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May 2015 Half Birthday Happenings, Stories,
Gifts & Party Ideas from the Blogosphere

Half Birthdays are big! Here's just a small sampling of all the half birthday celebrations, events, news, novelties, and suggestions floating around daily on blogs everywhere.

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May 31, 2015 

Happy 100th Frank Hoboken going all out for Sinatra centennial celebra...
Sinatra’s actual birthday isn’t until Dec. 12, but for the past eight years, the city has marked his half-birthday in June with Sinatra Idol, an annual singing contest set to his tunes alone. This year...
05/31/15 00:32 | United States |  Tweet

Perez Hilton plans big move with 6-month-old son
Check out a shot of Mario Armando Lavandeira III, posted in honor of his first half-birthday, as well as a look at three generations of Lavandeira family members. So sweet! Baby Mario has grown so...
05/31/15 05:22 | United States |  Tweet
A Splash Of Colour
...them. (This is us at the zoo, we were there to celebrate Isobel’s halfbirthday!)
05/30/15 04:14 | United States |  Tweet
youthbookreview: Every time I see a giveaway that requires you...
...on June 26, 2015 at 7pm Eastern (which also happens to be my halfbirthday!). Winners will be contacted by noon Eastern the next day, so keep an eye on your inboxes! And good luck! :D
05/30/15 03:41 | United States |  Tweet
Create Eat Happy :): EXTRA: May 29th 2015 Half Birthday
♥Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel♥ ♥Please "Like" me on Facebook♥ ♥Follow me on twitter♥ (English)...
05/29/15 22:43 | United States |  Tweet

5 month Christmas Baby! Any others? | January 2015 Babies
We are just going to celebrate on or around Christmas with family the first few years but as they get older we're going to have half birthday/Christmas in July parties for them and their friends!
05/29/15 23:05 | United States |  Tweet

May 30, 2015

No Title
Yass happy half birthday to me!! I’m excited to see what she does. Kind of hoping she does something with Jam and Lewis again or finds a cool new producer...
05/29/15 14:56 | United States |  Tweet
Kim b's digi-scraps and designs: New CU + Forum Fun + Freebie
So weird! We have a little 'celebration' fun going on @ TDP this weekend. This week marks TDP's "half birthday" ... ( I can't believe time has flown so QUICKLY!) We opened our virtual doors exactly 6...
05/29/15 14:48 | United States |  Tweet
Coq-au-vin & a Hedgehog Cake | NickPickin
This is the menu I drafted up for my media naranja ‘s ( orange half – a common synonym in Spain for “other half”) birthday. First up, the main course: Coq-au-vin which literally translates to Chicken...
05/29/15 14:38 | United States |  Tweet

May 29, 2015 

A photo full of fun!!
Happy Half Birthday Izzpop!!
05/28/15 12:47 | United States |  Tweet
Life unexpected… | Making Lemonade
...selected as an optional extra for fear of the unknown. It was my halfbirthday a few days ago, six months remain of my twenties. If someone had told me the course of my life to this point in time fifteen...
05/28/15 07:52 | United States |  Tweet

6 months!! | December 2014 Babies
O she is so cute! Happy half birthday to her! And her golden sandals are awesome!
05/28/15 15:18 | United States |  Tweet

May 28, 2015

Benjamin's 6 Month Update
He also loves singing – Row the Boat is guaranteed to get a smile from him. That’s pretty much it for his half-birthday update!!
05/27/15 19:03 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
We’re under 2 months, people!
...was a very important date indeed: it was my Pops’ birthday, my half-birthday, aaaaaaand…exactly two months before our wedding! (When I called to wish Pops a happy birthday, he jokingly asked if the wedding...
05/27/15 12:35 | United States |  Tweet
Age Is Just a Number - Metro SpiritMetro Spirit
Every passing day gets them close to the prize: being a grown up. Don’t miss the half birthday either. We celebrate our kids’ milestones, with pictures of every week (infants), month (toddlers) and...
05/27/15 08:32 | United States |  Tweet

Our four year-old Dashiell
We told him and showed him what he meant to us. And he liked it. Happyhalf birthday, Smoochie. I love you! ◉ Axe mob oaf Reply With Quote
05/28/15 17:32 | United States |  Tweet
2015: What did you do to/with your NC700 today? was time to update my carrying capacity and give myself a halfbirthday present. 37 liter Trax set! And a big shout out to twisted throttle for their customer service. I ordered these about a week...
05/26/15 15:51 | United States |  Tweet

Stop Giving Me Gifts, People!
Dear Too Many Gifts, Well, first of all, I have to ask: May I borrow your guest list? I have a 1/2 birthday coming up and I'd like to invite all of your generous friends to my party. I just registered...
05/27/15 09:54 | United States |  Tweet

May 27, 2015

...adore. The good stuff. And just like that, on May 9 th , my half birthday, my prayers for direction, for a sign of the next chapter of my life, and for a sense of home, were answered. A defining, can’t...
05/26/15 15:19 | United States |  Tweet
Single Is The New Fantastic
...with, and that’s our birthday. And if you try to celebrate your half-birthday‘because it’s not as if I’ve got an anniversary to celebrate, like all of these relationship people’, you’re looked upon as...
05/25/15 18:30 | United States |  Tweet

He's 2.5 years!! | December 2012 Babies
Awwww, happy 1/2 birthday, little man!!! ;)
05/27/15 03:39 | United States |  Tweet

May 26, 2015

lifejoyaddict: A Half Birthday Cake [OC] [2863 × 1909]
A Half Birthday Cake [OC] [2863 × 1909] Mon May 25th, 2015 at 9:54pm lifejoyaddict . Notes: 4
05/25/15 22:54 | United States |  Tweet

Big Brother Frank: Thirty-one Months!
...Nicholas was born. Good thing I did since he was born on your halfbirthday! You were 2'11" and 28 pounds! Such a big girl. A funny story from this month - you are good at delaying nap time and bed time...
05/25/15 11:47 | United States |  Tweet

May 25, 2015

6 month milestones gift month milestones gift
...present as support. Perfect half-birthday gifts and party ideas for 6-month-old babies and toddlers ... Milestone Stickers. Perfect half-birthdaygifts and party ideas for 6-month-old babies and toddlers...
05/24/15 20:47 | United States |  Tweet

sunday shoutouts!
...fartsy mama is the AWESOME one! Love this! 30 minute crafts this halfbirthday party is AWESOME! i love the half hats! What a cute shirt! love the fabric choices! pretty providence um. LOVE LOVE LOVE! one...
05/24/15 08:47 | United States |  Tweet
It All Goes So Fast!!
...hips. Baby girl, “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!” In celebration of her HalfBirthday, I will probably do another little amateur mum photo shoot later this week.
05/23/15 20:25 | United States |  Tweet

May 24, 2015

November 20th Babies - November 2014 Babies -
My LO was also born in November 20th! Happy 1/2 birthday as well for all of you! No stats yet, though...his appointment will be on June.
05/22/15 04:09 | United States |  Tweet

Cute idea for a half birthday!
Cute idea for a half birthday! We will definitely be celebrating half birthdays in our house.

May 23, 2015

Matt Lauer Waits In Parking Garage For Anonymous Source On Parenting T...
...previous occasions he had received classified information on half-birthday parties, breastfeeding selfies, and multilingual nannies. “She’s late,” said Lauer, looking around the dimly lit garage for...
05/22/15 04:39 | United States |  Tweet

what I wanted to tell Flo today (22/5/15)
...months and you were more than 47 days more mature than me. it’s myhalf-birthday today, and in 6 months I’ll be in my twenties. at some point in my twenties, with you frozen at 19, I’m going to start thinking...
05/22/15 17:43 | United States |  Tweet
WARE KOSO WAAAAAAAAAA, theonion: Matt Lauer Waits In Parking Garage Fo...
...previous occasions he had received classified information on half-birthday parties, breastfeeding selfies, and multilingual nannies.
05/22/15 15:54 | United States |  Tweet

Feel Good Friday!
Haha JCC to JCB, I just celebrated my half birthday on the 19th. I turned 27 and a half lol
05/22/15 04:02 | United States |  Tweet

May 22, 2015

NCCPAP Voices Practitioner Concerns to Congress and IRS | Accounting Today...
“Everyone knows when their birthday is, but very few know when their halfbirthday is,” she observed. “You have until April 1 of the year following the year you turn 70 1/2 to take the RMD,” she said...
05/21/15 04:43 | United States |  Tweet

Six months! | Mummy Fox
...imagine! Today, as we celebrate Alfie’s half birthday, I’m looking back at the six months we’ve been able to share... I wouldn’t be Mummy Fox without you. Happy Half Birthday Alfie George. I love you!
05/21/15 17:44 | United States |  Tweet
A few more things about me.
With a tag last time, I spoke about myself and it felt good, so here I am. Celebrating my 21.5 birthday (or my half birthday of the year, lol) I’m here with some more facts about myself. 1. I work at...
05/21/15 03:57 | United States |  Tweet
Park Avenue: Elise: Two & A Half
...Elise, While we were off on our Spring Break trip, you celebrated yourhalf birthday! You are 2 1/2 years old now. Here is what you are up to: •Eating: Snacks! You are a grazer and prefer to eat little nibbles...
05/20/15 06:00 | United States |  Tweet

May 21, 2015

Exclusive Interviews Celebrity News Videos Music More: Free Birthday Meals...
...newsletter. Also they will send you a coupon for a FREE Dessert on yourHalf Birthday and they will send you a coupon for FREE Tapas for 2 on your Wedding Anniversary ! Get a FREE Birthday Treat at Rita’s Italian...
05/19/15 13:27 | United States |  Tweet

Happy Half Birthday Asya – 6 Months! | Asya
I CANNOT believe it’s been 6 months already! My little baby is growing up too fast! Today was her 6 month appointment…Last night Seymen and I had a conference call to go over our list of questions so I...
05/20/15 13:49 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
...celebration on their birthday, then we do something special for their halfbirthday & it gives them something to look forward to when the time is not as busy as it is during Thanksgiving & Christmas.
05/20/15 13:23 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Happy half birthday! Wow, you move a LOT! And I love those PJs! <3 I don't ever think to go into Gap. I'm not sure why.
05/20/15 05:19 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
Lovely Life Styling: Camden || 6 Months (Half Birthday!)
Camden || 6 Months (Half Birthday!) How did this happen? Half a year already??! He's starting to look more and more like a little boy than my baby ahhh! Please...
05/19/15 21:42 | United States |  Tweet
Best Laid Plans
Took my first piano lesson at the age of 4 1/2 (one week AFTER my halfbirthday, to be precise!!), had my first role in a musical in 1st grade (“Babes in Toyland”), started band in fifth grade and have...
05/19/15 21:35 | United States |  Tweet

Disprove I'm Entp?
nature and machinery but correct me if I'm misinterpreting) I'm sixteen and a half (sorry my half birthday is coming up soon when school is finished which is stunning me) so I think I'm set function...
05/21/15 12:09 | Spain |  Tweet

No Title
Why not celebrate his 1/2 birthday in June? Three of our grandchildren’s birthdays are November 25th, 27th, & 29th…right during the Thanksgiving holidays, They...
05/20/15 13:23 | United States |  Tweet

May 20, 2015

The parallels are freaky: Yaya born on that day, Malcolm had four daughters as well, and it's LPoS's half birthday. Don't be racist and claim we're finding patterns where none exist. Drop by during visiting...
05/19/15 03:19 | United States |  Twe

Serafina, Fort, Mumbai Review
Last week was my Half Birthday. Yes, that’s totally a thing and yes, my friends and family... Couldn’t find a better way to celebrate my halfbirthday. If there is something in particular, you...
05/19/15 02:31 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Happy half birthday! My family has always celebrated them and it’s nice to find other people do too!
05/19/15 02:29 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

Crawling? - November 2014 Babies -
The day DS turned 6 months he started crawling everywhere and is into everything! He had been getting up on all fours but I guess he was waiting for his half birthday to actually make the move. Lol!
05/19/15 11:05 | United States |  Tweet

What Are You Doing Right Now? Part Fourteen: A Light Appears In The Da...
SuperTigerMario said: Happy 19th Anniversary to Daxx. And happy 19 1/2birthday to his son. That's alright by me. My daughter will be 21 1/2 when we hit 19 years.
05/18/15 20:41 | United States |  Tweet

half birthday
half birthday. by Liz Behm on the CMpro Daily Project, a group photography blog for photographers.
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HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY TO ME!!......that is all. Ps once upon a time when @lil_saigon had smooth ...
HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY TO ME!!......that is all. P.s. once upon a time when @lil_saigon had smooth skin & hair, now he has neither. happy bday APN.
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May 19, 2015

95 Days of Summer: Fun Things to Do Every Day with Your Kids (NY Metro...
...left over from the Fourth of July!) Another spin on this idea: A half-birthday party. If your child has a winter birthday, he will probably be over the moon to have an outdoor bash for a change. 66. Scoot...
05/18/15 03:54 | United States |  Tweet

Is That You Darling
...week at work that it was my half birthday, and that I’d read a Timehop tweet from a couple of years ... half, to make a half card for a half birthday. (Bev has become my work nickname, by the way!) Marvelling...
05/18/15 17:30 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
Sweet Peas in a Pod: 3 Cakes, 4th Birthday
The next day it was my turn to teach preschool, so I turned it into a half-preschool, half-birthday party day. After doing some letter and number activities, we did some tool/construction themed games...
05/18/15 13:30 | United States |  Tweet
6 FREE things you can claim on your birthday in Coventry
...birthday in style, but they also send you the same again on your halfbirthday! Where? Rugby Road, Binley Woods Meal at Beefeater's One word: steak. There is simply no other meal to eat on your birthday...
05/18/15 06:33 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
Clumsy Adventures of a Sunshine Guerrilla: 9 Things for our Weekend with...
Cousins! I love that my cousin Paige was here for the baby's half birthday. Also, we look super related in this picture, or at least we share a particular taste in sunglasses, as well as The Amazing...
05/18/15 02:05 | United States |  Tweet

Royal Wedding in Gande (IC/TG to Enter)
...Conner wrote : Conner chuckled along. "You have a party for a halfbirthday? Really? And the Federalists did not lose control of the country. You think we didn't notice the RMS sneaking in, planning to...
05/18/15 13:03 | United States |  Tweet

May 18, 2015

Happy Half-birthday Baby Elephant
Happy Half-birthday Baby Elephant. Happy Half-birthday Baby Elephant. Also post on Facebook. Facebook social plugin ...
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One Year Austinversary four and a half: Gus’ post-nap grin: Shady Grove: Mylo’s half-birthdaycupcake: Hotel life: Mills Pond: Finally in our new house: What a whirlwind year! While I still get sad to not live closer...
05/16/15 15:49 | United States |  Tweet

The Happy Thread
Originally Posted by HuskAir No no no... If it were a half birthday, I'd wish you happy 1/2 birthday. Being 1 week early, you are 51/52 there! :) Ahh got it, I was like I feel old sometimes but...
05/18/15 17:42 | United States |  Tweet
Pumping milestone. | Pumping Mummies
Congratulations, that is amazing! And happy half birthday to your little one. I'll be hitting 6 months on the 30th. Can't believe how fast it's gone.Xx
05/17/15 10:15 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

Half Birthday
Hi mommies, who's done or will be doing a half birthday party for their LO? I need ideas on what to give her to eat. I want something she can eat by ...
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May 17, 2015

Happy Half-Birthday Baby ElephantClick here for more funny...
Happy Half-Birthday Baby Elephant Click here for more funny pictures by Mr. Squirrel
05/16/15 23:15 | United States |  Tweet
6 months/ 3 1/2 years
Henry told everyone all day that he was 3 1/2 years old. I sang Happy halfbirthday to you, happy half birth--- NO, says henry. Just sing Happy Birthday. Marnie's day started off lovely, but by the...
05/15/15 15:21 | United States |  Tweet
...will end before its end has come. On her day of ascension--the halfbirthday between fifteen and sixteen, when local girls by tradition peer into a well to learn the identity of their future husbands--Annie...
05/15/15 07:59 | United States |  Tweet
Henry’s Half Birthday!!!
Henry’s Half Birthday!!! What a difference 6 months can make! Henry was such an angel when I first met him, I didn’t think he could get any cuter...
05/14/15 17:46 | United States |  Tweet

6 month pictures! | November 2014 Babies
...feel good so the top one was the only good one from her actual halfbirthday the bottom we took today while napping (my sister needed a model for her bow business)
05/16/15 00:49 | United States |  Tweet