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Half Birthday Blog Roundup for November 2013

Latest Half Birthday Happenings, Stories,
Gifts & Party Ideas from the Blogosphere

November 30, 2013

The extraterrestrial you know!, katisconfused replied to your post: Seriously... much I hate my… you should request your celebration on your halfbirthday I did actually ask that last year… just to have nothing come out of it except I ended up getting shafted out of a gift/cake...
11/29/13 18:05 | United States |  Tweet
Gus is 18 months
Geeze, does this kid need a haircut or what? Gus’ half birthday was overshadowed by Thanksgiving this year, but he is now ONE AND A HALF!!! Gussy Goose is becoming such a little kid and so...
11/29/13 11:02 | United States |  Tweet
Aubrey & Lindsay's Little House Blog: bits + pieces
Hair cut + selfie at Starbucks 9. Exasperated husband Today is Oscar's halfbirthday! And yes, we totally celebrate half birthdays with cake and birthday banners. Life needs reasons to celebrate (and...
11/29/13 10:44 | United States |  Tweet
Thinking About Buying Life Insurance? Try out Many Of These Superb Advice...
...the best time to can make the acquisition is prior to hit your half birthdayparty. Insurance firms don't utilize your really age, but anything they phone your "grow older local". When you will be 30 in...
11/29/13 05:44 | Turkey |  Tweet
برای سایه ام: Happy thanksgiving/my half birthday
Happy thanksgiving/my half birthday
11/29/13 01:34 | Azerbaijan |  Tweet

November 29, 2013

#lifeofky – Day 106: “Is NJ Theater Too White? It’s a Serious Question...
...little party because it was my half-birthday! Check out this 30-second video of my reaction below… Okay ... would they be celebrating Ky’s half-birthday?” Well, our touring contract ends in early May 2014 and my...
11/27/13 15:02 | United States |  Tweet

Disney’s PLANES movie – Review
What a wonderful time we had watching this movie. We just so happened to have a 1/2 birthday party going on for the week end that this movie arrived. Our grandchildren were so excited to be able to see...
11/28/13 08:00 | United States |  Tweet

November 28, 2013

Fit and Fabulous: Happy 200th Blog Post to Me!
I'm super big on celebrating milestones, shoot last year I celebrated my birthday twice! Had a half birthday party 6 months after my birthday! lol This blog has been visited from 27 countries. The top...
11/27/13 10:00 | United States |

The gift of thanks
Today I am thankful for so much in my life, including my daughter whosehalf-birthday is today. I am grateful for the life I have with my husband, my career, and the small luxuries a writer’s life affords...
11/27/13 14:55 | United States |  Tweet
Free Sample Roundup: Ovaltine, Bath & Body Works Item + More!
...promotions!) Join Ben & Jerry's Chunk Mail (FREE Birthday and Half-Birthday Treats!) Join the Sonic Wacky Pack Birthday Club (FREE Kids Meal for their Birthday) Join Donatos Pizza Email Club (FREE 14"...
11/27/13 14:30 | United States |  Tweet
North Face Outlet Vf Corp
VF Corp. We decided to celebrate my daughter’s half birthday the other day (I know, a dangerous precedent!). ADULT SENTENCES FOR AN ADULT CRIME!!!. Do not go to the Colonial Zone for clothes...
11/27/13 12:33 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Kristi, I love how you celebrated her half birthday-that's so sweet. Hopefully, the thumb sucking will come to an end-both of my kiddos had, are having a hard time giving up their...
11/27/13 03:19 | United States |  Tweet
Happy Six Months, Baby Evan!
Happy Half Birthday, baby boy! How did you get so old?! These past six months have been the best of my life, and I’ve loved every second with you...
11/26/13 22:09 | United States |  Tweet
The Jackson Update: Monthly recap (3.5 years!)
Today is Emmett's half-birthday! Three and a half years old, this kid. I'd say I can't believe ... big guy he's becoming. Happy half-birthday, Emmett!
11/26/13 10:42 | United States |  Tweet
I'm Writing Too: Four And A Half
...half birthday to you. Happy half birthday to you. Happy half birthdaydear G. Happy half birthday to... I did not want her to be sick on her halfbirthday (nor did I want her to miss her field trip). I located...
11/26/13 03:45 | United States |  Tweet
Emma & Tyler
...session for her birthday this year – which also kind of felt like a half-birthday present for me, too. Emma. Tyler. You two are a dream to photograph. I know I keep saying that – but working with creative people...
11/25/13 18:27 | United States |  Tweet

November 27, 2013

Are You Buying Life Coverage? Go through These Pointers! » Social Networking...
...actually make the acquisition is before you decide to hit your halfbirthday. Insurance firms don't utilize your really grow older, but what they phone your "age closest". So when you will probably be...
11/26/13 02:47 | Turkey |  Tweet

Kindergarten Days: HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg!!!
just roll the dice and then put that 'number word' in and keep going until you have a whole pie :) Happy, happy 1/2 birthday to you Eve! You are a special, confident and fun loving little girl :) I hope...
11/26/13 15:35 | United States |  Tweet
The Littles Wish-list
Apple is nearing her 2 1/2 Birthday this December 11th! My little star is shining so very bright these days, she makes me so excited to be her mama. So many milestones...
11/26/13 14:23 | United States |  Tweet

November 26, 2013

A very merry half birthday
..."30 Things Every Woman Should Know and Have by 30"] Today is myhalf birthday. Six months from now I will be turning another year older, turning one year closer to 30. As a twenty-something, 30 is a big...
11/25/13 15:29 | United States |  Tweet
The Prettiest Care Packages You’ll Want for All Your Friends | Dallas Shopping...
In any case, who has the time? My birthday’s in August, but I’m thinking about throwing myself a little half birthday in February so I can score a Birthday Beb box. See the packages . Shop them . This...
11/25/13 10:00 | United States |  Tweet
Happy half birthday, MaRo! It's my birthday today, so does...
zebesiansafari asked: Happy half birthday, MaRo! It's my birthday today, so does that make you my nemesis or something? Are you a Rules Manager? Or a copy machine? Or a banana salesperson?
11/25/13 09:27 | United States |  Tweet
The Bee’s Knees, Dahling | Love always, Lily
...night dinner and hand made kaesespaetzle! Then celebrated Ariel’s halfbirthday with the most frighteningly purple frosted cake cookies. Saturday, my friend threw a 20s themed dinner party at her house and...
11/25/13 03:49 | United States |  Tweet
Party Time Recap: Ben’s Half Birthday « between the sheets co
No! Some people call me CRAZY! Yes, crazy! When our first boy was born over 4 years ago, we celebrated with a half birthday. It was fun. It was full of family and love. It seemed only fitting that our...
11/25/13 01:45 | United States |  Tweet
Half Birthday Surprise | ecelinephotography
Post navigation ← Previous Next → Half Birthday Surprise Image Posted on November 25, 2013 by Elizabeth Mitchell One birthday isn’t enough. I love to celebrate half birthdays...
11/25/13 00:25 | United States |  Tweet

We are having our first baby!!
...for friends would be at his half-birthday in June.  He gets a cake both then and on his real birthday.  ... and then he gets gifts for his half-birthday.  The exception is any gifts (for example, from my uncle with...
11/25/13 02:38 | United States |  Tweet

November 25, 2013

No Title
OMG! Your birthday is my HALF birthday! Happy two-days-after-your-birthday!!!
11/24/13 17:35 | United States |  Tweet
Stitchin n Stampin' on Paper: 12 Weeks to an Easier Christmas - Week 7
lol Maybe I should send cards in July? You know, like having a halfbirthday? Christmas in July, it's been done by others. . . . ***** Okay if you want to make your own cards there is still time. Here...
11/24/13 12:28 | United States |  Tweet
Ashley Beth Says: 4.5
4.5 Caroline's half birthday was two weeks ago. No, we didn't do anything special, but it was a milestone all the same. She's been waiting for the day she...
11/23/13 17:06 | United States |  Tweet
birthday party ideas for a12year old
...birthday party ideas for a12year old spirit that they were on half birthdayparty ideas for a12year old, which everything preschool coloring page of a scarecrow his impatience. How the foundation gave...
11/23/13 06:06 | Estonia |  Tweet

Happy 1/2 Birthday!!! :: ウチに、来ない?|yaplog!(ヤプログ!)byGMO
ほぼ半世紀近く 自分の子どもがいなかったのはいうまでもないが、 身内で小さな子どもといえば 遠方に住む甥っ子が一人だけ。 あたしの友人はシングルが多いし、 子どもがいたとしても すでに成人してたりとか。 (ワハハ ) そんなわけで 今時の子育て事情はさっぱり疎かったのだが どうやら 「はーふばーすでー」つーもんがあるらしい。 ある行事には乗っかろう!てことで ささやかなお祝いをしますた(・∀・) まずは...
11/24/13 01:59 | Japan |  Tweet

November 24, 2013

FREE Dessert at Macaroni Grill on Your Birthday
...Dessert on Your Birthday, a Coupon for a Free Dessert on Your HalfBirthday, and even a Coupon for Free Tapas for Two on Your Wedding Anniversary!
11/23/13 07:11 | United States |  Tweet

No Title
He not only wished me a “happy birthday” a week after the fact, but also a “happy half birthday” six months later. My only reply was a startled. “thanks” both times. But starting in April I was thinking...
11/23/13 17:18 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
Deal Shopping Mama: FREE Dessert on Your Birthday at Macaroni Grill
...newsletter. Also they will send you a coupon for a FREE Dessert on yourHalf Birthday and they will send you a coupon for FREE Tapas for 2 on your Wedding Anniversary!
11/23/13 14:16 | United States |  Tweet
Cassel Crew: Early Thanksgiving
We had to be there earlier because it's a 1/4 mile wa... Kayla and Kaleb had their half birthday-- 8 1/2. They were supposed to pose with their individual cupcakes but practically inhaled them in...
11/23/13 10:39 | United States |  Tweet

Kindergarten Days: Happy, happy Friday!
Minnich! You are a HUGE part of the success that these kiddos have! Happy, happy 1/2 birthday to Noah today! He knows when his actual bday is and so does his very young (and adorable) sister....Miriam...
11/22/13 16:42 | United States |  Tweet

November 23, 2013

Babycakes! | FreidaFroo
...confections and to pick up a literal “baby cake” for baby Hudi’s halfbirthday . But naturally, she slept through our post-lunch rendezvous for dessert in her honor, and we ended up celebrating her later...
11/22/13 22:20 | United States |  Tweet
Weekend Favorites
I noticed it’s my half birthday today. I’m not sure why I still pay attention to that at my age. I mean, it’s one thing for a little kid to gleefully announce...
11/22/13 09:00 | United States |  Tweet
Treat Yo Self
Here's five easy ways to do that, with options for the busiest and brokest among us. (It's my half birthday, so you have to.) 1. BUY SOMETHING I know- you're broke. Me too. But can you spare five bucks...
11/22/13 05:00 | United States |  Tweet
New York - News - Runnin' Scared
And so does preliminary versions of the Proclamation. So, for its century-and-a-half birthday, you can go check out the piece of paper that freed millions from bondage until Monday in Harlem. At the...
11/22/13 03:09 | United States |  Tweet
Life On The Parsons Farm: {monthdate} a half year!! aka six months
...te} a half year!! aka six months Dear Ellie, Today marks your halfbirthday. In just six more months you will be a 1 year old! I can't believe how quickly this time has gone by. I have loved every minute...
11/21/13 19:11 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Hap Ha Birt! (that's half of Happy Half Birthday)
11/21/13 18:52 | United States |  Tweet

2014 Thp Invitational Series Sponsored By Bridgestone Golf | Schedule
Sweet. Definitely penciling in HH and PGA. I love Arthur Hills designs (HH) and who doesn't want to play PGA? Nice half-birthday and birthday presents.
11/22/13 08:28 | United States |  Tweet
Any Christmas Day babies here? « Singletrack Forum
He doesn't seem to notice it's a pain in the arse yet, we have debated doing a half birthday party in the summer, but not sure he will be happy to wait that long!
11/22/13 07:00 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

The Estes Family: Being Two
Let's just hope she doesn't go to Kindergarten in diapers :) Love my little princess! Why not celebrate a 1/2 birthday? Why not celebrate everyday? We are so blessed to be parents to this little girl...
11/21/13 08:00 | United States |  Tweet

November 22, 2013

denver getaway meals on your half birthday (Monday was my half birthday), and it was delicious. Love that place. The ... drinks and a cookie two. Best halfbirthday ever! At 2pm we went to the Pepsi Center for a behind-the-scenes...
11/21/13 17:37 | United States |  Tweet
this little light of mine
...Thanksgiving dinner, but I am having a half-birthday party the day after where I’ll be turning non-existent leftovers ... and a split cake. I loved my halfbirthday and so I’m keeping the tradition alive. What could be better...
11/21/13 11:51 | United States |  Tweet
life less ordinary: Half Birthday
Half Birthday My half birthday was on Tuesday, so I forced my friends to eat half a cake and dance with me. It was fun !
11/21/13 07:35 | United States |  Tweet
| Happy half birthday to my favorite person in the...
Happy half birthday to my favorite person in the world! #babyspam
11/20/13 20:18 | United States |  Tweet

Happy Half Birthday Roman | Very Pic Heavy
Roman is 6 months old today, I can't believe where the time has gone it's like he's always been here and could not imagine life without him (or my Frank and Seb ) He's doing really well, growing at the...
11/21/13 14:26 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

the tharp family: angel of mine
angel of mine happy 1/2 birthday to my 'nodut' loving little lovey. Loves Doc McStuffins, the littlest pet shop toys, all animals, calling me "mom-mom", & climbing...
11/20/13 17:17 | United States |  Tweet
the half years
...daily challenge, but filled with so many pockets of joy. Happy 1/2Birthday, Al-Bug! « Approaching Advent Date : November 20, 2013 Boys , Birthday Fun 2 responses 20 Tracey Morris (17:09:23) : I would...
11/20/13 13:42 | United States |  Tweet

November 21, 2013

Web Development Videos: Game On! - Play Games Half-Birthday Party
It might be Play Games' half-birthday, but we're giving the gifts to YOU! In the from of updated SDKs, because we're pretty terrible at picking out gifts. http:/...
11/20/13 11:23 | United States |  Tweet
Two and a half
...two and a half. I am cross that I missed the passing of your half birthdaywithout a little celebration – there should always be cake at least. Mind you, I know that you do okay for cake when you are...
11/20/13 07:12 | United Kingdom |  Tweet
Ashley Beth Says: A Peek at our Week
I think it's been quite a while since she's worn pigtails. She's been asking about when her half birthday would come. We didn't do anything special, but we talked about it all day. Also, on Wednesday...
11/19/13 21:45 | United States |  Tweet
Cassel Crew: In the Past Few Days
In the Past Few Days Kayla and Kaleb had their half birthday-- 8 1/2. They were supposed to pose with their individual cupcakes but practically inhaled them instead. And we made goodies...
11/19/13 01:23 | United States |  Tweet
Catching Up, Again.
...have zero birthday gift ideas. Thatcher will be celebrating his halfbirthday this Saturday and we’ve had his books picked out for ever . Our library offers passes to different museums, play areas, and...
11/18/13 20:09 | United States |

Happy Birthday Nchillbilly !!
Got your birthday, and half birthday. That's all ya get.
11/21/13 04:53 | United States |  Tweet
How do you celebrate their holiday birthdays?
 Ds's birthday is December 23. We have a party in the summer for him (halfbirthday) and then take him out on his actual birthday.
11/20/13 03:13 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Hahaha. I laughed out loud a couple times. Or at least out loud in my head. Happy 1/2 birthday!!!! 6-12 is way better than 0-6!!! :)
11/20/13 12:45 | United States |  Tweet

November 20, 2013

Game On! - Play Games Half-Birthday Party — Google Developers
Game On! - Play Games Half-Birthday Party Nov. 19 2 p.m.-3 p.m. (PST) Add to calendar It might be Play Games' half-birthday, but we're giving the gifts to YOU! In the from of updated SDKs, because...
11/19/13 15:08 | United States |  Tweet

Gift guide: 0-1 year
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker : Another favorite, this was Peanut’shalf birthday gift. She loved sitting and playing when she was little then walking with it when she started to move about. She...
11/19/13 13:37 | United States |  Tweet
From Bikeable Jo, with love
I’m not a half birthday or 3-month anniversary kind of person but I can’t help myelf. Last night I realised Bikeable Jo has been going strong for half...
11/19/13 03:09 | United States |  Tweet

November 19, 2013

Birthday Party Ideas Richmond Va
...celebration for your child scooby doo haunted genuardis portal halfbirthday party ideas birthday cake ideas despicable me birthday cake timmy time birthday rock star costume ideas for women fireman birthday...
11/18/13 22:03 | United States |  Tweet
Web Development Videos: This Week in Android Development - November 18th...
DevBytes: Entendendo Intents e Intent Filter (Portuguese) - Game On! - Play Games Half-Birthday Party - AnDevCon - Devoxx - http://goo...
11/18/13 14:52 | United States |  Tweet

fun fact: midnight memories was leaked on my half birthday -
11/18/13 13:31 | United States |  Tweet
fun fact: midnight memories was leaked on my half birthday - i am jesus
11/18/13 13:29 | United States |  Tweet
November 18th, 2013 – Ai Weiwei’s Year of the Snake (艾未未蛇年)
...head because I am the year of the snake- in fact, this is my half-birthday. But, a bit more about the exhibition, courtesy of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, (where the exhibit was on view when...
11/18/13 11:59 | United States |  Tweet
Diane, Diapers, and Drool: A very merry unbirthday...
A very merry unbirthday... Today I am wishing myself a happy half birthday- it is officially 6 months until I turn 30! My best friend Stacey (whose birthday is two days before mine) and I celebrated...
11/18/13 11:00 | United States |  Tweet
33 Day Challenge Day 25 - A new technique!
Its all been a bit mad here - we've been redecorating, it was my Dad's birthday (and Scarlett's half birthday, which we're not allowed to forget either!) and today I have an interview for a job that...
11/18/13 04:19 | United States |  Tweet
Preceded by Chaos: Another Watts Weekend
...Austin for lunch at the Estancia Churrascaria for a birthday/half-birthdaybash for everyone celebrating this month. It was so nice to have a little (BIG!) taste of Brazil, both culinarily and culturally...
11/17/13 22:54 | United States |  Tweet
Monday, November 18th, 2013
We particularly loved the clever third pig and how she handles both the wolf and her not so focussed siblings. Oscar’s Half Birthday Bob Graham There isn’t a huge amount of story here, no action filled...
11/17/13 00:11 | United States |  Tweet
The Jesters: Seven Months!
...and we were celebrating her half birthday. We love to extend birthday celebrations, so the following ... month: Partying it up for Emma's halfbirthday with Kailey and Olivia! The princesses :) It'll be fun when...
11/16/13 16:03 | United States |  Tweet

November 18, 2013

(blooper)bunny – Bugs Bunny’s 51 1/2 Anniversary Spectacular
...Bunny cartoon short made in 1991 to celebrate the 51st and a HalfBirthday of the world’s best loved cartoon character- Bugs Bunny. Unfortunately, Mel Blanc, “The Man of a Thousand Voices,” died about...
11/17/13 15:54 | Sweden |  Tweet
my weekend in pictures.
} {we went to a friend’s 30th-and-a-half birthday party this weekend. it was go-karts & a pinata FTW... not a bad saturday night. happy half birthdayjeff!} {on sunday afternoon we swung by the airport to...
11/17/13 01:18 | United States |  Tweet
Our Beautiful Mess...: Six Months Old
...the blink of an eye! Everybody loves our little ladybug. Happy HalfBirthday Sweet Girl!
11/16/13 23:47 | United States |

Kindergarten Days: Happy Thursday and Friday!!!
...true stories to the first graders in Mrs. Ristau's class! HAPPY 1/2BiRtHdAy to Jace today! We had a fun time celebrating with his aunt!
11/15/13 16:56 | United States |  Tweet

November 17, 2013

...Kidnapping Courtney on her HALF BIRTHDAY! Yay! #Herms #Logan...
Kidnapping Courtney on her HALF BIRTHDAY! Yay! #Herms #Logan... Kidnapping Courtney on her HALF BIRTHDAY! Yay! #Herms #Logan #LoveHer #AggieLife #Freshmen
11/17/13 00:17 | United States |  Tweet
Happy What?
Happy What? I feel nerdy, but its my half birthday today. Allons-y!
11/16/13 11:32 | United States |

Great Cheap kids' birthday parties Hunt
...Christmas Eve, so we have a family celebration on her birthday and a halfbirthday in the summer, where she can invite her friends. One activity they all enjoyed was decorating a cheap sponge cake with swee...
11/16/13 09:03 | United Kingdom |

Google Alert - golden retriever
...llas-vet-appointm... Happy 6 Months, Shala! - A belated Happy 1/2Birthday to a sweet and beautiful pup! (You know I'm partial to the reds ) Wishing you many adventures in the years to come! www.gol...
11/16/13 11:57 | United States |  Tweet

November 16, 2013

My Cardboard Balcony: Friday's Whims of the Time Traveler 14.1: Spring...
You wore a red beaded scarf, pulled all the way up to your chin. The one I got you for your half-birthday in September. My little brother pulled on the sleeve of my sweater from last year’s crocheted...
11/15/13 21:01 | United States |  Tweet
Sweating in the Swamp: Little Miss Six Months
Gag. Yuck. If I think of more things, I'll tack them on. Happy Half Birthday, my little dear! :) Here's a little peek around Cecily's room, where everything is free or thrifty. Except the baby. :) I...
11/15/13 15:10 | United States |  Tweet
me & mine: Half-Birthday
Half-Birthday My little Maisie is officially 3 1/2 today. I'm trying to ... more perfect daughter . Happy half-birthday Maisie! Thank you for blessing my life more than I thought...
11/15/13 01:47 | United States |  Tweet
fght ff yr dmns, how long till your birthday?
6 months! My half-birthday just passed actually. I didn’t really notice.
11/14/13 23:46 | United States |  Tweet
And Will Makes Three: 18 months
18 months Today was a big day. Amelia celebrated her half birthday. 18 months already. To say Amelia is a handful is a bit of an understatement. While she is more content to play independently...
11/14/13 22:29 | United States |  Tweet
Nearly Handmade: Home Address Number Growth Chart with Paint Chips
...make sure it was easy to remove. We measure our kiddos on their halfbirthday each year. We don't do anything more than measure them, but it turns it into a special occasion. Their actual birthday is just...
11/13/13 17:30 | United States |

Growing through love, family and life lessons: 18 months
Happy 1/2 birthday Lilly-pie! 18 months old
11/15/13 19:28 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
Your birthdays are not a very special part of your year. In your family, you'll even celebrate your 1/2 birthday. It is obvious that your were delighted with your bike. Now you are just one of the riding...
11/15/13 16:31 | United States |

November 15, 2013

holy crud! hi, new friends!
...wrestle and cry-laugh often my birthday is on abraham lincoln’s half-birthday i super-duper love this human sarcasm helps me cope with others i can’t digest lactose (i’m a hufflepuff)
11/13/13 23:36 | United States |  Tweet
Piglet’s Half Birthday
Today we celebrated a huge milestone-Piglet turned 6 months old! I can’t believe how much he has changed. Wasn’t I just pregnant a week ago? There are so many new things he has learned this past month...
11/13/13 00:08 | United States |  Tweet

Saying Hello!
MMike made another account so he could celebrate on his half-birthday.
11/15/13 05:31 | United States |  Tweet
Hello !
My name is Hikari and I am from Japan , but living now in England . My daughter is almost 6 months old (her half birthday is November 16 th) and my next (a boy) will be born by cesarean section in March...
11/13/13 21:10 | United States |  Tweet