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Half Birthday Blog Roundup October 2013

Half Birthday Happenings, Stories,
Gifts & Party Ideas from the Blogosphere

Half Birthdays are big! Here's just a small sampling of all the half birthday celebrations, events, news, novelties, and suggestions floating around daily on blogs everywhere. A great source of info for you own half birthdays. Like to contribute but don't have a blog yourself? Easy. Just use our new Half Birthday Forum, where you can leave messages and respond to them at any time. Try it!

October 31, 2013

The Magnolia Pair: Baby Scarlett, 6 months old!
...didn't over-do it again. She's such a beauty! Congrats on her halfbirthday!!! xx oh time goes sooo faaast doesn't it!!! m is 15 months tomorrow, and we're having more fun a the time! but lately i have...
10/29/13 12:07 | United States |

No Title
Happy Half-Birthday Davis! It was SO fun to meet you at the Touch A Truck event this weekend (although I really did feel like a stalker!). You looked...
10/30/13 13:23 | United States |
Six Months Old
...the kids in their costumes! Today we are gonna celebrate her half-birthday with a doc checkup, playtime with big brother and an extra big bottle. Six Months Old Our little girl is six months old! Della...
10/30/13 12:53 | United States |
Sign Up for the Sonic Kids Birthday Club and Receive FREE Coupons!
...child a very Happy Birthday and Half Birthday! Right now, you can sign up for the Sonic Kids Birthday Club ... Birthday as well as on their halfBirthday! How awesome is that? Who doesn’t like Birthday Surprises?...
10/30/13 08:23 | United States |
The Sum of My Parts: The Part About My Half Birthday
The Part About My Half Birthday Man! After my steady stream of posts, I kinda lost steam I... E, day 2! October 29, 2013. Happy half-birthday to me! So I took a picture of the better half of my...
10/30/13 01:59 | United States |
Home Grown: Mobile phone
This week we celebrated Anna's half birthday. At fourteen and a half we decided it was time to give Anna a mobile phone especially as she's now beginning to go places on...
10/29/13 21:27 | United States |
Nully Baby Blog: Ryan: 3.5 Years
Ryan: 3.5 Years Dear Ryan, Happy half birthday! You are 3 and a half years old now, and I feel like you have changed so much just in the past 6 months. What's new since you...
10/29/13 17:00 | United States |

October 30, 2013

Five Thoughts About Trees
” Thought #2: Megan gave me a subscription to Real Simple for my half-birthday and it suggested that everyone find a tree to watch. It said you should pick just one and watch it every day of the year...
10/29/13 17:45 | United States |
Coach Linda Bush: Training Tips Tuesday
...Eight years ago today I made a life-changing decision. It was my “half-birthday” ;, exactly six months until I ... Mouthwatering Monday Pumpkin Passion continues! First you had the smoothie/workout: click...
10/29/13 16:13 | United States |
No Title
Happy Half Birthday Davis!!! Also I have a whole new level of sympathy for you now because I'm pretty sure he weighs more than Sam who is a full...
10/29/13 10:27 | United States |
the blogivers: Halfsies
...that I won't be celebrating his half-birthday for the rest of his life, and I meant it - we won't be doing ... always be my baby boy. Happy half-birthday, Davis!
10/29/13 05:59 | United States |
Things I Could Have Done in Unemployment
And things are so bad that they’re funny most of the time! And it’s my halfbirthday today! I have six months left of my twenties. Which I look at as license to make all the last mistakes I will ever...
10/28/13 17:04 | United States |

October 29, 2013

No Title
For my son's half birthday this year (4.5), I had it marked in my calendar and we baked ... wanted people to wish him a happy half-birthday. I took a cute pic and posted it on fb, and got plenty of...
10/28/13 22:03 | United States |
6 months old
...feet crossed just so at the ankle, those pudgy ankles. Happy half-birthdaymy beautiful boy. Thank you for being here. Thank you for living. Thank you for being mine.
10/28/13 19:30 | United States |
I Used To Love October
...conversely, the shift in spring was always the weekend closest to my half-birthday). A more convenient touchstone never was. But then Congress started monkeying around with the dates, and I’ll be darned if I...
10/28/13 11:57 | United States |
Si Covers - Through My Years
39 1/2 Years Old: 4-16-2003 National Champs! The Cuse wins the title and we unveil our first half-birthday issue. I make an exception here since it's been 20 years between celebrating a winner. The Bills...
10/28/13 10:58 | United States |
livin the life of a linemans wife: Par Star
...with Mike's job and the recent half birthday celebrated I figured its time for a brag post on my boys :)... he clapped and yelled right along Aunt Kelsey ;)half birthday present. a new CAT toy! :) Wesson is...
10/28/13 10:27 | United States |
See ya Next Year, October Weekends.
The real reason for going was because we decided to start a family tradition. On each half birthday, we will let our daughter pick out a new book. After much concentration and deliberation, she decided...
10/28/13 08:19 | United States |
Autumn wish list wish list and not end up in my shopping list. But, hey, my half birthdayis coming up if anyone’s feeling generous?! I fell in love with the Alexander McQueen jumper when I saw a picture of Cara Delevinge...
10/28/13 07:07 | United States |
Following the Fishers: 6 Months ~Amelia~
...Grant but time absolutely flies by. Amelia is celebrating her half birthdayand we are having a blast with our little family. It’s often very busy but we try to enjoy each and every day as the kids get...
10/26/13 16:51 | United States |

Quinn 3 1/2 Years Old
...melts my heart!!... My Sweet Love, How are we here? …At another halfbirthday?! I can’t believe how big you’re getting…and how I am truly loving you more each and every day. At only 3 1/2 years of age...
10/28/13 23:47 | United States |

October 28, 2013

...tfiosmovienews: Hazel’s half birthday is March... wonderstruck715: nerdy-fighter: tfiosmovienews: Hazel’s halfbirthday is March 29th, which means today is her actual birthday. Happy birthday Hazel Grace! happy birthday! if she’s still alive…
10/27/13 10:16 | United States |
Birthday party ideas
I believe that only they keep sending models with skin tones half birthdayparty ideas West Pole. Spent a small fortune and were held for father to feel confident. She sipped her coffee new holland workmaster...
10/27/13 05:56 | United States |

Denver Deal: Birthday Freebies, Denver Perks and Free Ink Refills!
...six months later Tokyo Joe’s sends me a coupon to celebrate my 1/2birthday! And it’s not all about the food – I joined the email club at World Market and received a $10 certificate for my birthday! It’s...
10/27/13 12:25 | United States |

October 27, 2013

The Ingram's: Happy 6 Months Benjamin!
...late than never right... Benjamin, You are six months old! Happy halfbirthday sweet boy! You are growing and learning so many new things everyday we are just love being apart of every second! You are talking...
10/26/13 15:50 | United States |
No Title
Happy half Birthday! :)
10/26/13 14:40 | United States |
Genuinely cognise what | shemaroymxdq8
Hoodie by CafePress trade name an hep A Swarm of Spelling Bees Wall Decal 32 x 24 in result into which clothing Hoppy Half Birthday-Frog on Lily Pad-Humor-Customizable Card is world-class appropriate...
10/26/13 14:36 | United States |
298 & 299/365: 1 year anniversary
Tomorrow is my own 1 year anniversary of being single. It’s also my halfbirthday, one half of the way done with that bastard 25, and day 300 of my make year. I didn’t think I could do it. There were...
10/26/13 10:55 | United States |
Everything Happens For a Reason: We Can Be Lame Sometimes
Don't knock it until you try it. It's actually a great time. Oh... today, is my halfbirthday! I'm officially 27.5 years old. Anyone else celebrate those? Now, since we all need some inspiration and...
10/26/13 08:43 | United States |

October 26, 2013

Dallas tx lawyer joe taylor
...script. Our cocoon dallas tx solicitor joe taylor care their half birthday. I am going to the road. The Board has dallas tx lawyer joe taylor report search Company Name Country United Kingdom Republic...
10/26/13 00:07 | United States |
...tfiosmovienews: Hazel’s half birthday is March...
wonderstruck715 : nerdy-fighter : tfiosmovienews : Hazel’s half birthday is March 29th, which means today is her actual birthday. Happy birthday Hazel Grace! happy birthday! if she’s still alive…
10/25/13 18:35 | United States |
No Title
I love that picture of Anton! Adorable! We do a half-birthday celebration for our son, this was this years cake
10/25/13 14:56 | United States |
Can We Say Tgif?
Where in the world did the time go? Soon it will be a very special day…myHALF birthday. Ok, that was sarcasm but I may do something fun all the same. And now for a recipe – Pulled between these two, Simply...
10/25/13 12:16 | United States |
A CUP OF JO: Have a sweet weekend.
Cute new bags . This cat made me laugh. A half -birthday cake . Skootcase . (Photo of little Anton ... of Anton! Adorable! We do a half-birthdaycelebration for our son, this was this years cake http://...
10/25/13 08:24 | United States |
Birthdays and Half Birthdays
...pretty much stamped in my memory. It helps that my daughter’s halfbirthday is my sister’s birthday. I am only adding to existing information. I have no idea why it is so hard for me to remember birthdays...
10/24/13 23:10 | United States |
Disney Magic is in the air!, dailylifeofadisneyfreak: adreamofcomingtrue...
...makes me love it even more Oliver and company came out on my, um,half-birthday
10/24/13 19:28 | United States |
October 24, 2013
It’s Thread Thursday, and it also happens to be my half birthday today! It’s worth a mention, I think. In other happenings, it’s officially turned to fall in Seattle. The days are shortening...
10/24/13 17:15 | United States |

No Title
Happy 1 1/2 birthday Lyle! You are such a joy to be around and Grammy loves you forever!
10/24/13 20:26 | United States |

October 25, 2013

Federal 2013 tax table
Shaddam threw his toothpick If the undertaking be. He shook her and six and a half. birthday party announcements It would adhere to federal 2013 tax table that time of contribution consisted chiefly...
10/24/13 21:18 | United States |
How To Infuse Your Own Liquor
Patrick's Day, New Year's Eve, the night before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, my birthday, my half birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Arbor Day). Now, you can certainly hollow out a pumpkin, empty out...
10/24/13 04:59 | United Kingdom |
Be Different...Act Normal: Monster Tissue Pom Pom [Party Decorations] I guess there is always next year. Maybe he will need a halfbirthday party after all! In the right colors, these cute monsters would work for Halloween decorations too! You can check out how to...
10/23/13 13:50 | United States |

Happy 1 and 1/2 birthday, Tanner!
Here’s a birthday haiku written especially for you, dear son: Sure, you owe over A hundred grand. But not if the country folds! Happy birthday, buddy. Enjoy the cake, the Bowie Knife, and the kiddie crossbow!...
10/24/13 09:49 |

The Fabulous Five: Brooks – 6 Months!
Our sweet little love celebrated his 1/2 birthday yesterday! I can’t believe he is 6 months old! His little personality is really starting to show, and he’s a cool little dude!...
10/23/13 16:49 | United States |

We Had Another Half-Birthday Party!Junkee
After celebrating our half-birthday in Sydney a few weeks back, we threw ourselves another shindig in Melbourne last night, because that's just how we do.
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October 24, 2013

Happy Half Birthday Miss A *~6 months~*
When Miss Avery arrived at my studio, the first thing I noticed was her most wonderful eyes. She just has the prettiest eyes and the cutest cheeks! And although it took me a bit, I finally got to see she...
10/23/13 17:34 | United States |
No Title
I cannot wait to see you guys again and see it all up close and in person. Snuggle the half-birthday boy for us today!
10/23/13 16:39 | United States |
Free Sample Roundup: Bodycology, Eucerin, Starbucks + More!
...promotions!) Join Ben & Jerry's Chunk Mail (FREE Birthday and Half-Birthday Treats!) Join the Sonic Wacky Pack Birthday Club (FREE Kids Meal for their Birthday) Join Donatos Pizza Email Club (FREE 14"...
10/23/13 15:45 | United States |
st0pping-every-minute: loves-and-doves: st0pping-every-minute: loves-and-doves...
lmao that likely makes you a valentine’s day baby… Valentine’s day is myhalf birthday…so yup! haha
10/23/13 14:09 | United States |
livin like a bea...: four and a half
...night before and sang Happy half Birthday that morning. SO, 4.5 beans! I can still remember the day ... makes me so proud. Anyway, happy halfbirthday boo. We love you more than you'll ever know. Here are a few...
10/23/13 08:29 | United States |
Homemade Liqueur Recipes - Cheap Infused Alcohol & Syrups
Patrick's Day, New Year's Eve, the night before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, my birthday, my half birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Arbor Day). Now, you can certainly hollow out a pumpkin, empty out...
10/23/13 03:22 | United States |
Lowell & Julie: Birthday Palooza!
Next up was Stefan! He had his half birthday on October 12... I can't believe he's already 6 months ... really the main event at Fraser's halfbirthday party. Whew- guilty conscience effectively cleared! Next!...
10/22/13 19:29 | United States |
Web Log We Blog: Freshly Pressed: Editors' Picks: Lowering the Bar
...for buying him a black iPhone rather than a white one for his half birthday. Let’s scale back a bit, parents, shall we? Does your three-year-old really need a Marie Antoinette-themed party complete with...
10/22/13 17:59 | United States |
John and Carol Show: TWINS ARE SIX MONTHS OLD!
...OLD! It is almost unreal to be celebrating the babies' first half birthday. They are six months old today! This month I'm going to give out a few awards. Here goes. Most Likely to Sleep Through the Night: William...
10/22/13 17:16 | United States |
Fireworks and Fireflies: first time fairgoer full of traditions like Friday night family movie nights , half birthdaydonuts , and going to Grandma's for the big three; Thanksgiving , Christmas and Easter . There's another tradition that we've...
10/22/13 16:32 | United States |

October 23, 2013

Around the World in 5.5 Years
C'est my blog’s half-birthday! Yep. Five years, six months, and one day ago, I posted on for the very first time. I'd...
10/22/13 18:32 | United States |
Birthdays Make Me Smile!
...of all three Schneider siblings! So, HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY to my beautiful twin sister, Erin! And HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY to my oddball younger brother, Ian! I love you both! I would also like to wish a VERY...
10/22/13 17:49 | United States |
...remembered that today is my half-birthday....
I just remembered that today is my half-birthday. Is that a thing people stop acknowledging at some point? Should they?
10/22/13 16:32 | United States |
A Half Birthday List
...twenties. When you get to be my age, my half birthday list is in the twenties! My reason for coming back to the ... fun. I’ve been working on myhalf birthday list since mid-September because that is actually the six...
10/22/13 08:30 | United States |
chasingcarsandstars: March 29th is Hazel’s half birthday....
March 29th is Hazel’s half birthday. Therefore, today, September 29, is her actual birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAZEL GRACE LANCASTER⭐
10/22/13 02:48 | United States |
Callie Maria: Happy 1.5 Birthday!
5 Birthday! I had big plans for Callie's one and a half birthday. I wanted to take fancy photos, measure... She doesn't know it's her one and a halfbirthday anyways. It will be our little secret. Shhh. Hopefully...
10/21/13 22:57 | United States |
668. A Half-birthday.
We celebrated Daniel Kyle's half-birthday last Saturday, three and a half already. We had a busy day, Colin's parents took the boys out to a soft play centre while we...
10/21/13 22:12 | United States |
When You Wish Upon a Star: An Academic Discussion on Disney #1
So if at age 20 when cursed, it would take 5 years just for Beast to reach hishalf birthday, 10 years to finally turn 21. But that’s more preposterous than anything because that would mean Beast is...
10/21/13 21:00 | United States |
No Title
happy half birthday Woopy!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a great age!!! keep up the great work Woopy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10/21/13 19:27 | United States |
Clayton Family Craziness: Happy Half Birthday Easton
Happy Half Birthday Easton Easton turned 6 months old on Friday! He has grown so much and wants to be a big kid. He gets up on all fours now and...
10/21/13 17:41 | United States |

October 22, 2013

disneyfreak94: dailylifeofadisneyfreak: adreamofcomingtrue: fa...
...makes me love it even more Oliver and company came out on my, um,half-birthday Lion king came out a few hours after I was born Oct 21, 2013 8:21 pm thedisneyprincess 17,495 notes
10/21/13 20:21 | United States |
Smiley day
...well-mannered kids. Is it just me? Darek: No, yeah, like, "Happy halfbirthday!" Kinds of people. Ian: Yeah, exactly!!!! (To me) I just can't help but imagine that your whole youth group is really sweet...
10/21/13 15:57 | United States |
Lowering the Bar
...for buying him a black iPhone rather than a white one for his half birthday. Let’s scale back a bit, parents, shall we? Does your three-year-old really need a Marie Antoinette-themed party complete with...
10/21/13 07:35 | United States |

Birthday Card
...Posted by Tigsteroonie I'm not sure whether to wish you Happy Half-Birthday or not ... but Andrew could probably teach you some new poop-smearing techniques This is my third time round so I am well used...
10/21/13 15:45 | United Kingdom |
Attack of the Giant Teenage Puppy
Today is Sebastian's unofficial half-birthday, and my actual birthday, as well. He has had his metaphorical party hat on all day, and soon after we arrived at work, he decided...
10/21/13 07:16 | United States |

October 21, 2013

...yesterday) is (was) my half-birthday! Haha. Woo :)
◥ Happy (belated) birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Today (yesterday) is (was) my half-birthday! Haha. Woo :) Thank you! And a happy birthday to you too :D
10/20/13 18:40 | United States |
whenyouwishupondisney: disneyfreak94: dailylifeofadisneyfreak: ...
...makes me love it even more Oliver and company came out on my, um,half-birthday Lion king came out a few hours after I was born The Emperor’s New Groove came out on my 4th birthday! On my birthday it will...
10/20/13 16:51 | United States |
disneyfreak94: dailylifeofadisneyfreak: adreamofcomingtrue: fa...
...makes me love it even more Oliver and company came out on my, um,half-birthday Lion king came out a few hours after I was born
10/20/13 14:00 | United States |
Where The People Are • disneyfreak94: dailylifeofadisneyfreak: ...
...makes me love it even more Oliver and company came out on my, um,half-birthday Lion king came out a few hours after I was born
10/20/13 12:39 | United States |
clear eyes, full hearts, IT’S MY HALF BIRTHDAY OMG PARTY
10/20/13 12:01 | United States |

Wendy birthday party part 2 walkthrough
...shipping on orders over $100!. The Half- Birthday Party [Charlotte Pomerantz, Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan] on A party will typically feature food and. The Half- Birthday Party [Charlotte Pomerantz, Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan]...
10/20/13 19:25 | United States |

October 20, 2013

Birthday compatibility calculatorirthday compatability
Write your names and you will see your compatibility . Birthday calculator find out when your half birthday is, day of birth, animal age or planet age. Age calculator - your age in details. And combined...
10/19/13 05:09 | United States |
Mummy's Space: Happy Half Birthday Twinnies - 300/365
Happy Half Birthday Twinnies - 300/365 The twins are six months today so we thought it was time to for them to graduate to the Tripp Trapp baby...
10/19/13 00:10 | United States |

dailylifeofadisneyfreak: adreamofcomingtrue: ...
...makes me love it even more Oliver and company came out on my, um,half-birthday Lion king came out a few hours after I was born )
10/19/13 22:31 | United States |
Happy Half Birthday Twinnies | 300/365
Happy Half Birthday Twinnies - 300/365 Mummysspace The twins are six months today so we thought it was time to for them to graduate to the Tripp...
10/19/13 19:49 | Canada |
Olivia Schmal | J.O. News Blog
J: Anything else you feel we should know about you? O: I hate being in crowds and my half birthday is on May 14. Well, now that you know more about the person behind the ‘O’ in ‘JO’, I’m sure you, like...
10/19/13 10:53 | United States |
No Title
...I say claim a week before or after your birthday…maybe your “halfbirthday” or something. Good luck!!
10/19/13 10:20 | United States |
No Title
Happy Half Birthday Darling Woopy **blushes** hope you got the roses I sent you Love your Gentle Giant xxxx
10/18/13 14:58 | United States |

October 19, 2013

2 miles just barely in the 9s.  I had a dentist appointment this...
Temp: 75F Max HR: 180 Avg HR: 165 Perceived effort: 3/5 - 4/5 The shirt was my free “half-birthday” ; gift from Brooks when I ordered my shoes. They said I could keep it even though I returned the shoes! I...
10/18/13 14:19 | United States |
No Title
A half birthday is 6 months from your last birthday. It’s usually something kids talk about and I think it’s funny to say as an adult sometimes.
10/18/13 11:17 | United States |
10 Things You Do that Make Him Think You Don't Care | Love + Sex - Shine... to a woman's office or bringing home champagne on her halfbirthday, and I love when she does the same for me. I don't need huge, elaborate plans or gestures-even a bar of my favorite chocolate...
10/18/13 10:31 | United States |
Books Featuring Mixed Race Characters
...Sarah – Billy and Belle ; Eddie’s Toolbox Graham, Bob – Oscar’s HalfBirthday Hart, Deipa & Funny Tummy Art - I Am Empathy Hawkins, Elizabeth & Cemmick, Paul – Ben’s Birthdays Hoffman, Mary & Northway...
10/17/13 23:22 | United States |
No Title
Anna, I have a six year old son, whose birthday is on Jack's half birthday. I have read your blog since that horrible night and your writing moves me so deeply. But I think I need to let you know that...
10/17/13 21:55 | United States |

October 18, 2013

Free Sample Roundup: Kids Meals at Red Lobster, Redbox Rental + More!
...promotions!) Join Ben & Jerry's Chunk Mail (FREE Birthday and Half-Birthday Treats!) Join the Sonic Wacky Pack Birthday Club (FREE Kids Meal for their Birthday) Join Donatos Pizza Email Club (FREE 14"...
10/17/13 22:06 | United States |
Tim and Shannon Dunn: Half Birthday Photo shoot
Half Birthday Photo shoot On Saturday, October 5th , we spent the afternoon ... wanted to have professional half birthday pictures taken to commemorate my kid's turning 1.5 and 3.5...
10/17/13 21:05 | United States |
Dash of Green: William is 18 months old!
...really quick post. Just recording here that I a) remembered his "half-birthday" b) cared to some degree about that. Now I can officially say "William is one and a half years old!" No more month-age for him!...
10/17/13 19:54 | United States |
No Title
That would work! Or you could do it for your half birthday, and just put half the number of items on the list.
10/17/13 17:58 | United States |
Pin of the Week – The Secret to Happiness Is…
Pin of the Week – The Secret to Happiness Is… (And happy half birthdayto me. hahaha!) About these ads Share this:
10/17/13 09:46 | United States |

Movin' on up: Nikon D5300 first impressions review: Digital Photography...
This announcement is kind of like the kid that has a summer birthday and schedules a “Half-Birthday” ; party on the same day as someone elses birthday party. He claims that it isn’t fair that he never...
10/16/13 22:00 | United States |

No Title
Happy 5 1/2 Birthday Woopy! (How do you do a half on a computer keyboard?) Our water bottles had little ducks in them. We'd prefer carrots. We love...
10/16/13 17:50 | United States |

October 17, 2013

He Spanks Me
~ On  My Half Birthday One Half Spanking For Good Luck Luck Of The Irish ` Know What It Means A Positive Look At A Bad Situation ` Selling Home For...
10/16/13 23:32 | United States |
The Dudley Four: Fall Fun and Half Birthday Pupcakes
...week. A few Fridays ago we had a joint half birthday celebration for Big Sister and Little Bud, since his half birthday got skipped over in the midst of our homeschooling adjustment back in August (sorry...
10/16/13 14:21 | United States |
...give it that wow factor. I served this cake for my friends at a half birthdayparty, half leaving again for uni farewell and I have to say they loved it - as the photos below demonstrate! Celebration Cake!...
10/16/13 05:25 |
Undercover Guinea Pigs: Agent lil'Woop is 5 1/2 years old today!! Calendar...
So a small party for as today, please join us in congratulating Woopy on herhalf birthday, Carrot beers all around!! Woopy after a bath... Because I think you already know my piggies a bit I wanted...
10/16/13 00:38 | United States |
Spare Time Super Mom: 30 Before 30 Challenge: #7: Get back to my wedding...
...losing the rest of this weight. Coincidentally, yesterday was my half-birthday, which means I have exactly 6 months from yesterday to reach my wedding weight in order to accomplish #7 on my list of 30 things...
10/15/13 11:32 | United States |
Life is Beautiful: A birthday lesson
...tried to make up his 30th birthday by throwing him a big 30 and a halfbirthday party(see his 30 1/2 birthday here , 31st birthday here ). But still, the next day I was like, "Did I really get mad at him...
10/15/13 02:16 |

...halves - ideas for half birthday!? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers
So I thought it would be amusing to celebrate my half birthday this year at work. I am making them decorate only half my desk etc.. I want to take some goodies in to work (usually cakes...
10/16/13 16:50 | United Kingdom |
The idea of a "half-birthday". ..
I have heard that the queen of England celebrates hers in the summer when it's not so rainy and dreary. Why Does the Queen Have Two Birthdays? Answer Her Majesty the Queen has her real birthday on 21 April...
10/16/13 10:51 | United States |
6 months old today!!!
AB got it Happy half Birthday 126 @ 6months he's going to be a big boy
10/16/13 04:50 | United States |

No Title
Happy 5 1/2 birthday Woopy! Cheers! We love your post. Your home is very interesting and we all want water bottles with carrots inside. We all love a cardboard box to destroy too.
10/16/13 10:19 | United States |
Life is Beautiful: A birthday lesson throwing him a big 30 and a half birthday party(see his 30 1/2 birthdayhere , 31st birthday here ). But still, the next day I was like, "Did I really get mad at him yesterday for farting on me? Yes...
10/15/13 02:16 |

October 16, 2013

1/2 Birthday Clean Eating Cake
James half birthday is tomorrow (October 16th) and I wanted to make him an awesome half cake for his birthday. I decided to make him a pumpkin cake...
10/15/13 23:55 | France |
Dear Harmony – 6 months
Dear Harmony, Happy half birthday little lamb!!! You are a complete mystery to me and your daddy. 6 months comes around and you are a COMPLETELY different baby!...
10/15/13 12:24 | France |
Chapter 23.5: Texas
...23.5…Texas. Straight and to the point. I’m 23 this about my half birthdayand I spent some time in Texas. Question for you: Medium rare and mooing for me. Prettiest sunset/sunrise ever?
10/15/13 08:00 |
No Title
...remember getting a small, store-bought cake for my half-birthday one year. I say a half-birthday calls for a half-assed cake of some sort. But presents? That’s too much. Hmm…maybe I’m just staunchly...
10/15/13 00:57 |
It’s officially my half birthday!!!
It’s officially my half birthday!!!
10/15/13 00:03 |
The Jesters: Six Months!
...much! Time is flying and she's growing up before our eyes. Happy halfbirthday, Emma!
10/14/13 23:02 | United States |
Happy Half Birthday, Evelyn!
...Baby , baby plan , beach , child , Children , first year , half birthday , jp photography , kid , Newborn , outdoors , owen beach , park , photo , photographer , photography , photos , photoshoot...
10/14/13 20:53 | United States |
A birthday and a half
A birthday and a half October 14, 2013 Rain’s half birthday is just one day after Robin’s birthday. We celebrated them both with a big family day out at my parents’ farm. Robin got to...
10/14/13 02:44 | France |

Border Collie Pics
El and Tinny - and happy half birthday to cute puppy Jed.
10/14/13 02:41 | Australia |

October 15, 2013

No Title your idea to celebrate half birthday. I didn't think like this before. Sometimes kids have objections ... can be solved by celebrating halfbirthday. We can manage our preparations according to kid's wishes...
10/15/13 01:02 |
Letter of intent for social work grad school
That is an essential Mach and atman and. And the latter unconscious you about it. One foot half birthday memorial poem mechanical person with it by the tinder burned.. Ive never seen poem for retiring...
10/15/13 00:42 | United States |

toethefinishline: toethefinishline: Happy Fourth of July from...
...pup!!! Annabelle is coming to visit for my birthday (and her half birthday) !!! I am soooo freaking excited!!! You have no idea how much I miss her and how much I am going to cry when I see her!!! A...
10/14/13 16:39 |
Cultural Fusion 5.5 years old
5.5 years old How long should I do these half birthday posts? Heh. 今日では 2394;は5歳半 290; Our sassy, fiercely independent, strong willed, full of energy daughter. These adjectives become stronger...
10/13/13 23:37 |

October 14, 2013

Magical Milestones – First tooth, first food.
Anyway, his point is moot, as she cut her first tooth on Saturday, 1 day before her first taste of food. 1 day after her half birthday. It is not easy to photograph the teensiest of teensy little teeth...
10/13/13 23:16 | United States |
achievementhaunter replied to your post “it is now 12 am on october 13th...
10/13/13 01:45 |
Just the Four of Us!: 1/2 time x2
...months has came and went! Little Avery Nathaniel has reached is halfbirthday! He is officially 1/2 years old!! My baby is getting so big and doing so many new things. I swear I wake up on a daily basis...
10/13/13 00:57 |
Four and a Half
I’m so glad she lives at my house. Coming soon: a photo of Lilia on her half-birthday, when she decided to go to church dressed as Strawberry Shortcake…
10/12/13 22:58 | France |

Are You Listening?: 20 questions–4.5 yr old variety these with Gianna on her birthday, so we did them for her 1/2 birthday. Some things never change, like how goofy she is, or that she needs her lovie to go to sleep….. 1. What’s your favorite color?...
10/13/13 22:04 |

October 13, 2013

boydriller, How old are you?
my 11th and a half birthday party is really soon!! you’re not invited,sweetie((:
10/12/13 19:21 |
Oh for Pete’s sake! This AM Darcy did her usual...
Owie! In other news, Brooks sent me an email (Brooks the company, not Brooksy) that it’s my half birthday (tomorrow) and if I buy at their site I get free shipping and a free shirt. I need another running...
10/12/13 14:05 |
C'est La Vie: 18 months!!!!
18 months!!!! Happy half birthday to my crazy baby boy!!!! I can't sit and think about it because I might get all weepy. It doesn't seem like it's been that long...
10/12/13 13:04 |
FREEBIE ALERT: Sonic Wacky Pack on your Child’s Birthday! — Consumer Queen...
...week of their birthday)  via email on your child’s birthday and half-birthday. Enroll now! is a fun, safe website where kids can have fun and play games. When visiting
10/12/13 11:28 |
Happy Half Birthday to meeee! 6 more months until I’m 20 :)
Happy Half Birthday to meeee! 6 more months until I’m 20 :)
10/12/13 10:21 |
Happy half birthday Sweet Sparkle Princess!
Oct 12 Happy half birthday Sweet Sparkle Princess! My oh my, where has the last 6 months gone? And can someone please slow down time! |
10/12/13 06:50 | United States |
Day 19: a surprise present comes my way.
...sister sent me a surprise present! It’s not my birthday (or my half birthday) and there’s no major gift-giving holidays in sight. But I am now the proud owner of a body fat monitor ! I am so excited about...
10/11/13 03:27 |
Kat's Eye: Happy Half Birthday to Me!
Tomorrow I turn 6 months old. Yes, there are times I may act like an infant but this birthday is due to my stem cell transplant. People who have undergone the transplant often celebrate the date of the...
10/10/13 20:14 |

No Title
” Precious moments become special occasions in the journey. “The joy from celebrating a milestone or half birthday or facilitating a wish trip or simply offering normalization by sitting on the floor...
10/12/13 02:53 | United States |

October 12, 2013

How far we’ve come.
Little Man is six months old! His half birthday was last weekend, so I’m a week late writing about it, but that’s become the story of my life! Better late than never, right?...
10/11/13 17:03 | France |
...tfiosmovienews: Hazel’s half birthday is March...
wonderstruck715 : nerdy-fighter : tfiosmovienews : Hazel’s half birthday is March 29th, which means today is her actual birthday. Happy birthday Hazel Grace! happy birthday! if she’s still alive…
10/11/13 14:49 |
smileshineinspire: remember me Sorry I saw half-birthdays, and...
...half-birthdays, and knew I had to reblog this today! :) Happy half-birthdayto my birthday twin, ballerinasandbows! :) praises ) 4,241 notes . praises . Posted 8 hours ago on Thursday 10 October 13.
10/10/13 22:55 |
Welcome to (baby Led) Weaning...
Posted on the 11 October 2013 by Sjay235 Leave your OCD at the door! Well, here we are. Isabelle's half birthday has been (and gone) and, following the World Health Organisation recommendations, Isabelle...
10/10/13 22:48 | United States |
Prater, Wiener Wiesn Fest, and the Long Night of Museums!
...teaching internship so I didn’t really drink. It was also my half birthday, though, so I had a good time teasing all my roommates and yelling at them for not making a big deal about it. This weekend...
10/09/13 12:52 | France |
Neon Birthday Party Fun!
sometimes it's easy to get carried away! Like when Dora says she wants to find neon favors for her half-birthday party. Then we go to Five Below where there are SO many cute neon things to choose from...
10/09/13 10:37 | United States |

The Story of Duffy the Dog season, which included Carla’s birthday, then to Duffy’s 17 1/2birthday on February 25, 2012. April 8, 2012 was Easter Sunday and we took pictures of Duffy that day in her favorite park. Duffy didn’t...
10/09/13 18:09 | United States |

October 11, 2013

Sample birthday party program template
...Duvalier she. Dwarf as he went cow s eyes ye little left perhaps halfbirthday bottle and maybe. One his father always do if you listen.. He knew that as to watch as Nick the fact that he the rolling staircase...
10/10/13 19:05 | Ukraine |
Cheap nike elite football socks
...home not realize their... Including concourse in city need a half birthdaypoem for my mom who passed away Put a staff he the seed.. biology chapter 11 review answers . Than above level of offers more...
10/10/13 18:56 | United States |
Wendys birthday party walkthrough
...and is completely custom. The Half- Birthday Party [Charlotte Pomerantz, Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan] on ... a good place to start. The Half-Birthday Party [Charlotte Pomerantz, Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan] on
10/10/13 13:36 | United States |

Some diary entries … December 1991 to February 1992
...Show . 27/1/92 – Sean is officially crawling on the eve of his half birthday! 2/2/92 – Sean did two new things: He held the bottle and fed himself. He went from a lying to a sitting position on his own. ...
10/10/13 15:44 | United States |
Help Them to Heaven: Family-Filled Month
...happen?! It seems like his birthday was last month! Since his halfbirthday falls on the Feast of St. Luke, we'll have a little celebration that day in the midst of everything else going on. Next weekend...
10/10/13 10:28 | United States |
inkskratches: hussie my half birthday is soon please give this...
hussie my half birthday is soon please give this to me
10/10/13 08:49 |
Competition Time: Win One of 3 Fabulous Photography Prizes!
...Site here in Northern Ireland: So, today in honor of Isabelle's halfbirthday, we have decided to join forces with this pair and allow THREE lucky people the chance to win some of their gorgeous prints...
10/09/13 21:27 | United States |
Yoga From the Sky
...and early and got to tick something off the bucket list! As a half birthdaypresent to myself I bought a session for Yoga from the SKY , which is a series of yoga classes held on Wednesday mornings hosted...
10/09/13 20:30 | United States |
Freelance Mama: Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday Daddy
5 year old In addition to being Matilda the bulldog's birthday , last Tuesday was also J's "half birthday". I wanted to continue my ... So we came home after apple picking on Sunday with $50 worth of...
10/09/13 14:26 | Canada |
Anything But Fish N’ Chips: Fancy in Prague
...Prague. As a Thanksgiving dinner, Hannukah dinner, and belated half-birthday dinner, my parents took me to a meal at a restaurant called “The Alcron”. If you ever go to Prague – go. Don’t ask questions...
10/08/13 22:30 | France |
The Submission Process: Ten Years, Three Years, Two Years
Two years ago is probably my most difficult anniversary. October 19th is myhalf birthday, and two years ago, it was the date I had planned to kill myself until a friend begged me not to. HERE is a link...
10/08/13 20:09 | United States |

October 10, 2013</