be missing her two and a halfbirthday” during my trip. It’s little things like this that I cherish. Even though my husband has missed far more (nine months...
01/29/15 18:30 | United States |  Tweet
Halfway to Housewife: My Girls: 7 months and 2.5 years
We are celebrating Avery's half birthday over here (thank you Jonny for starting us on this trend) and you know she is loving singing to herself nonstop, blowing out...
01/29/15 06:28 | United States |  Tweet

Twinsday Wednesday: 5 months old
I need you to start enjoying tummy time though – PLEASE. Stay tuned … Big 1/2 birthday coming up!
01/28/15 21:03 | United States |  Tweet

January 30, 2015

Kinder on Pinterest | 121 Pins
...ll Ruler Toothpick Sculpture Growing Beans Kids Art Walls Half BirthdaySuper Hero Theme Cross Crafts Birthday Cake Pancakes Outdoor Party Games Edible Art Service Projects Birthday Celebrations Literacy...
01/29/15 00:00 | Brazil |  Tweet

A Letter to my Son {6 Months old}
... As I lay here and watch you sleep on the night of your first half birthday(call me crazy I love holidays and that includes birthdays, so we need more holidays and yes we will celebrate the “halfs” too!)...
01/29/15 23:27 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Happy Half Birthday sweet girl!!! I can't believe our babes are this old... It is crazy! Her and Charli seriously sound so much alike! They would be so funny together!
01/29/15 13:51 | United States |  Tweet
[poem] Phone Call: January 30
I will not let loss stop us from living. I know that makes you proud. I hope I do. Today is my half-birthday, because I’ll always be half-you. ~aRT~ For a brave woman, and the braver son she left...
01/29/15 11:03 | United States |  Tweet
Starting Over | rambleonsomemore
Finally, finally, a month after my interview, they called to offer me the position. 12 November (my half-birthday, as it were), I started working here. Now, nearly 90 days later, I’m still loving my...
01/29/15 00:07 | United States |  Tweet

39 years old
...basement? Is your car an old Maxwell? Personally, I just had my 145thhalf-birthday! Trailrider, Bvt. Lt. Col., Cavalry, Commanding Southern District Dept. of the Platte, Grand Army of the Frontier Capt., USAF...
01/30/15 11:07 | United States |  Tweet
Christening/1st birthday
I was lucky with the cake as my mum is brilliant & made the cake, she did one half birthday theme & the other christening themed. I have a 8 month old & will be doing the same again as it worked so...
01/29/15 13:06 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
Do you use?
Quoting annezeiler: Well, I got an email from BevMo yesterday wishing me a happy "half-birthday" and reminding me that I'm just six short months from saying goodbye to my 30s, so yeah, I am. But thank...
01/29/15 06:05 | United States |  Tweet

it's only my half-birthday but they, unknowingly, make arroz con pollo anyway we eat mostly in silence like celebrations from years past, when the ...
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January 29, 2015

Currently | diary of a fit SA mommy
...the latest trend of having a half birthday for your angel when they turn 6 months old. I would to hear ... making trend D: Yes, I had a half birthdayfor my angel! Thanx
01/28/15 09:51 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Happy Half Birthday Waverly! We like to celebrate the half birthdays too! I think it's good when even outgoing kids are a little shy at first. Noah...
01/28/15 07:53 | United States |  Tweet
Words About Waverly: Waverly Maye: 2.5 Years
...half this past Monday, happiest half-birthday to our little lady!! We are going to have a small dinner plus ... we started the tradition of half-birthdaycelebrations when she was six months old (you can see last...
01/28/15 07:19 | United States |  Tweet
Morgan Autism Center reaches out amid uncertainty
His energy continued to radiate the room as he discovered his birthday was the same as my half-birthday. “I just like to enjoy myself as much as I can,” he glowed, talking about his days of playing...
01/28/15 01:07 | United States |  Tweet
Ready, steady, GO!
...assessment!) on both Saturday and Sunday. Today is the boy’s half-birthday celebration at school, so I just made a double batch of blueberry muffins for his class. His dad and I are also attending the...
01/27/15 14:00 | United States |  Tweet

January 28, 2015

Imagination Station's Half-birthday Celebration
Celebrate our first six months of being open to the public; sing-along, story time and special crafts
01/27/15 13:16 | United States |  Tweet

love that baby…five affectionate books for big brothers and sisters
Here are five that do just that: Oscar’s Half Birthday , written and illustrated by Bob Graham published ... day’s end — one last flare of half-birthdaymagic. I always say this, but…I love Bob Graham’s work. This...
01/28/15 01:00 | United States |  Tweet
...your post:valentines day is my half birthday and that’s… you are...
...ooklikecominghome replied to your post : valentines day is my halfbirthday and that’s… you are almost 20 and sarah is 20 you are all so OLD i am hanging out with SENIOR CITIZENS!!!!!! Taylor may have...
01/27/15 23:36 | United States |  Tweet
Making The Most Out Of Your Life Insurance Policy
...for you to actually make the purchase is before you hit your half birthday. Insurance companies don’t use your actually age, but what they call your “age nearest”. So If you will be 30 in 6 months, they...
01/27/15 14:56 | Italy |  Tweet
it's my girls' world: Weekly photos-- the baby it's cold edition
#yummygoodness Day #22 My birthday…. A blew a candle out after this. It was her half birthday after all :-) Linking up with some lovely ladies for Tuesday Talk Stay safe and warm!
01/27/15 07:00 | United States |  Tweet
Love, Juliebug: Letter to Abby
Actually, we aren't there quite yet. February 15th marks that important halfbirthday. And yes, I am clinging to this last almost month. I both love and hate you growing up. You are still my little girl...
01/26/15 21:43 | United States |  Tweet

No Title
...We thank God for bringing Joey and Will to our class! Happy 1/2 BirthdayJoey and Will!! The children were very excited about pajama day today! They loved showing off their rest buddies during free...
01/26/15 14:36 | United States |  Tweet
Never a Dull Moment: Disney California Adventure Park on Ty's 5 1/2!!!
...better way to celebrate his 1/2 birthday by going there! The day started off amazing...we were one... He was so excited when they brought him a1/2 birthday cupcake! Scott had gotten one more fast pass...
01/25/15 22:42 | United States |  Tweet

January 27, 2015

Half birthday
Monday, January 26, 2015 Today is my half birthday. Not for the first time I'm starting over as Day 1, after a week of atrocious eating. I must forgive myself for this gluttonous...
01/26/15 19:40 | United States |  Tweet

31 months
I missed posting on Rachel’s half birthday. She is now over 2.5 months, now 31 months and a day. Rachel is such a funny kid! She is speaking so well, now, but her grammar...
01/26/15 14:30 | United States |  Tweet
Travelers: romantic, rosy hands for Valentine's Day with Jane Iredale...
...Day: it's romantic, you're supposed to get presents and it's my half-birthday. It's even more romantic if you're traveling! This winter -- with its historic snowstorms, Snowmageddeons, wind and cold...
01/26/15 14:01 | United States |  Tweet
...birthday would be the start of my golden year. yesterday hit my halfbirthday. to be honest, i don’t feel like anything special has happened through my first 6 months of my golden year. i don’t know if...
01/26/15 12:46 | United States |  Tweet
The Easiest Tips for Scoring a Hotel Upgrade Mention special occasions. Honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, half-birthday, whatever it is, that celebration information should always be relayed to the hotel staff deftly. The best way to do it is to...
01/26/15 09:00 | United States |  Tweet
Come Fly With Us: Sick of Being Sick: A Trip to the ER
It's all a girl can ask for, right? [My half birthday was last week, and all I wanted was a cupcake ... because he thought celebrating a half birthdaywas ridiculous. Oh well - I still got lots of muffins / cupcakes.] [carrot...
01/26/15 07:12 | United States |  Tweet
It’s Party Time for the World’s Only Panda Triplets (Video) look. For the half-birthday, popular Chinese singer Li Yuchun visited the park, and the ... camera. According to one of the workers, the half-birthday was a very special occasion because panda triplets have never...
01/25/15 21:16 | United States |  Tweet

What Holiday is closest to your babies birthday?
...pochaccotx: Yeah I'm thinking when he is school aged doing a halfbirthday so he can celebrate with friends Quoting la_bella_vita: Quoting pochaccotx: My dd is in august so she is closer to labor day...
01/26/15 10:42 | United States |  Tweet

Birthday Party – Mumbai Style
In fact, he thought we shouldn’t leave my daughter out so we would celebrate his birthday and her 1/2 birthday together. Being silly with their cousin before heading out to the restaurant My brother-in-law...
01/26/15 09:00 | United States |  Twee

January 26, 2015

No Title
Such a cute family - Happy half birthday Freya!
01/26/15 02:18 | United States |  Tweet
daily damara: Playing With Others
...the calendar both Friday and Saturday night. Friday was Jambo's halfbirthday and since it's become a bit of a tradition we asked Mama and Papa Swede to join us out for dinner. We ended up going back to...
01/25/15 14:41 | United States |  Tweet
Back in Brum
I actually just did the math. Which reminded me that I completely forgot about my half-birthday last month (which I do every year). To celebrate I think it’s only fair that I eat as shittily as possible...
01/24/15 15:25 | United States |  Tweet

Stan-Amel Planet (Stanley and Amelia): Crawling progression
...miss it. She never crawled for the video, on the 15th, her 5 1/2 birthday, she was crawling. And, by Sunday Jan 18th, she was moving quickly and getting into all of stanley's toys. She has decided to...
01/25/15 14:55 | United States |  Tweet

Half Birthday
 Celebration Form {Free}
came up with the idea to celebrate them on their half birthday! I created this fun form to use in my classroom to help stay organized. I hope you will find ...
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January 25, 2015

What You Need To Know About Life Insurance
...for you to actually make the purchase is before you hit your half birthday. Insurance companies don’t use your actually age, but what they call your “age nearest”. So If you will be 30 in 6 months, they...
01/25/15 01:12 | Italy |  Tweet
Valentine's Day Decorations
...parents let me celebrate a sort of half birthday instead--no presents but I got to take the cupcakes to school on my half birthday. Up until a few years ago my parents still made a big deal about the...
01/24/15 03:32 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
My birthday is in January and I seriously think I may switch to celebrating my half birthday instead. July 22 would be so much more fun. Plus I'd probably get gifts that weren't straight off the post-holiday...
01/23/15 17:28 | United States |  Tweet
Happy half Birthday
No Text
01/23/15 14:35 | United States |  Tweet
Loot: January Topbox Beauty Subscription
At $12 a month, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Now, Ry oh so kindly bought the subscription for me as a half-birthday present (yes, we celebrate half-birthdays…everyone should). From what...
01/22/15 23:19 | United States |  Tweet

Half Birthdays..??
...anyone unless you WANT a fuss! Oh, and no, I don't celebrate a half-birthday but I have 2 friends with birthdays on 25th Dec who do ... apparently they get better turnout for a birthday BBQ/party in June...
01/24/15 11:52 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

Potty Training Tips From Moms
...until he was a big boy. I told him he would be a big boy on his 3 1/2birthday; which we marked on a calander three weeks out. After building up the big boy birthday idea and counting down the days, we had...
01/24/15 14:45 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

MandyJane79 - IVF Pregnancy, Birth and Babies - BabyCentre
...can you believe it? Time is going so fast. Our bubs have their 1/2birthday on the 1st! At least after that, we'll get a little break from vaccinations :) How are you? How is beautiful Sophia? Thank...
01/25/15 00:51 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

Half Birthday
 Ecards Funny
Half Birthday Ecards Funny Funny birthday greetings - birthday happy The best.
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January 24, 2015

Giant panda triplets celebrate six months[1]-
...watering down pollution readers, and giant panda triplets celebrate halfbirthday. A street cleaner walks in front of the fake bank in Nanjing, Jan 23, 2015. [Photo/IC] Fake bank cheats hundreds in Nanjing Police...
01/24/15 01:13 | China |  Tweet

Happy six months half-bday to this handsome lil monster Xander with those chubby cheeks that make all the girls go eeeeeek #baby #love #fit #fitfam ...
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FREE Dessert on your Birthday at Romano's Macaroni Grill
...your birthday . They’ll also give you a free dessert on your half birthdayas well as a $5 off coupon when you join.
01/23/15 21:15 | United States |  Tweet
Right Up My Alley: Donald Hall At 86
...premature death at 47 of his truly beloved wife, Jane Kenyon. On myhalf-birthday today, I really need to read stuff like this: Jane died at forty-seven after fifteen months of leukemia. I mourned her deeply...
01/23/15 17:40 | United States |  Tweet
Lake Tahoe: scenes from last weekend he got half a cake (an idea inspired by my friend Melissa’s half-birthday tradition ). We arranged for babysitters to come over and put the kids to bed one night while the four of us went out to dinner...
01/23/15 13:50 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Congratulations on your first year as a mummy! This is such a beautiful post. I've just written similar for Baby Tide's half birthday.
01/22/15 17:19 | United States |  Tweet

January 23, 2015

No Title
...51 sarahcasinghini 6 days ago Happy Half Birthday Little One #6monthsold #happy6months #babyboy #mymaxwell #babymaxwell ... 5 sarahcasinghini 6 days ago Happy Half Birthday Little One #6monthsold #happy6months #babyboy #mymaxwell #babymaxwell...
01/23/15 02:26 | United States |  Tweet

Silas Edwards // 6 months! | the dittys
It’s just so sweet. The buddy started solids this month, a week before hishalf birthday! He started with carrots, which he wasn’t a fan of. He has since tried oatmeal and avocado, and he loves them...
01/22/15 08:38 | United States |  Tweet
it's my girls' world: Currently…. on my birfday
on my birfday It's my birthday!!! (Well according to A, it's her birthday- technically it's her half birthday so she's only half wrong and only half egocentric) I haven't done one of these in a while...
01/22/15 02:53 | United States |  Tweet
I do not think it is a coincidence that a blog dedicated to my favourite...
...would most certainly agree maybe it will air in 2016 on your half-birthday. keep me posted.
01/21/15 20:57 | United States |  Tweet

Fashion + Lifestyle Blog: Happy 1/2 Birthday Sutton Jane!
...1/2 Birthday Sutton Jane! 1.22.2015 Miss Sutton Jane you are 6 months old - Happy 1/2 birthday!! It's ... every minute with you! Happy 1/2 birthdaymy darling! You have been an amazing baby. You are a happy...
01/22/15 07:01 | United States |  Tweet