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May 2014 Half Birthday Happenings, Stories,
Gifts & Party Ideas from the Blogosphere

Half Birthdays are big! Here's just a small sampling of all the half birthday celebrations, events, news, novelties, and suggestions floating around daily on blogs everywhere.

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May 31, 2014

No Title
Happy half birthday to your sweet daughter!!! Those minterrific brownies look amazing, Brenda! I'm super impressed that you daughter made the board...
05/30/14 10:17 | United States |  Tweet
disount car rentalsin toronto: Restoring any historic property in Venice...
The space is also available for private events and celebrations, so whether it s your half birthday or a passed anniversary, find an excuse to visit this place. While some of us may not have the patience...
05/30/14 04:53 | United States |  Tweet
Bodhin: Six Months
It’s someone’s half birthday today, and I can honestly say that this has been the fastest six months of my life. I am realizing just how short life is, and...
05/29/14 23:50 | United States |  Tweet
Jerry and the A's: My Little Girl is Not So Little!
It's Thursday night and it was Ariel's half birthday today! We love our little girl with the huge personality! I picked up Aden at school this week as he was being attacked by a...
05/29/14 23:50 | United States |  Tweet
Chrissy Teigen Proves John Legend Is The Best Husband Ever!
...HALF birthday! The 28-year-old model turns 29 on November 30, but her thoughtful husband gave her a “half birthday” gift of flowers Friday to celebrate the occasion. “My husband got me half-birthday...
05/29/14 20:27 | United States |  Tweet
Old Lady and No Baby: 5 Months
It is starting to be a lot of fun now that they are interacting with us. 5 months already. Next month will mark their half birthday, and before we know it they are going to be ONE! I am so excited to...
05/28/14 23:27 | United States |  Tweet

Icon Open Roads Forum: Tow Vehicles: New Ram
$$$$$$$$$$ Good Lord Well, You gotta space things out a little, You know, so you can get the better half birthday, Christmas and other presents pertinent to the occasion. Like the Dura Flaps - perfect...
05/30/14 07:09 | United States |  Tweet

May 30, 2014

NJ State Assemblyman Wants NJ to Celebrate Valentine's Day in August
That's where parents throw a birthday party for their child in the middle of their year complete with a big “Happy 4 1/2 birthday” cake. But today I ...
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Open Window: A few of our favorite things, advice to kindergarten moms... time we’re invited to a half-birthday party. Of course, the next one I know of is Daniel's. Maybe ... probably send you a gift for your half-birthday, I must admit that I don't actually pronounce aunts and ants...
05/29/14 21:37 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Mine was 6 months ago…. but it’s my half birthday – does that count?? Also: your gif stories are da best!! =D
05/29/14 13:37 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
...was 2.5 years old, to the day, when he was born) so I get the half birthdaythang I. LOOOOVE THESE BROWNIES! Giant pb cup in brownie form??? YESSSSSS!
05/28/14 22:54 | United States |  Tweet
Tales of a Trusty Family: Miller Update: 2.5 Years
...figured that the boy needed an update on here since he is at his halfbirthday. This has been a month delayed because I kept forgetting to get his height. Weight: 30.5 lbs (+22 lbs 6oz) Height: 36" (+ 14.5")...
05/28/14 09:00 | United States |  Tweet

May 29, 2014

The word " prophet " full of life June the 12 signs of the zodiac
...depth jog ! With the single Shennong , maybe you 'll meet her halfbirthday party of friends or a weekend gatherings . Job - Finance : Impasses in June and worry you will be resolved smoothly and easily...
05/28/14 04:04 | United States |  Tweet

So there is this princess
...going, and other stuff and mail it to her around the time of her halfbirthday, to let her know that I’m still thinking of her. So I’m in my bed at 12:21 AM, writing things for her to read, listening to...
05/29/14 01:21 | United States |  Tweet
Diy “going Away” Box
...March!” and Week 11 fell on her “half birthday week”. Valentine’s Day even made it into the mix… Step 3 ... giftcard (that came with the halfbirthday week). By the end, that box was packed to the gills with letters...
05/28/14 12:00 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Reese’s might be my favorite candy to get on Halloween. I bet I will love these brownies! And happy half birthday yesterday to you! I’m about 3 months older than my husband, and I always feel like a...
05/28/14 11:14 | United States |  Tweet
Living Creatively: Baby Essley: the Fifth Month
...little person than a baby. In this final month before her first half-birthday, I'm torn between anticipation for what she'll do next and a genuine desire for things to slow down. I'm also, of course, grateful...
05/28/14 07:52 | United States |  Tweet
Peanut Butter Brownies
...does! TheBetterHalf and I are almost exactly 6 months apart. My half-birthday was yesterday. He thinks that half-birthdays are not a thing, but in my family they are! I bought myself some flowers and ate...
05/28/14 05:18 | United States |  Tweet
The Swiss Family Gustafson: Some Odds and Ends
...carrot cake. Tonight he told me he wants to start celebrating his halfbirthday so that I'll make this cake twice a year. Considering that it has 4 sticks of butter in it, I think not.
05/26/14 14:34 | United States |  Tweet

May 28, 2014

Lil Twist which he, Bieber and two unidentified pals get their upper half birthdaysuits on. Isn't it nice to know Biebs forgave Twist for allegedly assaulting a young woman inside the singer's house? Sigh...
05/27/14 04:04 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

Frugal Birthday Party Ideas for Kids! |
It’s really, really inexpensive! Or, have a two-in-one party – Half birthday, Half-Costume. And have a contest for the most creative costume – winner gets to wear the Princess Crown or the Superman Cape...
05/27/14 23:49 | United States |  Tweet
Preceded by Chaos: My hat, it has three corners
...brought us the three-cornered hat! Absolutely thrilled that his half-birthdayrequest for a three-cornered hat was fulfilled 8 ½ years of absolute fun with this little patriot
05/26/14 22:37 | United States |  Tweet

May 27, 2014

Half-birthdays, the latest trend in spoiling your kids
...would anyone take on planning a half-birthday party? Is this parenting trend justified — or just plain excessive? ... often become a way of life. Half-birthday celebrations seem to feed the entitlement mentality. "Half...
05/26/14 06:17 | United States |  Tweet

Explaining Convenient Advice In online magazine
Consider sending birthday or half-birthday cards to your preferred customers . Consumers will likely also be inundated with similar scam offers in their email inbox. it...
05/26/14 17:19 | Ukraine |  Tweet
...easy to manipulate. Last Thursday, after briefly celebrating my half-birthday during happy hour , Adam and I had panzanella on the balcony– a most perfect night indeed. Here’s the thing with panzanella...
05/26/14 02:06 | United States |  Tweet
Preceded by Chaos: Science, Chocolate and Higher Education--Take 2
Our stated purpose for being there was to see a planetarium show for Weston's half-birthday, but there was so much more fun to be had! There were amazing rose gardens and ginormous trees, huge stretches...
05/25/14 23:10 | United States |  Tweet

Celebrating the 6 month anniversary? - think it's pretty much as daft as celebrating a child's "half-birthday." But each to their own, and if you like the idea and are sure your boyfriend would too, then do something Posted from TSR Mobile...
05/25/14 15:51 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

Karen's Half Birthday (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, No. 78) – Martin, Ann Matthews
Are you still looking for good site that offer pdf books free download? if you are and you find us, you are luck, becasue you can download many many ...
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May 26, 2014

{Just One Thing} Twenty One
...special one. Six months old. A half birthday. That's a thing, right? Well, for you it is. Today, it is... Instead, let's look at bringing in the half birthdaything. There'll be balloons and sparkles and cake...
05/25/14 17:57 | United States |  Tweet
#100happydays: Day 41 – 50 other than discovering my exact age. I missed my happy halfbirthday but less than 6 months until the next full birthday! #100happydays #birthday Day 50 Day 50: Settling in for some boob talk...
05/25/14 10:13 | United States |  Tweet
...Birthday! It's my half-birthday, so can I get some trivia on Fraction...
asked: Happy Birthday! It's my half-birthday, so can I get some trivia on Fraction Jackson? Fraction Jackson is a parody of a not super well-known movie named Action Jackson starring Carl Weathers.
05/25/14 09:50 | United States |  Tweet
Besos and Bubbly: Noted on a Friday
Happy (looong) weekend. xo A few little things that made my week... Celebrating my half-birthday last Sunday with half a leftover, defrosted cake - delicious. Cake accompanied by this classic. "I got...
05/23/14 18:30 | United States |  Tweet

General Thoughts & Questions About Making Babies
Now if your kid is stuck being born in December - dont despair. Give them a "half-birthday" during the summer and then just a private acknowledgement on their real birthday.
05/26/14 06:13 | United States |  Tweet

Doctor Who’s return confirmed for August (video)
A short teaser trailer was shown on BBC1 just before 7pm on May 23rd – the Doctor’s 50 1/2 birthday! - and released to YouTube, showing Peter Capaldi’s Doctor inside the TARDIS. “The New Doctor lands...
05/23/14 15:14 | United States |  Tweet

May 25, 2014

timy_p @timy_p Instagram photos
3w timy_p Normal timy_p 95 12 timy_p about as #festive as we will be thishalf birthday of his. #stomachflu #my_365 #happyhalfbirthday 3w 3w timy_p Normal timy_p 71 8 timy_p we are a game kinda family...
05/25/14 00:04 | United States |  Tweet

Beiruti Hummus – Recipe
Another year forward, when I came out from all my inhibitions, I was ready to give lebanese food a go on my son’s half birthday, that is celebrating his six months birthday with a small family get together...
05/24/14 11:29 | United States |  Tweet
Preceded by Chaos: Vacation within a vacation
...Tree House characters for his half-birthday. Miraculously, I managed to find a planetarium show at UNC ... negotiations Lunch in Beaufort A half-birthday dinner fit for a king at K&W Cafeteria in Chapel Hill
05/23/14 23:47 | United States |  Tweet

May 24, 2014

This is my Quenna, a 6 month old German shepherd....
This is my Quenna, a 6 month old German shepherd. She is celebrating herhalf birthday on the boardwalk like a Queen and is excited for the summer!
05/23/14 16:25 | United States |  Tweet
25% off any order plus free shipping on $50+ at Ruche
Celebrate their Birthday Every January 13, Ruche celebrates its half-birthday. Use this day to stock up on merchandise at up to 50% off. How Experts Save Even More Know When to Shop You can find the...
05/23/14 11:54 | United States |  Tweet

handsomedogs: This is my Quenna, a 6 month old German shepherd....
...Quenna, a 6 month old German shepherd. She is celebrating her halfbirthday on the boardwalk like a Queen and is excited for the summer! lux-cordis ) 417 notes · #Zack I wanna touch this dog
05/23/14 17:17 | United States |  Tweet
Putting the Ho in Home
My coming of age phase has ended. I AM of age. Matter of fact, two days ago was my half birthday. I spent the first half of 24 in the throes of addiction, depression, and insecurity. But no more! The...
05/23/14 08:50 | United States |  Tweet
Where IS your cereal? | The Ill-Prepared Housewife, planning art projects for school, planning Frozen themed halfbirthday parties, enlisting bakers for teacher breakfasts, soliciting volunteers for year-end games-based fun days and maybe getting...
05/23/14 07:57 | United States |  Tweet
Harvest Moon by Hand: 101 Days of Summer Fun
Day 38 - Monday, June 30 - Sophia's half-birthday. Make a half-birthdaycake, half-plates, and so forth... Day 56 - Friday, July 18 - Celebrate Olivia'shalf-birthday. Make a tarp throwing game and a natural...
05/22/14 22:36 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Some people have been known to have half birthday parties so they can celebrate in the summer. That’d be fun. My Princess is a December birthday
05/22/14 20:48 | United States |  Tweet

May 23, 2014

Introducing solid food
His digestive system simply isn't ready for solids until he nears his half-birthday. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies be breastfed exclusively for at least six months – though...
05/23/14 00:05 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Such a beautiful smile, happy half-birthday little lady!
05/22/14 21:40 | United States |  Tweet
Take Two: So What.... Thursday...
...idea. lol. so what.... if i let S&H decorate jon's cake for his half birthday. they were PUMPED. i told him to just think that's how old he is in days, times 27.5, divided by 4. close enough, right? so...
05/22/14 13:48 | United States |  Tweet
Introducing: Lou & Grey by Loft
I’m tempted to add a few of these beauties to my summer wardrobe. I mean, it is my half-birthday today. Maybe I’ll just treat myself… ^^can you even?? bananas. Summer White Sweatshirt // Washed Poplin...
05/22/14 07:33 | United States |  Tweet
A.M. Polishes: Spring 2014 NARS & Shiseido Warehouse Sale!
...than with a giveaway. Over the past week or ... Sally Beauty Half BirthdayCoupon March 2014 Hi friends! So is anyone else absolutely sick of winter? This winter has been a very harsh one and seems to...
05/20/14 14:36 | United States |  Tweet

May 22, 2014

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer: Potty Training the Independent Child
And, you know, I wasn’t in a hurry. I could wait for that. Right? And then BabyBoy reached his half birthday. I’d been tripping over his potty for two long years. My OS diapers were barely hanging on...
05/22/14 00:00 | United States |  Tweet

May 21, 2014

Bye-Bye No Buy/Graduation Haul | Sephora, Sally Beauty, ULTA
Next up, Sally Beauty sent me a $10 off a purchase of $20 or more for my1/2 birthday. I thought this was strange, but awesome because I needed to go get some hair color anyway. Also, EmilyNoel83 just...
05/20/14 10:55 | United States |  Tweet

Half Birthday
 - Mineplex
Today is my half birthday and I know some of you are like why is it so important. It's important to me because my family doesn't let me celebrate with my ...
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ermehgerd happy half bday to this beautimous gurl @murrdith_ hope your day is fierce ;) pic ...
ermehgerd happy half bday to this beautimous gurl @murrdith_ hope your day is fierce ;) ermehgerd happy half bday to ...
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May 20, 2014

On Death: When you’ve spent your entire life coping | For loving eleph...
He was nine days shy of his 73rd birthday (his birthday, January 7th, is myhalf birthday). And I was there. December 28, 1997 in New York City. I had been sent ahead with my grandparents to spend a...
05/19/14 10:53 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Happy Happy Birthday Bubba-Boy…my half birthday buddy! I love ya!
05/19/14 10:15 | United States |  Tweet
Making Memories Of Us.....: Hadley is 18 months old!
...on making fists, so we practice that too :) This was Hadley's half birthdaymonth and I wanted to get her more toys to play with outside. Her birthday is so close to christmas that we don't really get...
05/19/14 08:00 | United States |  Tweet
What Childless People Really Think About Friends with Kids
...disorders of Nigerian rats and I still have to design my chia pet’s half-birthday present.” And then someone else says “Oh yeah? Well I was up til 5 in the morning finishing my 20-page paper that outlines the...
05/19/14 07:33 | United States |  Tweet
Live Inside My Bubble: Letters to Aden: Six Months
...really is the cutest thing ever. We adore you so much, Aden. Happy half-birthday to you! XOXO, Mommy
05/19/14 07:16 | United States |  Tweet

May 18, 2014

No Title
...but Avery is hesitant to help him. Good Luck Charlie Gabe's 12-1/2Birthday : The Duncan's throw Gabe a birthday party; Teddy and Ivy argue about Derek. Austin & Ally Austin & Alias : Ally takes on an...
05/17/14 08:55 | United States |  Tweet

May 17, 2014

Graduation candidates by school
4 click(s) Time Flies! Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin’s Son Celebrates First Half-Birthday Mariah Carey returns with new album, lights up TODAY plaza with performance
05/16/14 13:46 | Germany |