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March 2015 Half Birthday Happenings, Stories,
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Half Birthdays are big! Here's just a small sampling of all the half birthday celebrations, events, news, novelties, and suggestions floating around daily on blogs everywhere.

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March 31, 2015 

No Title
Happy half birthday (plus one day) Cordelia!
03/30/15 22:02 | United States |  Tweet
ITS MY HALF BIRTHDAY!!!!! i don’t want to turn 20wtfnoi swear...
ITS MY HALF BIRTHDAY!!!!! i don’t want to turn 20 wtf no i swear im 17 and crazy not 19.5 help
03/30/15 16:12 | United States |  Tweet
if its my half birthday that means its been 6 months since taylor...
if its my half birthday that means its been 6 months since taylor told me i looked beautiful what
03/30/15 13:53 | United States |  Tweet
little things are big: Five and a Half
Cordelia did tell everyone we encountered yesterday that it was her halfbirthday, even though I reminded her that most people don't celebrate half birthdays. Later we had pizza with my parents and...
03/30/15 10:52 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Ha!! His half birthday tradition sounds delightful!
03/30/15 06:51 | United States |  Tweet
Diy moms birthday gift
... For Hazel's half birthday party, I have some store bought Minnie Mouse decorations and ... Burger!), our birthday . For Hazel's half birthday party, I have some store bought Minnie Mouse decorations and...
03/29/15 21:16 | Poland |  Tweet
That's Another Story: Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: How to Outrun a Crocodile...
...voice. “Don’t. Freak. Out. It was the day before my twelfth half-birthday, and I was spending it holding the business end of a crocodile.” Quotes: “It felt so good to escape from the rest of the world...
03/29/15 20:00 | United States |  Tweet

Thinking of waiting a month to avoid Christmas/New Year
If he were born closer to Christmas, I probably would have celebrated hishalf birthday in June instead so that the two are not associated with each other. I'm ovulating today and TTC and if successful...
03/31/15 12:40 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

Teeth!!!! - September 2014 Babies -
We got teeth too! They came in right before her 1/2 birthday.
03/29/15 20:15 | United States |  Tweet

March 30, 2015

Rams fantasy football names with quick in themams fantasy football names...
Cutting singular 10mg in half. Birthday gift for 19 year old boyirthday gift for 19.
03/29/15 19:00 | United States |  Tweet
How to Heal a Broken Wing
...illustrated many children's picture books including 'Oscar's Half Birthday', 'Buffy' and 'Let's Get a Pup'. He won the 2000 Smarties Gold Medal for 'Max', the 2003 Kate Greenaway Medal for 'Jethro Byrde...
03/29/15 02:58 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
Hm Jackets, American Apparel Jeans, Report Wedges, Forever 21 Necklaces... and drinks. I am so happy because I celebrated my Better halfbirthday with many things to do. Also, one of the main goals was to maintain comfortable. Therefore, I made sure my shoes were comfortable...
03/28/15 22:05 | United States |  Tweet
Blogs 1 new result
Memoir of a Mammal | 6 Month Update - Paperblog
...achievement. After meeting the nurse at 6 month (sharp, exactly on hishalf-birthday) for another 3 shots of vaccines, Roma miraculously (okay every new move is a miracle) mastered the art of sitting straight...
03/30/15 01:07 | United States |  Tweet

Mommies with kids with close birthdays? - October 2015 Babies - WhatTo...
...important to you. Otherwise you can always celebrate one kid's halfbirthday if they're really adamant about having a month all to themselves. Or just hope you don't have this baby on the 1st and celebrate...
03/29/15 04:36 | United States |  Tweet

March 29, 2015

cheap studio beats by dre: balenciaga online store Sweet baby Furry Fr... Furry Friends mens shoes made in usa Half birthday cakewhat a great way to surprise the kids on their half birthday And good excuse for cake babykid stuff balenciaga online store Sweet baby Furry...
03/28/15 06:24 | United States |  Tweet

Half birthday
Half birthday For Lena's three and a half birthday, we took her to her very first movie. It's a chilly weekend and after our long winter I'm about done...
03/28/15 21:05 | United States |  Tweet
#spotted in Nice. Bulldog pilot lace comforter...
#spotted in Nice. Bulldog pilot lace comforter hanging in shop window you know my half birthday is coming up (at Nice Beach)
03/27/15 23:25 | United States |  Tweet

WTS Rift account with lvl 50 rouge and lvl 30 mage
Promotional Item: Moneybags RECORD_FIRST_GAME_CLIENT_DOWNLOAD Promotional Item: RIFTHalf Birthday Present
03/29/15 11:23 | United States |  Tweet
What do you like about the month your child was born in? (Page 3)
I don't know why but it seems like a nice way to start the year with a sorta wee half birthday. It falls during Wimbledon which I love as it's always made me feel summery so it's a happy time. I'm...
03/28/15 04:38 | United States |  Tweet

London's Half Birthday!
Hard to believe my baby girl is already almost six months old! Her half birthday falls on this weekend, which should be a busy one, so here are our ...
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March 28, 2015

Five Things About Motherhood
...passed the six month mark as a family of four last week (happy halfbirthday Alice!). And while we’re far from having this whole parents of two young kids thing figured out, I thought I’d share a few observations...
03/27/15 08:04 | United States |  Tweet

Happy Half-birthday Bodhi!
Happy 1/2 Birthday Bodhi great pics that is a good looking pup
03/27/15 04:02 | United States |  Tweet

Meeting IRA withdrawal rules
Third, if you've already withdrawn the minimum required amount last year when you celebrated your 70 1/2 birthday or you did so last April 1, you will be covered for the 2014 required distribution year...
03/27/15 06:00 | United States |  Tweet

March 27, 2015

Half Birthday
 Crown Pink Felt Crown Headband MINI Gold Glitter
Half Birthday Crown Pink Felt Crown Headband MINI Gold Glitter - Any Age Number on Etsy, $18.50 | See more about half birthday, birthday crowns ...
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Go Ask Daddy About Rec Specs, Jet Noise and the Bottomless Pit
...sugar tanked on takeoff. I was as pampered as Suri Cruse at a half-birthday party. On the way back, in the same sort of plane, it was a different story. It was noisy – like a radio station stuck between...
03/27/15 00:00 | United States |  Tweet
minnie mouse decor
MAD ABOUT MINNIE MOUSE 1st First BIRTHDAY PARTY Balloons Decorations . For Hazel's half birthday party, I have some store bought Minnie Mouse decorations and some from Oriental Trading to review that...
03/26/15 14:42 | United States |  Tweet
pasadena studio family and baby photography
...time for photography. I had a great time celebrating baby Leia’s half-birthday with her parents in this photoshoot at my new studio! She’s grown so much since her first photoshoot at 100 days old !
03/26/15 10:00 | United States |  Tweet
Pin this! Birthday cake cookies (recipe)
These would be perfect for office birthday parties, kid birthday treats orhalf-birthday surprises. They are pretty to look at but even better to eat! Looking for more Sweets and Eats for the Whole...
03/26/15 04:34 | United States |  Tweet
The Recovering Hopper: Argh!!! Technical Difficulties!!!
Bought her a couple of weeks before Little One was born ... and Little One just celebrated her half-birthday. Halfway between ten and eleven. OK. Maybe things'll have to change soon around here. I have...
03/25/15 20:48 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
As you know your mother has always celebrated her own half birthday. Excellent choice. Love to you all b
03/25/15 20:23 | United States |  Tweet

March 26, 2015

Best Birthday Freebies In La/oc atmosphere to deliver a “half-birthday” you’ll never want to forget. Birthday Freebie: $20 gift certificate on your HALF birthday. How To Redeem: Join The Hook Up . Medieval Times 7662 Beach...
03/25/15 13:28 | United States |  Tweet

No Title
...Cheese. The last birthday party I had there was my 17th and a halfbirthday…honestly, it seemed overdone. I also made the mistake of spending over $5,000…it was a mistake, but IF you decide to carry this...
03/25/15 23:11 | United States |  Tweet
Free Sample Roundup: Classic Photo Book, Skinny Cow Ice Coffee + More!
...promotions!) Join Ben & Jerry's Chunk Mail (FREE Birthday and Half-Birthday Treats!) Join the Sonic Ice Cream Social (Ice Cream Coupons) Join Club Cinnabon (FREE Minibon Cinnamon Roll) Join Mimi's Cafe...
03/25/15 15:45 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Oh man, he really is getting so big! Love this post and all of the pics. <3 Happy half birthday, Grayson!
03/24/15 16:37 | United States |  Tweet

16 year old DSD and associated costs...
...he entered the real world. We did buy him a laptop which was halfbirthday present and half just from us because we felt it was time he had one of his own. When DSD (currently 13) turns 16 or approaches...
03/25/15 05:42 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

Size and weight of 6 month old puppy | Golden Retrievers
My pup Lloyd turned 6 months on 3/15/15 and weighed 52 pounds. Here's a pic of him on his 1/2 birthday. Everyone who sees him says he will be huge because of his large paws. Time will tell!
03/24/15 18:47 | United States |  Tweet

March 25, 2015

Remedy recap: Our Friend, Chaos
...Zoe and Griffin left together to be with the Conners at Maya’s half-birthday party (is this a thing people are doing now?). While there, Allen and Zoe shared a very sweet talk about Lonnie and how the...
03/24/15 05:39 | United States |  Tweet

Best Birthday Freebies In LA/OC « New Music, Music News, Concerts, Gossip... atmosphere to deliver a “half-birthday” you’ll never want to forget. Birthday Freebie : $20 gift certificate on your HALF birthday. How To Redeem : Join The Hook Up . (credit:
03/24/15 06:49 | United States |  Tweet

March 24, 2015

No Title
Happy half-birthday, Karn # Mon, 23 March 2015 19:57:15
03/23/15 14:57 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

air jordan 6 vi retro cdp countdown package 6 17 Perez Hilton plans big...
Check out a shot of Mario Armando Lavandeira III, posted in honor of his first half birthday, as well as a look at three generations of air jordan 9 cool grey white 2012 Lavandeira family members. So...
03/24/15 02:23 | United States |  Tweet
I mean it’s after 5 pm now, so I don’t expect them to call me. At least...
I mean it’s after 5 pm now, so I don’t expect them to call me. At least today I made a pretty good looking carrot cake for my nephew’s half-birthday.
03/24/15 00:27 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
I celebrate my son’s half birthday! Being a winter baby in Michigan can make having a party where people actually show up pretty hard. So every July he gets a...
03/23/15 21:37 | United States |  Tweet
...for Little Nephew’s half-birthday (tomorrow he will be six months...
Today I should probs bake the cake for Little Nephew’s half-birthday(tomorrow he will be six months old). but I want to watch Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon I just got up to THAT PLOT TWIST
03/23/15 21:20 | United States |  Tweet
Funny happy hour invitation wording
...hour cocktails to celebrate my half birthday! 5:45 Thursday. . How cute and funny. pipeepoodle 7 . About ... hour cocktails to celebrate my halfbirthday! 5:45 Thursday. . How cute and funny. pipeepoodle 7 . Don't...
03/23/15 13:07 | United States |  Tweet
Dictionary's Creative Space: It's My Unbirthday
...celebrating my unbirthday which is not to be confused with my halfbirthday which is only celebrated once a year. So I needed to bake a cake of course. Well actually it's the cake that made me want to...
03/23/15 08:00 | United States |  Tweet
Weekending | Out of Hibernation | Running MOMentum
...leave was such a priceless gift. Baby Sage is coming up on his halfbirthday, so we tried him on his first solid food (other than ice cream). Much unlike his brother, he gobbled up every bit of 2 servings...
03/22/15 22:50 | United States |  Tweet
Half birthdays? - Multiples and Twins -
This is the first year my twins had a half birthday celebration (3.5 years), but it was because they have a summer birthday and it's when they celebrate at school. Otherwise we...
03/23/15 02:14 | United States |  Tweet

today is my half bday
Name: today is my half bday; Kind: Earth pony; Size: Normal; Author: lmplover; Date: 03/24/2015; About: mine is in december so yeah 23. Create new ...
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March 23, 2015

Six months
...birthdays. Not just Little D.'s half birthday but all of ours...and I believe mine is next. *wink wink* ... themed family movie nights, and half birthdaycelebrations are just a few. Oh, and these amazing photos...
03/21/15 19:21 | United States |  Tweet

Hotel Haggling for a big group/Event
...invite. Whilst not a fan of american imports, why not have a 'half' birthdaycelebtation?
03/22/15 04:53 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

March 22, 2015

diy birthday gifts for mom
...Valentine’s Day, Birthday , Mother ’s Day or Christmas. For Hazel's halfbirthday party, I have some store bought Minnie Mouse decorations and some from Oriental Trading to review that Hazel picked out..
03/21/15 09:56 | United States |  Tweet
Grahamism: Springtime of SPRING! And Bess is 18 months old! That means it’s her HalfBirthday! And Adelaide is 4 weeks and 4 days seizure-free today! So exciting! I love SPRINGTIME!” “Well, dose fings are gweat, but we...
03/20/15 12:04 | United States |  Tweet

March 20, 2015

The Spinsterhood Diaries: Thursday Coloring Page: Birthday Cake
...thirty. In fact, last week was my half birthday. I thought I would have celebrated it at work or over dinner... During the night, I had a dream that it was my half birthday, and I ate half a cake, and my coworker...
03/19/15 08:07 | United States |  Tweet

A Year in the Life of our Little Girl: March 19, 2015
Mommy got home and wished me a Happy Half Birthday! She said I could now tell everyone that I am four ... to Sweet Frog to celebrate my halfbirthday. I told her maybe my ice cream would be free. She was shocked...
03/19/15 22:19 | United States |  Tweet
Ben and Jerrys Coupons & Specials - ChunkSpelunker ChunkMail Club
...emailed to you (like the example above) for your birthday, your halfbirthday, and for special events and special discounts! Are you a ChunkSpelunker? If you’re a fan of Ben & Jerrys who wants to be the...
03/19/15 13:00 | United States |  Tweet
The Best Of Being A Big Sister
Hey (and don’t say “hey is for horses,” Daddy), did you know that my baby is about to celebrate her half birthday? Yes! Time flies when you have a little sister. In honor of the occasion, I made half...
03/19/15 10:16 | United States |  Tweet

At what age/size is a juvenile tortoise safe to live outside?
...members .) nightoff said: ↑ I have a 6 month old redfoot (happy halfbirthday Zip!), who weighs 90grams and is about 3 inches long. Would she still be considered a hatchling or is she a juvenile? She still...
03/19/15 17:18 | United States |  Tweet
Skip a month? - Trying To Conceive -
...days. You could always do a half birthday in the summer if you're worried about your baby's birthday ... Christmas. That way you get a half-birthday party to celebrate your kid without MIL trying to take the...
03/19/15 04:29 | United States |  Tweet