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November 2015 Half Birthday Happenings, Stories,
Gifts & Party Ideas from the Blogosphere

Half Birthdays are big! Here's just a small sampling of all the half birthday celebrations, events, news, novelties, and suggestions floating around daily on blogs everywhere.

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November 30, 2015

Not gaining much weight | April 2015 Babies
it slows down after their half birthday.
11/29/15 02:37 | United States |  Tweet
May 26th babies!! Happy 6 months!! | May 2015 Babies
Yay happy half birthday from me and my May 26th baby Chloe Marie. (I can't work out how to turn photos the right way) . She loves music and eating...
11/28/15 19:52 | United States |  Tweet

Happy 1/2 Birthday May 29th babies!! | May 2015 Babies
Happy 1/2 Birthday may 29th babies. This is Aeryn
11/29/15 03:42 | United States |  Tweet
May 26th babies!! Happy 6 months!! | May 2015 Babies
It chose not to add the rest of what I typed for whatever reason! But, happy1/2 birthday from Lilah J!
11/29/15 03:15 | United States |  Tweet
1/2 birthday celebration :-) | June 2015 Babies done and a little present. And sing him happy 1/2 birthday. He was born June 26. So his 1/2 birthday is the day after...
11/28/15 20:28 | United States |  Tweet

November 28, 2015

Hop on in to the Tardis Chat Thread!
i just realized it's my half birthday yay
11/27/15 06:49 | United States |  Tweet

Half birthday
Explore XoJenMarie's board "Half birthday" on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas | See more about ...
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Aubrey Gobble gobble Happy half birthday to me ! I'm thankful for my friends family cheer team ...
Aubrey Gobble gobble Happy half birthday to me ! I'm thankful for my friends family cheer team dolls internet wifi and food What are you thankful for…”
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November 27, 2015

Birthday sentiments from one twin to another
I expected help from her psychological processes. The anterooms of many who after losing HALF birthday sentiments from one twin to another the Convention They..Main of them need you can not get. But...
11/27/15 02:11 | United States |  Tweet

No Title
A wife that allows me to buy 2 guns a year, some gear, and ammo, without bitchin too much. Actually she buys me about half, birthday, Christmas, and fathers day.
11/26/15 14:00 | United States |  Tweet
Making Mama's Kitchen: Emelina's 18 month update
Emelina's 18 month update Happy Half Birthday, little Emma! In the craziness of preparing for the holidays, I almost missed that fact that yourhalf birthday was coming up. I've been saying you're "a...
11/24/15 20:45 | United States |  Tweet

Have a Happy (Thanksgiving) Weekend!
Hope you have a wonderful day, and here are a few fun links from around the web… We celebrated Toby’s 5 1/2 birthday with half a cake . He is growing up before our very eyes. Finally, here are...
11/26/15 05:32 | United States |  Tweet
Planet of the Apels: 07.2010
My sister was so smart to combine their parties...I may have to do that next year and celebrate Asher's "1/2 birthday" with McKlayne's birthday. (It is pretty crummy trying to plan a winter...
11/25/15 14:04 | United States |  Tweet

November 26, 2015

Bars near grand central is Best Birthday Bars NYC
... Half Birthday Bash Have an June...
11/26/15 02:23 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
.../" rel="nofollow"> half birthday</a> to you as well, when the time...
11/25/15 18:26 | United States |  Tweet
haunt for the holidays
...the day before my half birthday), and…lord oh lord was it worth the...
11/25/15 16:57 | United States |  Tweet
When old – you just sit.
...than once per year. You are all invited to my one-hundred-and-a-halfbirthday celebration. My fervent hope is that I will be able to attend it with you and will be lucid enough to realize what this...
11/25/15 05:00 | United States |  Tweet

Cx birthday party venue? | Stay-at-Home Moms
I have a friend and both her son's have late December birthdays. She ended up doing a half birthday party for them in July a couple years ago and it was such a hit, that's how they do it every year...
11/24/15 23:28 | United States |  Tweet

It's our half birthday #wheneverydayisyourbirthday #onthatbuttercakediet
It's our half birthday #wheneverydayisyourbirthday #onthatbuttercakediet”
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November 25, 2015

Still Likable After All These Years
Guess whose half birthday it is today? We'll give you a hint: legendary Savills Studley broker Adam Singer , pictured here today at the DC Palm with...
11/24/15 01:00 | United States |  Tweet

ten and a half
Olive oil + peppers + spices + garlic over pasta= gourmet lunch on a Monday afternoon! a fabulous way to celebrate a half birthday yesterday as top...
11/24/15 13:31 | United States |  Tweet

November 24, 2015

A + Life: 6 Months Of Mabel!
We love watching you grow and learn and cherish every single day we get with you. You're such a gift! Happy half birthday little girl. Monday, November 23, 2015 Post a Comment I absolutely love...
11/23/15 07:00 | United States |  Tweet
Let's Talk About Sex: Love Triangle
...she dropped by your office and that the cake she baked for your halfbirthday was entirely unnecessary (if not delicious), then the message she’ll inevitably receive is that you’re just not that into...
11/22/15 03:00 | China |  Tweet

Elrooooy Jynxton...McFritz
...given to me on my 37th half-birthday by my uncle’s third cousin on...
11/24/15 00:14 | United States |  Tweet

No Title
someday! ;) I have LOVED watching her grow, and I think she looks SO MUCH like A (even though she has your eyes)!!! Happy 1/2 birthday, sweet girl! Time to start party planning!!!!...
11/23/15 11:48 | United States |  Tweet

Crowd makes Coach Thames' half-birthday a 'slam dunk'
More than 200 folks came out to Weldon Auditorium Thursday to celebrate the 81-and-a-half birthday of former Manning High School girls basketball ...
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November 23, 2015

Happily Edwards After: Happy 1/2 Birthday, Grant!
My sweet baby boy. How in the world are you six months old? I feel like we just met you! And now here we are: you are half a year old! And you are wiggly so you are blurry! :) You have brought so...
11/20/15 08:01 | United States |  Tweet

Half Birthday
Birthday's only come ONCE A YEAR, that's a really long time for kids! Celebrating half birthdays is such a fun way to celebrate with our kids in an easy, ...
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Explore Kayla Lundin's board "birthday" on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas | See more about Half ...
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DIY Cakes
DIY Cakes. 4 Pins; 89 Followers. There are no Pins on this board yet. Pin it. Like. Uploaded by user. Half birthday cake: 1/2, 6 months, baby, pink
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1/2 Birthday Photos
1 2 Cakes, 6 Month Birthday Cake, 1St Birthday, Half Birthday Cake, 6 Month Baby Party, 1 2 Birthday, Baby Half Birthday, Half Birthday Baby, Cake ...
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November 22, 2015

The Bradley Bunch: 5.5 (+9 days)
I can be so sweet and quick to apologize... when I'm in the mood. Happyhalf birthday...
11/21/15 22:08 | United States |  Tweet
inkskratches: hussie my half birthday is soon please give this...
hussie my half birthday is soon please give this to me
11/21/15 12:40 | United States |  Tweet

Icon Turns 14 and a Half Years Old! For the last 14 years, I have posted an announcement on our half-birthday to mark the occasion. From this point forward, the most senior staff member will be invited to address the community on...
11/21/15 06:43 | United States |  Tweet
Your new EDD | October 2014 Babies
Baby #2 is due on 4/3/16 which is DD's half birthday. She's getting a little brother!
11/21/15 03:26 | United States |  Tweet

November 21, 2015

...Today is Eleanor’s half-birthday....
Eleanor - 4 ½ Today is Eleanor’s half-birthday. I’m constantly taken aback at how much she has grown. I’m always searching her face for traces of my baby, trying to will...
11/20/15 17:51 | United States |  Tweet
Artists In Their Own Words: Angela Tucker and Lauren Domino
...December, and no one could ever come to our parties. For our halfbirthday, we had a crazy epic block party. We had two separate Little Mermaid birthday cakes. One of the neighbors was filming and...
11/20/15 02:13 | United States |  Tweet

A New Tradition and the Award Winners Announcement
com over the next 3 days. On Saturday, November 21, we will mark ourhalf-birthday. Our community is 14 and a half years old! We are starting a new tradition this year. For the last 14 years, I have...
11/20/15 13:53 | United States |  Tweet
May 25-30 babies | May 2015 Babies
Elin is 6 months on 30th. She loves her food, loves rolling around on her play mat and is starting to sit with a little help. Can't believe it is already herhalf birthday!
11/19/15 20:04 | United States |  Tweet

November 20, 2015

No Title
Well happy half birthday Abigail!! I did not realize her birthday fell on the 18th as well...Juliana's is July 18th.
11/19/15 15:59 | United States |  Tweet
Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust: Eight ~and~ a Half
...notebook. And he told me. Instantly I knew it was Abigail's half birthday. Although not a really big deal. We like to recognize the day. Tonight we had a candle (and a half) in her ice cream. It...
11/19/15 05:53 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
...ended up making my youngest daughter a deal. She was allowed a halfbirthday party (in June) which became popular in the 90’s. We had pool parties and picnic outings with a shelter and whole picnic...
11/19/15 00:36 | United States |  Tweet
Robin's Ramblings: Another Birthday and A Weekend Away
Knowing how much hubby likes gifts, she even got a present for him so that he might celebrate his half birthday. Later in the day, we all enjoyed some lovely Greek take-out food, bubbly wine drinks...
11/18/15 18:08 | United States |  Tweet

Discussion: Do you celebrate half birthdays?
Happy half birthday And no, mine is in May which is exam time, no time to celebrate
11/19/15 05:00 | United States |  Tweet

November 19, 2015

Finding My Voice
...realized that it’s almost my half birthday. Don’t laugh. For the longest time, I was obsessed ... date, I realized it will be my half birthday soon. Normally, this wouldn’t have been a big deal...
11/18/15 14:17 | United States |  Tweet
Your Girl for all Seasonings: November | Currently
... marveling at how fast he is growing up celebrating TinyKrueger's halfbirthday practicing new recipes working on a couple different paper projects drinking black coffee in the morning and red tea...
11/18/15 08:07 | United States |  Tweet
The Dyer's Notebook - Episode 144
The Dyer's Notebook - Episode 144 Episode 144 - Half Birthday Nancy's Knit Knacks Ball Winder Panes and Leaves by Elspeth Campbell, Gynx Yarns Glitz Sock in "Yuna" Knit Star Ornaments...
11/16/15 18:06 | United States |  Tweet

Do you track your holiday spending?
I almost want to just start getting her two big birthday presents a year (on her half birthday and her birthday) and then little stuff at Christmas. she's so...
11/18/15 05:34 | United States |  Tweet

November 18, 2015

Cheap essay writers: Prospering in your Direct Sales Business Part 2
...sales, and confederation news. postu young direct natal day or half-birthday separate to your preferable customers.Call your favourite(a) customers when your comp whatsoever launches a new compose or...
11/17/15 20:07 | United States |  Tweet
Diy Growth Chart
I’m not sure many families can say that (lol), but we measure the kids on their birthday and half birthday until they’re 10 years old, and then annually after that. Boys with a special black...
11/17/15 03:00 | United States |  Tweet

How old were you when you had your hysterectomy? - Page 125 | The...
I had my LAVH on 3/30, the day before my half-birthday to 41. I was first approached about a hysterectomy when I was diagnosed with endo and PCOS when I was 22, but put it off...
11/18/15 07:14 | United States |  Tweet
Thoughts on being induced | Young Moms
I was induced a day before my due date because my girl stopped growing. I love her birthdate, she was born on my half birthday...
11/16/15 22:15 | United States |  Tweet

Butterfly Acres: Tons of freebies on your birthday
...Surprise plus tons of coupons throughout the year including a 1/2birthday coupon! Johnny Carino's - $5 off coupon for signing up plus Free Birthday dessert and anniversary coupons too. Johnny...
11/17/15 07:41 | United States |  Tweet

November 17, 2015 

embroiderers Guild And West Midlands Region Data And Communications
Dad’s habit of giving me ½ birthday cakes for my half birthday wasn’t normal both, however I... Dad’s behavior of giving me ½ birthday muffins for my half birthday wasn’t normal either, however...
11/16/15 20:47 | United States |  Tweet

F.I.T. by Jordan: Weekend Recap
...believe it is going so quickly... Now time to start planning his 1/2 birthdayphotos for next month. He wasn't too pleased with me taking his 5 month photos. The looks this boy can give CRACK ME...
11/15/15 21:21 | United States |  Tweet

November 16, 2015

No Title
One day we will learn to be happy with our lot in life! In the meantime why don’t you celebrate your half birthday in May? You could do things sort of half way. Do a hike but only eat 1/2 a...
11/15/15 13:44 | United States |  Tweet
Birthday Party Ideas | | hermanjwzlrubcxl
...some romantic ideas to charm your prospective or current better half.Birthday Party Ideas for Boys When it comes to birthday party ideas for boys, you can be as creative and innovative as you...
11/15/15 08:23 | United States |  Tweet
Birthday Interview Printable {memorabilia}
...a brilliant way to document your child at every birthday and half birthday! Kids grow and change so fast, this is something everyone will love to look back at and remember! She has attached the...
11/14/15 21:25 | United States |  Tweet

November 15, 2015

kisses for my littles
Hubs and i left our 6 week old firstborn for the first time and went here... I also took my 6 mo Daniel for his half birthday here. 6. Bazbeaux - my favorite pizza place. The garden pizza (minus...
11/14/15 06:28 | United States |  Tweet
Of half Birthdays and celebrations | the dream catcher in me
They never cease to amaze you. Needless to say, we celebrated D’s halfbirthday, with a tiny cake from the shop around the corner, with his grandparents in attendance. This little guy is so much a...
11/14/15 03:09 | United States |  Tweet

November 14, 2015

21st birthday idea reddit
Its users are often referred to as Nate’s half birthday was August 23rd – and of course we had to ... that no matter what I. Nate’s half birthday was August 23rd – and of course we had to celebrate! A...
11/13/15 01:59 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
...Portland on Nov.. 8, 2005. My daughter was exactly 6 months old (herhalf birthday is Nov. 8). I was 19. I boarded a one-way flight with my baby and a suitcase and moved to D.C. No job, no place to...
11/12/15 08:58 | United States |  Tweet

i am saved by the buoyancy of citrus: Halfling discuss her, for it is her half-birthday. Geneva is a bird of much affection. Her great loves ... remains unquenchable. Happy half-birthday, little Wren! You become more human-like every...
11/12/15 21:52 | United States |  Tweet
A shift in the wind..
The trees are beginning to look bare, as I add an extra layer of clothing and sport a fabulous red tip nose. My half-birthday was last night. My mother’s kooky excuse to have cake. As I get older...
11/12/15 11:52 | United States |  Tweet
The Sebring 6: Happy Half Birthday to Emme girl!
Our happy girl! Crazy hair baby! I squeezed her head into her newborn cap! She has grown so much! 6 Months Old Stats: Weight- 15#11oz. 40th % Height- 26 1/4in. 70th% Head- 16 3/4 50th% As...
11/11/15 23:41 | United States |  Tweet

Ever receive NOTHING for Christmas as a child? Parents | ever give...
...consider doing what one of my great-aunts did: celebrate your halfbirthday on June 25th or thereabouts. She apparently got tired of the one gift for both events and as a teenager decided that she...
11/13/15 07:29 | United States |  Tweet
When to Change Strings
...lady who has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen (also my half-birthday), and one of my college buddies' mail box number (somehow that number is imbedded in my memory). This does mean I'm...
11/13/15 03:18 | United States |  Tweet

Half Birthday
Explore Riley Myers's board "1/2 birthday" on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas | See more about ...
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November 13, 2015

From Me, With Love » DIY
And I threw him a party….in June. Best mom award right here. Luckily, it also was his half birthday. Narrowing a theme down was crazy with a 4 year old. One day it was Ninjago, another it was...
11/12/15 17:54 | United States |  Tweet
I've figured it out
Not too far from my family — I would hate for people to travel in order to celebrate my half-birthday — but not too close, either. It is critically important that I feel independent. It will be...
11/12/15 10:00 | United States |  Tweet
emmyjake: Real Stuff For A Second
...Portland on Nov.. 8, 2005. My daughter was exactly 6 months old (herhalf birthday is Nov. 8). I was 19. I boarded a one-way flight with my baby and a suitcase and moved to D.C. No job, no place to...
11/12/15 08:00 | United States |  Tweet

Candle-lit Roses, Waltzing Snowflakes and Halley's Fifth: Very long...
...figure skating end of Match/early April (I'd be in Boston for my halfbirthday too!!! I adore Boston!!!! And I've not been back since my aunts moved to Charlottesville, so I've been missing it for a...
11/12/15 04:22 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
...give him permission to attend Wimbledon Final because it was her half-birthday) but he tells stories about his kids whenever he’s on a chat show. Report this comment as spam or...
11/12/15 03:58 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

November 12, 2015

Your Early Morning - Just for Fun! Smile! :)
Call someone’s attention to a rainbow or beautiful sunset. Invite someone to go bowling. Figure out someone’s half-birthday by adding 182 days, and surprise them with a cake. Ask someone about their...
11/11/15 19:05 | South Africa |  Tweet