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January 2016 Half Birthday Happenings, Stories,
Gifts & Party Ideas from the Blogosphere

Half Birthdays are big! Here's just a small sampling of all the half birthday celebrations, events, news, novelties, and suggestions floating around daily on blogs everywhere.

Calculate half birthdays and schedule FREE ecards up to a year in advance to be sent automatically to family & friends on their special day. For celeb 1/2 b'days and more:

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January 31, 2016

No Title
I love your coping strategies for having a January birthday (celebrating yourhalf birthday in the summer is a great idea!).
01/30/16 14:54 | United States |  Tweet
How to Become an Adult | Mimimi93
However, my complacency did not last. Come winter, around his halfbirthday, Stanley became afflicted with a mysterious ailment. His stems curled and his one delicate green frond dried up. After...
01/30/16 14:07 | United States |  Tweet

if you're going through hell, keep going. • my best friend reminded me...
my best friend reminded me that it’s my half birthday! so, uh. half-birthdayselfie!
01/30/16 19:43 | United States |  Tweet
Oscar, Can You Hear Me? | The Eden Edition
The winter holidays are long gone, and my half birthday has just passed. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but my husband and I don’t exactly celebrate cupid’s arrow with...
01/30/16 12:32 | United States |  Tweet
The Fitzgerald Funhouse: 18 Months Old that He will always take care of you. We love you!! Happy HalfBirthday!!!
01/28/16 21:48 | United States |  Tweet

Then & Now
...him being anything other than perfectly well behaved. Happy halfbirthday Paddy, and the same to Shiloh tomorrow, too. Now dare I look back on old photos of...
01/30/16 11:11 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

January 30, 2016

Favourite things & Bakeit freefrom giveaway
Far from being gloomy, it has been a fun filled month and I have celebrated Baby A’s half birthday as well as being a judge in the annual FreeFrom Food Awards . I have some lovely favourite things...
01/30/16 03:05 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

No Title
...already started pinning 1st birthday ideas…now I’m going to start a 1/2birthday board. You’re daughter is precious and this party looks...
01/29/16 13:07 | United States |  Tweet

Hector Contreras
Hector Contreras (HECtorCM25) on Twitter: Happy half bday Hec ❤ hope you like this pic i found of us and sorry no one told you happy half birthday ...
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January 29, 2016

7 Fun Ideas for Your National Mall Engagement Photo Shoot
...needed a mood boost. When Zhen started joking about her upcoming halfbirthday, Ben used it as an excuse to plan a surprise date. He took her to see the carved ice extravaganza at The Gaylord at...
01/28/16 13:26 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Great deals! He will love getting his gifts for his half birthday! I have that mixer, it was my mothers. Richard Scarry is a big favorite here too!
01/28/16 07:59 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
...breakfast book club, and finally celebrating at home in summer on my halfbirthday often called "A Very Happy Unbirthday " (song stolen from Disney Alice in Wonderland. Happy Birthday to you from an...
01/28/16 07:58 | United States |  Tweet

Circle of Crust
We’ll even give you points for getting your friends to join! And get this…On your HALF-birthday, you earn a free pie, just for being you! How cool is that? Don’t see your Circle of Crust question...
01/28/16 16:58 | United States |  Tweet

1/2 birthdays - July 2015 Babies -
Happy half birthday !!
01/28/16 03:54 | United States |  Tweet

January 28, 2016

born imaginative.: Thrifted
Birthday shopping done. (Although I think I'll just give it to him for his halfbirthday in March.) And this lot...A loaf pan. Richard Scarry (Can't get enough of his books!), a Bible book with...
01/27/16 23:53 | United States |  Tweet

Kara's Party Ideas Basketball Half Time "Half" Birthday Party
...terrific BASKETBALL HALF TIME “HALF BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Trixy Gardner of A Delicate Gift . This theme is such a cute idea for a half birthday party! I especially love the fun basketball...
01/28/16 03:40 | United States |  Tweet
How to Host an Epic Mardi Gras Party
Her favorite holiday is the 4th of July (she also considers this her halfbirthday). If it's not obvious by now, her passions in life are music and festivals (see definition on our About Us...
01/27/16 11:20 | United States |  Tweet

Pet Peeve rants.
Half birthday??
01/26/16 14:58 | United States |  Tweet

Do you still care about your own birthday? | Retirement -Social...
Only three more birthdays mean anything more to me now. 18 months from now my 60th. 6 years after that my FRA, 4.5 years after that my 70 1/2birthday. Outside of those meh!
01/27/16 06:41 | United States |  Tweet

7 Fun Ideas for Your National Mall Engagement Photo Shoot
...needed a mood boost. When Zhen started joking about her upcoming halfbirthday, Ben used it as an excuse to plan a surprise date. He took her to see the carved ice extravaganza at The Gaylord at...
01/28/16 13:26 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Great deals! He will love getting his gifts for his half birthday! I have that mixer, it was my mothers. Richard Scarry is a big favorite here too!
01/28/16 07:59 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
...breakfast book club, and finally celebrating at home in summer on my halfbirthday often called "A Very Happy Unbirthday " (song stolen from Disney Alice in Wonderland. Happy Birthday to you from an...
01/28/16 07:58 | United States |  Tweet

January 27, 2016

Cute invitation sayings for client appreciation event
...actions.. . You can call out Groundhog Day or even the customer's half-birthday .. Give frequent customers that VIP feeling with an invitation -only after-hours event in your stor. Don't...
01/26/16 20:18 | Italy |  Tweet
Felicia Nimue Ackerman: Of Israel, America, and Thailand
When I said that I had been scared of him, the soldier looked pleased but puzzled, as if someone had given him a half-birthday present. “Scared of me?” I asked how he would feel if a soldier in a...
01/26/16 02:01 | United States |  Tweet
Spiritual messages for dads that passed
...friend or family member who. Half Birthday · Religious Birthday Messages · Birthday Party ... friend or family member who. Half Birthday · Religious Birthday Messages · Birthday Party...
01/26/16 01:51 | United States |  Tweet
Give on Pinterest | Envelopes, Shel Silverstein and Onesies
...Glass Monster 1st Birthdays Gold Knot Ring Volvo Ocean Race HalfBirthday Cakes Gift Tags Gift Address An Envelope Tags Tooth Fairy Box Monster Party Games Housewarming Gifts Addressing...
01/25/16 23:49 | Brazil |

last week in photos
...were happy! Happy Half Birthday to Ada! Strawberry ice cream and...
01/26/16 08:00 | United States |  Tweet
Six candles make a lovely light.
...nick of time to pretend I've been waiting until her half birthday. Happy 6 and a half birthday, my darling baby girl. Cake design by Birdie: Cupcake bar: H is for happy. Whew. Thank goodness I...
01/26/16 04:30 | United States |  Tweet
Nothing is Ever Lost, Wait is your birthday August 4th too???...
Yup! It’s almost our half birthday!
01/25/16 23:57 | United States |  Tweet

Half birthday
Half Birthday wishes and half birthday messages along with a FREE half birthday song. Happy Half Bi. Jun 27, 2010 . Dear baby boy,. Today is a very ...
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Days until half birthday calculator
Birthday Poems. I thought love was just a mirage of the mind, it's an illusion, it's fake, impossible to find. But the day I met you, I began to see, ...
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January 26, 2016

Boyfriends birthday card cute things put your
...the place to express your . Half birthday Card other Girlfriend boyfriend partner anniversary pun ... the place to express your . Half birthday Card other Girlfriend boyfriend partner anniversary pun...
01/25/16 21:59 | Montserrat |  Tweet

The Red Accordion Diaries: Burns Supper, Birthdays and a Boy in a...
Burns Supper, Birthdays and a Boy in a Kilt. It's my half-birthday -- a celebration dear to the hearts of those born in the depths of summer, when no one could come to your birthday parties...
01/25/16 13:56 | United States |  Tweet

Half birthday?? - August 2015 Babies -
Ummm I've never really thought about this to be honest :) but it would be a cute way for everyone to meet your LO if they haven't already
01/25/16 05:06 | United States |  Tweet

Half birthday
Half Birthday wishes and half birthday messages along with a FREE half birthday song. Happy Half Bi.Half Birthday Card -- Pink Birthday Cake.
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January 25, 2016

Half Birthday Cards From Greeting Card Universe: Half Birthday...
Half Birthday Cards From Greeting Card Universe Half Birthday Cards Free Printable ... Niece Half Birthday Cards Father in Law Birthday Greetings Happy Half Birthday Card Libra...
01/24/16 20:07 | United States |  Tweet
6 months
-We celebrated her half birthday. Scarlett likes the...
01/24/16 08:31 | United States |  Tweet

your LO's monthly birthdays: do u celebrate? - September 2015 Babies...
For his 6 month one- I'm baking a cake, cutting it in half and getting a onesie saying it's my half birthday... Just cute for photos and yummy for mommy and daddy...
01/25/16 05:18 | United States |  Tweet
avoiding certain EDD - Trying To Conceive -
I have a friend who's daughter was born Christmas Eve and they do a halfbirthday in the summer for a party and then a small family thing with cake on her actual birthday. I would totally consider...
01/24/16 01:21 | United States |  Tweet

January 24, 2016

Count Down
... February 21: Celebrate my half birthday! (Since everyone is always...
01/23/16 20:20 | United States |  Tweet
ares is two
...cupcakes. Birthday (and half-birthday) cupcakes became a tradition...
01/23/16 17:34 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
It falls nice ly to split the year into the four main present festivals of Birthday, Christmas, Half Birthday and Father's Day...
01/23/16 07:51 | United States |  Tweet

January 23, 2016

St. Mary's Samplings: January 23, 2016
We toured Superior Industries where her dad works, that was very interesting. We also celebrated her half birthday. It was a very busy week but a fun one. First Grade: This week in first grade we...
01/21/16 22:23 | United States |  Tweet

Friday Vibes
...Canyon last spring. My half birthday was this past Wednesday. I moved...
01/22/16 14:39 | United States |  Tweet
celebrating your half birthday | u i and love
So it was your half birthday today, which makes you officially one and a half! We like ... here, so we've now decided your half birthday is going to be a thing, so we took you out for a...
01/22/16 04:38 | United States |  Tweet
The Best Birthday – Californyinz
...driving, Joe (and happy half birthday today). Although the Lakers...
01/21/16 19:08 | United States |  Tweet
Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake
...stick to making people happy with free treats. Today is also my halfbirthday and while I know that is not actually a thing, it is another small reason to celebrate so here you go: Triple Chocolate...
01/21/16 12:13 | United States |  Tweet
Choose to be Happy: 30!
and i'd say that whole dating thing turned out pretty well 24.all the halfbirthday celebrations that have graced my life throughout the years. and the dear friends that remember them! 25...
01/20/16 20:26 | United States |  Tweet

January 22, 2016

Birthday cake with name edit option
Best happy birthday cake images with name editor .. Half Birthday Cards Half way to your birthday ... a smile on the person whose half birthday is here, with one of our half. Here is a video of...
01/21/16 02:51 | United States |  Tweet

I Opened Up the Device & I Gave Into Vice with You « The Mezunian
... “That `device’ is my half-birthday present, which you stole.” Nasrin...
01/22/16 02:00 | United States |  Tweet
Let them eat cake #Freefromfridays
This week baby A celebrated her half birthday – 6 months old already! Unfortuantely it was marred by her also having her first allergic reaction. She reacted badly to...
01/22/16 01:17 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
Merkley Jiating: Miscellaneous
...Levi Sam brought me half of a bag of my favorite candies for my halfbirthday. He got a little carried away while eating half of the bags though. He left me only four M&Ms! Edison and I went to...
01/21/16 21:39 | United States |  Tweet
19 Tiny Ways To Show Your Partner You Adore Them major holidays—like their first day at a new job or their half birthday. And of course, if your partner is as awesome as you are, they won’t mind going out of their way to show you a little...
01/21/16 00:14 | United States |  Tweet
Six months of Azan
...good mommy. Happy Half Birthday Azu. Ammu loves...
01/20/16 22:47 | United States |  Tweet

January 21, 2016

Happy half birthday baby A!
...Daddy. Our beautiful little girl has completed our family. Happy halfbirthday baby...
01/21/16 01:35 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
Taylor Swift Opens Up About Being A Godmother
...Taylor Swift carved time out of her busy schedule to celebrate the half-birthday of her godson (and second child of T-Swift squad member Jaime King), Leo Thames—which was documented in a string of...
01/20/16 23:23 | Singapore |  Tweet
1/20/14: One of my favorite half birthday celebrations. (I take...
1/20/14: One of my favorite half birthday celebrations. (I take half birthdays very seriously) (at Disney’s Animal Kingdom) 1 note
01/20/16 11:36 | United States |  Tweet
Zodiac Zone
...generosity. Design your weekend in corresponding layers. Celebrate yourhalf birthday. Mercury direct on Monday pairs with Venus for more harmony with coworkers and beneficial changes in your day to...
01/20/16 11:20 | Montenegro |  Tweet
Simply Ruth: little d at 5 and a half years old
...awesomeness than I ever deserve. Happy Half Birthday! (he came to me, crying) "I was just thinking ... you look beautiful" "It's my half birthdayso I will eat all the fruit snacks I want to!" "Can I...
01/19/16 23:54 | United States |  Tweet
Kitchen gadgets tool
Cute Cupcake Half Birthday Party Invitation (clipped to )
01/19/16 18:06 | United States |  Tweet
Jaxon and Brady's Journey: Finally hit
And they're little boys, so they're gross in general with their germs. The boys each had their "half birthday" parties at school on Thursday. Brady's teacher told me she could tell he wasn't...
01/19/16 13:53 | United States |  Tweet

Coupon Savvy Sarah: Huge List of Birthday Freebies - Don't miss out on...
...Surprise plus tons of coupons throughout the year including a 1/2birthday coupon! Johnny Carino's - $5 off coupon for signing up plus Free Birthday dessert and anniversary coupons too. Johnny...
01/20/16 17:30 | United States |  Tweet

It's 'interesting' when your birthday turns you a decade older...
My sister is exactly 18 months younger than I am so every year when I celebrate her birthday, I am also celebrating my 1/2 birthday. It's been something I've consciously thought of my entire...
01/20/16 05:10 | United States |  Tweet

January 20, 2016

Party Like It's Your Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese celebrate half birthdays? Well, my husband looooves a good halfbirthday celebration so while my littles were on winter break we decided it would be fun to throw Oliver a birthday party there to...
01/20/16 02:06 | United States |  Tweet
...people’s spirits. I always had my doubts. I was approaching my halfbirthday when I started feeling nauseous. Whilst walking to the Edu Hall I started feeling dizzy. My vision started fading in and...
01/19/16 11:43 | United States |  Tweet
my eldest
Wasn't I just carrying his carseat and "eating" brunch with him for his firsthalf birthday? outfit deets: Givenchy express top, old Sunnies , SM I love *mostly everything about him. I'd be...
01/19/16 07:01 | United States |  Tweet
One and a Half Years Young – Home with Henry
...half years old. Happy half birthday, little man! So I figured it’d be ... me laugh. :) Happy half birthday, little dude! best...
01/18/16 22:45 | United States |  Tweet

Bella's Birthday and Birthday present - Forums...
...first birthday. She had a number of health issues and we had a halfbirthday party for her because it was seriously in doubt she would pull through. Anyway, our little fighter DID make it, she is not...
01/20/16 09:41 | United States |  Tweet

baby – Complicated Mama
...and look, […] The post Ohh, We’re Half Way There …. {Baby’s 1/2birthday in photos} appeared first on Complicated Mama . When Avery was 5 months old, James and I spent 2 weeks straight co-zombing...
01/20/16 00:41 | United States |  Tweet

Happy 1/2 birthday July 18th babies - July 2015 Babies...
He is 18lbs! The doc says he is 50th percentile but he looks so much bigger!
01/18/16 20:23 | United States |  Tweet

January 19, 2016

Birthday bash for gran who celebrates 103rd birthday | Egham Guardian
...Celebrates Leo Thames’ Half-Birthday With Mum Jaime King (MTV UK)...
01/18/16 23:30 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
...Singer Celebrates His Half-birthday
...Jaime King ‘s, 36, little boy’s half-birthday on Jan. 17. Time is flying by — and it’s “pretty ... Leo Thames , celebrating his half-birthday. In one snap, the little guy is teething on her finger...
01/18/16 15:08 | United States |  Tweet
The Day We Let Our Toddler Call the Shots
“Let’s do it and see what happens,” I laughed. So one day, in the dead of winter and on our toddler’s half birthday, my husband and I decided to conduct a little experiment. We decided that we...
01/18/16 15:00 | United States |  Tweet
Seeing Taylor Swift with her godson will set off alarms on your...
...adorable six-month-old son, Leo Thames. To commemorate the babe'shalf-birthday, Swift posted two photos of her and "LT," in which she looks so maternal that the tabloids will probably start...
01/18/16 11:19 | United States |  Tweet
...Celebrates Leo Thames’ Half-birthday With Mum Jaime...
Last year, Taylor Swift extended her squad in a big way after being...
01/18/16 06:44 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
Taylor Swift Shares Pictures of Her Godson, Jaime King's Son Leo
Both King and Swift took to Instagram to share some pictures of the adorable tot, who celebrated his half-birthday. On a snap of her, King, and baby Leo, Swift wrote, "LT is 6 months old...
01/18/16 03:30 | United States |  Tweet
See Taylor Swift's Sweet Visit with Godson Leo and BFF Jaime King
The "Wildest Dreams" singer took to to share a series of sweet snaps from their reunion on his first half birthday. "Pretty wild that 6 months ago, LT wasn't even born yet and now he chews on my...
01/18/16 02:37 | United States |

3-Step Guide to Celebratory Email Marketing
For instance, marketers can create campaigns that celebrate their company's anniversary, a subscriber’s half birthday, belated birthdays (see image below), a consumer’s first online order, etc. When...
01/18/16 14:30 | United States |  Tweet
Day-ly View: The Great Mac n' Cheese Cook Off
...Macaroni and cheese with broccoli The Judge: Henry The date: Henry'shalf birthday The outcome: a tie? The winner was supposed to win a trophy filled with chocolate, but Henry couldn't determine...
01/16/16 18:28 | United States |  Tweet

. . . for Lauren and Lauren: 2.5
I love you so much and think you are the best thing in the world. Happy 1/2birthday sweet girl! Love, your...
01/18/16 19:30 | United States |  Tweet

January 18, 2016

BLOGS OF THE DAY: Anne defends J-Law over reporter jibe
...ready to celebrate his half birthday over the long holiday...
01/17/16 17:42 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
Cher donates 181,000 water bottles
...Celebrates Godson Leo Thames' Half-Birthday with Mom Jaime King 01.17 / 16:53 Swift recently celebrated the half-birthdayof her godson, along with his mom, Jaime King — and Swift...
01/17/16 12:32 | United States |  Tweet
Jolie’s frail frame has fans worried
...Celebrates Godson Leo Thames' Half-Birthday with Mom Jaime King 01.17 / 16:53 Swift recently celebrated the half-birthdayof her godson, along with his mom, Jaime King — and Swift...
01/17/16 06:21 | United States |  Tweet
...Godson Leo Thames' Half-Birthday with Mom Jaime...
...Thames' Half-Birthday with Mom ... - People ... singer recently celebrated the half-birthday of ... Celebrates Godson Leo Thames’ Half-Birthday with Mom Jaime King How have Taylor Swift‘s first six...
01/17/16 03:30 | United States |  Tweet
Here's Evidence That Taylor Swift Is The Best Godmother to Jaime...
The singer and King shared photos Saturday on Instagram celebrating Leo’s half birthday, and they're an overload of cuteness and pure happiness. "LT is 6 months old today!! @jaime_king," Swift...
01/16/16 08:59 | United States |  Tweet

...this day. It is my half birthday.
01/17/16 15:37 | United States |  Tweet

Chapter One – Capricorn One (point 1)
...confused with the 1/2 Birthday of Tim Shane which was a trending...
01/17/16 13:41 | United States |  Tweet

Happy half birthday baby Cora!! - November 2015 Babies...
Wow time flies! Happy 1/2 birthday sweet Cora!
01/17/16 00:03 | United States |  Tweet
Happy 1/2 Birthday!
Today 05:37 AM #3 DVirginiana View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Blog Entries Little Fuzzy Join Date Jan 2016 Posts 31 Happy half-birthday to your rats Reply With Quote
01/16/16 23:37 | United States |  Tweet

January 17, 2016

A Passion For Freedom: Dance Party – center.* Dance Vibez: -Danik (DYDH) Celebrating his !HALF!Birthday ( ) -FAKE DJ Bangers Galore! Photos: ...
01/16/16 22:15 | United States |  Tweet
Back to School Night Ms. Valentine. My Background Saint Mary...
...planning stages Food Matters Birthday Treats – birthday or halfbirthday Mid morning healthy snacks water bottles Lunch 11:55-12:20 Please be aware of allergies Sign up sheets are on the tables...
01/16/16 19:58 | United States |  Tweet
Taylor Swift Is One Proud Godmother as She Celebrates New Milestone...
What isn’t shocking is the simple fact that godmother Taylor Swift was more than ready to celebrate his half birthday over the long holiday weekend. In two Instagrams posted Saturday evening, the...
01/16/16 17:24 | United States |  Tweet

Shop Business Birthday Cards: Birthday Cards, Congratulations Business...
...Happy Birthday Card Creative Birthday Card for Employees Happy HalfBirthday...
01/16/16 02:59 | United States |