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Half Birthday Blog Roundup Sept. 2013

Half Birthday Happenings, Stories,
Gifts & Party Ideas from the Blogosphere

Half Birthdays are big! Here's just a small sampling of all the half birthday celebrations, events, news, novelties, and suggestions floating around daily on blogs everywhere. A great source of info for you own half birthdays. Like to contribute but don't have a blog yourself? Easy. Just use our new Half Birthday Forum, where you can leave messages and respond to them at any time. Try it!

September 30, 2013

Quick loans: Easy shrug away from financial disagreements
com/groups/create/step/group-details/ When I became a kid, Specialists my mothers and fathers why our half birthday was a holiday. They are going to invest in unique stocks in your part. Should you only...
09/30/13 01:21 | Mexico |
Birthday compatibility calculatorirthday compatability
Since this specific card. Birthday calculator find out when your half birthdayis, day of birth, animal age or planet age. Age calculator - your age in details. And combined birthday age with. Party...
09/30/13 00:03 | United States |
21st birthday speech for a son
Details of the rumour is defined not as a 21st birthday speech for a son who from what is important. They flew towards a half..Birthday Poems & Daughters Poetry : The Contest Poem called FROM MOM ON...
09/29/13 21:37 | United States |

...tfiosmovienews: Hazel’s half birthday is March...
wonderstruck715 : nerdy-fighter : tfiosmovienews : Hazel’s half birthday is March 29th, which means today is her actual birthday. Happy birthday Hazel Grace! happy birthday! if she’s still alive… 1...
09/29/13 21:12 |
craicer: you are all AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL - ♥ grace this is...
...follow forever to celebrate hitting 2k (and also my blog’s first half-birthday?). tumblr has become a huge part of my life. i’ve come across so many amazing bloggers, some of which are now my closest friends...
09/29/13 17:29 |
you are all AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL - ♥ grace this is my first...
...follow forever to celebrate hitting 2k (and also my blog’s first half-birthday?). tumblr has become a huge part of my life. i’ve come across so many amazing bloggers, some of which are now my closest friends...
09/29/13 16:35 |
Wooly Leaf Play
...finished binding a book quilt yesterday. One more done, yay! Happy HalfBirthday to my big lug, Cooper today! Yes, he's 6 months old. And you know what that means? Snip, snip.... I'm calling the vet Monday...
09/29/13 12:40 |
Minecraft Block Cake
Even better, it was mostly a surprise for Az, since who really notices when it’s their half birthday? I managed to keep him out of the kitchen and have any obvious baking hidden under tea towels or in...
09/29/13 06:42 | France |
best and nice
...Windchimes, Garden Art Happy Half-Birthday Party ~ what fun is this! Who says your birthday only comes around once a year? Throw the ultimatehalf-birthday party with the help of our full-on fun how-to. Happy...
09/28/13 21:01 |
Life with Twins: A Survival Guide
...last post, I won’t make any promises. The boys celebrated their halfbirthday last week. Many parents of twins told us that it gets remarkably easier at 6 months; I have to wonder how many of their kiddos...
09/28/13 16:09 | France |
No Title
...idea. It's easy to remember on your birthday, but maybe your half-birthdaywould be better timing. Or I guess this could be a daylight-savings-time-clock-changing thing. Good luck to you. And also to...
09/28/13 12:46 |

September 29, 2013

Charitable Gifts From Your IRA: the Rules.
"For this provision you actually have to be age 70½ or older, so you cannot do the transfer" until your half-birthday. Q: Have you heard if there will be a Social Security cost of living increase...
09/28/13 19:42 | United States |

It’s Parker’s half birthday! 20 1/2!
It’s Parker’s half birthday! 20 1/2!
09/28/13 13:27 |
Small Things
I don't need much of an excuse to crack open a bottle of champagne and don a party hat. Half birthday? Cheers to that! Finally made some cash writing for Weekend Notes! Cheers to that! Slept for four...
09/28/13 11:55 |
Baby Tucci Blog: 6 Months
She sometimes takes a third nap in the ergo too at the park or sometimes just skips it. Love you Hailey. Happy Half Birthday!
09/28/13 02:24 |
Peaches and Pearls: Happy Half Birthday!
6 months. I know everyone has told me to enjoy this time, because it goes by so fast... but HALF OF A YEAR...ALREADY...gone?? when I just began blogging about our new little adventure... So here it is...
09/28/13 00:39 |
The Bedrest Chronicles: 3 years, 6 months
...mistake to tell them it was their half-birthday, because all they heard was "birthday," which led to discussion ... his thumb. Half a cake for a halfbirthday
09/27/13 21:52 |
The Eco Cat Lady Speaks: Practical Advice on a Topic We'd All Rather A...
...idea. It's easy to remember on your birthday, but maybe your half-birthdaywould be better timing. Or I guess this could be a daylight-savings-time-clock-changing thing. Good luck to you. And also to...
09/27/13 18:37 |
6 Months
It’s her HALF BIRTHDAY! Woohoo! Seriously? 6 months has just flown by! I cannot believe it! This month has seen a lot. She has continued to eat “real...
09/26/13 18:21 | United States |

SURPRISE!.......You forgot the WHAT!? A November 1st-11th 2012 TR* 1900...
Alice was warning Kadence about the Mad Hatter, I believe. He came over wishing her a happy half birthday. This was the first time weve had breakfast there and it was a hit! I really wish I would have...
09/28/13 15:49 | United States |

September 28, 2013

How To Forge Strong Ties With Clients, With One Story At A Time
By contacting each of her clients twice a year — around their birthday andhalf-birthday — Schmidt is able to help them anticipate and address any financial concerns. If someone likes to hold gold and...
09/27/13 18:10 | United States |

. PINK PINCUSHION: Between One and Two
I had to stop everything I was working on to make a gift for Evie. We, evidently, celebrate half birthday's. She was 1 1/2 yesterday. I made a fishing pole for her out of a willow branch and macramed...
09/27/13 19:09 |
Raising Leafs: Things That Make Me Smile 9/27/13
She's being mean to me. You only love me." 2. Alyssa, on her half birthdaywhen she gets to choose the activities: "After breakfast, can we do school?" 3. Alyssa, shocked: "Mom, Mimi grew! She's not...
09/27/13 18:04 |
...Happiness., Today is my half birthday, lets all dance around...
Today is my half birthday, lets all dance around and be twenty and half although I am taking back the years anorexia stole so I guess I am now probably...
09/27/13 13:37 |
No Title
6 months? time goes too fast :) feels like it was yesterday! happy half-birthday for Mio and you, Anette! :)
09/27/13 11:13 |
Martin Family Moments: 7 for 7
...Appleseed Day! And Caitlin's birthday (his cousin)! And Gammy's halfbirthday!" I asked him if he felt older, and he said "Not really, maybe a little bit bigger or something." How old are you? His birthday...
09/27/13 06:25 |
The Campbell's: Play.
AHEM... Is this thing on? Nothing great to report... just lots of playing this week. I need to make time to do some official "6 month old pictures" before this kids half Birthday next week. xx - r
09/27/13 00:31 | United States |
Friday Randomness
D) I also had some nice texting going on the past few days: And halfbirthday celebrations are to be blamed for said donut personalities…. Oh and “that’s what she said” jokes will never get old…… I can’t...
09/26/13 22:34 |

Lebron x blue diamond flight club
adobe flash player newest version 2011 good luck charlie - episode - gabes 12-1/2 birthday how do i get free stuff to review got print free shipping coupon dog the bounty hunter dvd set Where can i get...
09/27/13 19:35 | United States |

September 27, 2013

Lady sings the blues
Just wanted to share the goodies that I got for my half birthday the other day. There was a definite theme to the occasion this year – blue! My gorgeous sis got me these amazing booties, clutch...
09/26/13 20:30 | France |
Tim and Shannon Dunn: Fall soccer, Lettie's 1.5, and our trip to Battle...
She even brought over a huge plate of cake. Perfect since we had a halfbirthday to celebrate! She sure loves her frosting. Check out that green tongue. Lettie bowling. After a fantastic afternoon at...
09/26/13 16:35 |
So casually cruel, Happy half birthday Haley! ily<3
Happy half birthday Haley! ily<3
09/26/13 14:48 |
No Title
This is beautiful, TIFF MEOWW. Lucky for you, my half birthday is October 6th... so get writing! BYE
09/26/13 08:56 |
|ω・) |・ω・`)
|ω・) |・ω・`) (Source: ahnyeonghase-yeol ) posted 12:34 am on Thursday, September 26, 2013 with 934 notes ahnyeonghase-yeol xiumania #xiuhun #ehhhhh happy half birthday you horrible person you
09/26/13 03:34 | United States |
...6months today! Happy half birthday to me (:...
I’m 6months today! Happy half birthday to me (: #Day150ofproject365 #MetztliRamonaValinda #6months #yellow #muneca #bigflower #Metztli #baby #pinup
09/26/13 00:10 |
More Reasons to Celebrate
...great day. Today was a great day because it is my half birthday. It seems so silly to celebrate a half birthday. BUT who doesn’t need another day to celebrate? I’ll take any opportunity I can to celebrate...
09/26/13 00:03 | France |
How A Relationship Brought Me Halfway Around The World And Back Again
He also was holding a gift-wrapped package. “It’s your present,” he said. “For your half-birthday.” It was exactly what I wanted, an iPod. But Russell had wanted to leave New York for years, and he was...
09/25/13 22:49 |

Where has 6 months gone! - JustMommies Message Boards
Awe, to cute, and adored by his sisters Happy 1/2 birthday little man.
09/26/13 02:16 |

September 26, 2013

No Title around Ann Arbor, but I am so happy for all of you! Happy halfbirthday, Joseph! You look so cozy and content and ready to go home hugging your little "Buddy". God be with all of you as you adjust...
09/25/13 22:26 |
Free Samples Roundup: Redbox Rental, Real McCoys Rice Puffs + More
...exp. 9/30) Join Ben & Jerry's Chunk Mail (FREE Birthday and Half-Birthday Treats!) Join the Sonic Wacky Pack Birthday Club (FREE Kids Meal for their Birthday) Join Donatos Pizza Email Club (FREE 14"...
09/25/13 16:01 |
My Constant Thoughts: Twisted MixTape - Patience
This is a blog hop from Jen's Twisted MixTape and I read it's been a halfbirthday happening on her blog. Very cool.
09/25/13 09:57 |
sloth-grunge: it’s my half-birthday so you have to reblog this...
sloth-grunge: it’s my half-birthday so you have to reblog this selfie im sorry i dont make the rules
09/25/13 06:32 |
on thursday it’s my half birthday
on thursday it’s my half birthday
09/24/13 16:53 |
...replied to your post: my half birthday was 2 days ago and i totally… wtf is a...
tealwig replied to your post : my half birthday was 2 days ago and i totally… wtf is a half birthday ??////??? 38 minutes ago 2 notes
09/24/13 11:45 |

September 25, 2013

Lower back pain at 37 weeks pregnancy
I think it is true what they say “the days are long, but the months are short”. We will be celebrating Maddie’s half birthday in just a short few weeks . how much does gastric bypass cost in idaho verizon...
09/24/13 06:27 |
~*~Sparkles & Stretchmarks ~*~: Baby Watch: 6 Months Old!!!
...two birthdays, why shouldn't you?! He suggested that on your halfbirthday, we should have "King Day" - where you get to choose everything we do all day long and basically get to rule the roost! Of...
09/24/13 04:00 |
The Burger Beast Blogiversary Party: Pig's Head, Rapicavoli, and Mojo...
G,:If you need another excuse to throw a never-ending foodie party, my dog's half-birthday is next week. I'm thinking roast pig? Follow Morgan on Twitter @youcancallme_MO Short Order on Facebook , on...
09/24/13 03:18 | United States |
Stars In Their Cars | The Drives
...batch of half-birthday brownies. She reels in the presents; he receives a small half-birthday present to ... introduce the concept of the half birthdayto placate him As we walked into the hardware store, I tried...
09/24/13 01:18 |

official sasha luss fan blog, tealwig replied to your post: ...
tealwig replied to your post: tealwig replied to your post: my half birthday… im letting u know that i had to google it its literally exactly what it sounds? halfway between your birthdays??
09/24/13 11:47 |
...luss fan blog, my half birthday was 2 days ago and i totally...
my half birthday was 2 days ago and i totally forgot
09/24/13 11:38 |
Special Time With Mom
During each child’s birthday month and half birthday month, he or she gets to plan a day in which we ... outings during their birthday and half birthdaymonths. *Tune in tomorrow and I’ll tell you why I’m getting...
09/24/13 06:45 |
Baby Watch: 6 Months Old!!!
...two birthdays, why shouldn't you?! He suggested that on your halfbirthday, we should have "King Day" - where you get to choose everything we do all day long and basically get to rule the roost! Of course...
09/24/13 04:07 |
Meet My Peeps: Reid
Reid is named after her great-grandpa Reed, who is one of the coolest guys ever. P.p.s. Wish Reid a happy half birthday this Thursday, Septembe 26th! We will be celebrating big and trying peas for the...
09/23/13 22:43 |
Listen: Justin Timberlake – ‘The 20/20 Experience: 2 Of 2′ (Full Album... album release week of the year (obviously in honor of my halfbirthday). Today we’ve already been exposed to the brilliance of Lorde ‘s Pure Heroine , and – surprise! – now we can also stream JT...
09/23/13 17:35 |
Happy Half Birthday!
...God He chose me to be Hannah’s mom. She is such a gift. Happy halfBirthday to our precious baby girl. You bring so much love and joy into all of our lives!
09/23/13 16:10 |

September 24, 2013

Duck Soup: Out of Season
He also was holding a gift-wrapped package. “It’s your present,” he said. “For your half-birthday.” It was exactly what I wanted, an iPod. But Russell had wanted to leave New York for years, and he was...
09/23/13 12:26 |
My partner abducted my child: the parents left behind
...still unclear how to gain access to them. Today is Daniel Jakob’s half-birthday – he’s seven and a half. We have not reached the end of this nightmare, but today’s decision was crucial. I have no idea, nor...
09/23/13 11:06 |
Graduating from Email Service Provider to Marketing Automation Solution...
...years. I turned 37 and a half on August 23rd (yes, I celebrate my halfbirthday). Doing the rough math, half of my post-college working career has been spent in email marketing! I know email marketing. I...
09/23/13 04:01 | United States |
Introducing solid food
His digestive system simply isn't ready for solids until he nears his half-birthday. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies be breastfed exclusively for at least six months – though...
09/23/13 02:41 |
Me and jimmer got gifts for my half birthday today.
Me and jimmer got gifts for my half birthday today.
09/22/13 17:48 |
all things purple: Third Annual Half-Birthday Bash Wrap Up these ever festive online half-birthday bashes. I can't say it enough: I really am so grateful to ... a contributor for all three half-birthday bashes, and so Darcy deserves and extra big thank you for...
09/22/13 02:53 |

September 23, 2013

Interactive party ideas?
So I decided as a fresh start to high school I would throw her a surprise party for her half birthday witch is in November. She will have no clue its coming due to it being 6 months off her actual birthday...
09/22/13 15:04 |
How A Relationship Brought Me Halfway Around The World And Back Again
He also was holding a gift-wrapped package. “It’s your present,” he said. “For your half-birthday.” It was exactly what I wanted, an iPod. But Russell had wanted to leave New York for years, and he was...
09/22/13 02:57 | United States |

Half-Birthday! The girls turned thee and a half years old today -- and on the equinox, which is cool!
09/22/13 19:17 |
On Birthdays | The Fro-Yo Diaries
...something like that. My mom would always get me a cupcake on my halfbirthday, and all of my friends thought that was weird. It’s not weird, it just bolstered my reputation as a chunky bodacious preteen...
09/22/13 15:55 | France |
The Barth Family Blog: Half Birthday! Olivia is 2 1/2!!
Half Birthday! Olivia is 2 1/2!! I can't believe that Olivia is 2 1/2 today! 6 months until she is 3 years old. We can't believe how big she...
09/21/13 20:53 |
The Luckiest: Hold the phone! What's a homophone?
Haha. ;) Now - in other, more significant news: The Purple Lady's half-birthday bash is winding down this weekend, so I thought I would give you all one last reminder of the awesome giveaways she has...
09/21/13 18:03 |

September 22, 2013

Fall Fresh Pumpkin Croissant
...fresh fruits and veggies as fall begins. First of all it is my half birthday so to celebrate I had to have a seasonal treat. I had my first pumpkin munchkin from Dunkin Donuts today. Starbucks in NYC has...
09/21/13 20:28 | France |
Reflections After a Month Abroad
...du développement Today marks both my half birthday and one month since I have arrived in France. In terms of my half birthday, my boyfriend is planning to arrive around six months from today to spend...
09/21/13 17:01 | France |
Do: Shop Sweet Lulu
If you don’t have an upcoming party on the agenda I can most definitely help you think of one – half birthday, I just scored the best parking spot, I found $10 in the dryer, I was the first in line at...
09/21/13 16:42 |
Freelance Mama: Our 2.5 year old
5 year old In addition to being Matilda the bulldog's birthday , last Tuesday was also J's "half birthday". I wanted to continue my trend of semi-annual updates, so here's a run-down of who sh is and...
09/21/13 13:58 | Canada |
Freelance Mama: Weekly roundup
What a busy week it's been! I'm working on a post to mark J's half birthday(2.5!) which was last week, and I can't seem to find the time to finish and post it. This weekend for sure. In the meantime...
09/21/13 10:04 | Canada |
►►Eyelid Primers (e.l.f, Maybelline, Too Faced, etc.) Review◄◄
Or, in the case of about a month ago, my local Target decides to stock NYX. Best half-birthday present EVER. Just remember that primers work differently on everyone; what works for me might be terrible...
09/21/13 09:10 | France |
Life and style
...still unclear how to gain access to them. Today is Daniel Jakob's half-birthday – he's seven and a half. We have not reached the end of this nightmare, but today's decision was crucial. I have no idea, nor...
09/21/13 06:32 | United States |
taking stock
making : excuses to avoid doing my course readings cooking : a lot of pizza and a half-birthday treat for my love drinking : copper moon’s cabernet sauvignon reading : archived posts from hey natalie...
09/20/13 18:18 | France |
The Luckiest: Candy Crush, The Movie
;) Oh, and don't forget to hop on over to to check out The Purple Lady's half-birthday bash. There are still a few days to get in on all of the shenanigans - and trust me, she is hosting some pretty...
09/20/13 12:51 |
Apparent Tales: 7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 22
...husband. He, being my baby brother who is only 22 and looks a halfbirthday above 18. Not only did he provide me with treasured camaraderie, but also was almost as good as having daddy with us whenever...
09/20/13 08:33 |

Happy 1/2 Birthday!
Happy 1/2 Birthday! Holy c*@p!!! I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since this little guy made his grand entrance…or maybe I can, because I’m pretty...
09/21/13 12:18 | France |
21 September 2013
It was lovely to get a phone call from Jackson telling me about his 3 1/2birthday. The picture really lifts the spirits.
09/20/13 19:33 | France |
No Title
...sending food. If a student has a summer birthday we celebrate the 1/2birthday. Even though I don't think food should be expected I know that a lot of kids come hungry, and it just makes it so much easier...
09/20/13 14:37 |

September 21, 2013

September 20 Day 218: “flippy” animation in the corner of a notebook or book.” Today was a halfbirthday celebration for Teo. We do 1/2 b days in our family per my mom who wanted to move her b day to September 13 so taxes would not...
09/20/13 22:35 | France |
Half Birthday
Today is my half birthday. What’s that you may ask? Well it’s exactly six months since... So happy 33 and 1/2 to me! The concept of a half birthdaymay be weird to some, and I can understand...
09/20/13 20:30 | France |
09/20/13 03:17 |
all things purple: Curse of the Broomstaff: Takes Out the Trash
On the seventh day of the Third Annual Half-Birthday Bash, I give to you a review of Tyler Whitesides' Janitors: Curse of the Broomstaff (book three) and a giveaway for a box set...
09/20/13 03:00 |
Are you 14
09/20/13 02:17 |
Keeping up with the MN Dunigans: Happy Half Birthday, Grayson!
Happy Half Birthday, Grayson! Today Grayson is 4.5 years old...well on his way to five! As proven by the above pictures, our little man is always...
09/18/13 23:18 |

September 20, 2013

The Socially Awkward Sophie: Happy Birthday HJG
January 10th - Alaska Day (wear white flowers in your hair) March 1st - Ron Weasleys birthday March 29th - Hazel Grace's half birthday May 2nd - end of the Battle of Hogwarts June 21st - summer solstice...
09/19/13 17:10 |
but I drink a little
...fitting fact that National Talk Like a Pirate Day falls on my half-birthdaycelebration. Who am I to be so lucky…arg?! And because I feel like I preached a little too much in the previous post, here is...
09/19/13 14:14 | France |
Happy half-birthday to me! Today marks the day that I am officially half way through the initially horrifying 23 rd year of my life. And guess what...
09/19/13 14:01 | France |
No Title
Happy half birthday B!
09/19/13 08:46 |
Review: Huckleberry (the dog)
It’s Huckleberry’s birthday today. More precisely, it’s her half-birthday. She’s exactly 14.5 years old. Half-years become important when you’re getting on. Anyway, you’ll excuse me if this review contains...
09/19/13 06:02 | France |
all things purple: Drawing Out the Dragons: Rejuvenating
For Day Six of the Third Annual Half-Birthday Bash, you will have the pleasure of a review and giveaway for Drawing Out the Dragons , by James A. Owen. Drawing Out the Dragons...
09/19/13 03:00 |
Adventures in Our Life: A's half birthday and berry picking!
A's half birthday and berry picking! I am trying to catch up on posting what ... up to the last few days. A's half birthday was Sept. 10th. We always have a small celebration...usually...
09/19/13 01:56 |
The Luckiest: Surprise, SURPRISE - An exciting announcement, plus giveaways...
hehe) with you in the months to come. Now, onto the giveaways: The Purple Lady's half birthday bash is still going on strong (she really knows how to party) and there is still plenty of time to get in...
09/19/13 01:54 |

Yes Loan Payday@tiptoploans payday loan yes
...When I had been a kid, I asked my mothers and fathers why this halfbirthday celebration was a getaway Being a member of the United States armed forces has always meant there was clearly a chance that...
09/19/13 08:09 | France |
Caroledavick gmail login sign in
Use Google products from Gmail to. avicii levels itunes plus aac m4a halfbirthday gift ideas girl minecraft super mario bros game how to make server in minecraft 1.6.1 fire keepers casino battle creek...
09/18/13 23:29 |

September 19, 2013

radisson hotels florida: Instead of a last gasp of sum­mer, would you like...
...encour­age those who love food and arts to pick an occa­sion (half-birthday, "un-birthday," anniver­sary, or "just because") and savor the "Beau­ti­ful life!" And with the $2,000 sav­ings (that's $1000-off...
09/18/13 20:48 | United States |
Free Samples Roundup: Krispy Kreme, Sensodyne, Lego Build Event + More...
...exp. 9/30) Join Ben & Jerry's Chunk Mail (FREE Birthday and Half-Birthday Treats!) Join the Sonic Wacky Pack Birthday Club (FREE Kids Meal for their Birthday) Join Donatos Pizza Email Club (FREE 14"...
09/18/13 15:45 |
Serves 1½: Slow cooker is out again
...cooker is back out again. Went to a Chinese supermarket with my half-birthday buddie (after a fairly restrained night out before) and picked up beef shin and oxtail. Mostly in the freezer until another...
09/18/13 12:03 |
office mum: An anniversary and a giveaway!
...magazines to give away! happy half birthday! (image credit They have a huge choice of ... think I will. After all it is my half birthday....
09/18/13 11:13 |
Funny is Back [WIAW #24]
...great. No, not because it was my half birthday. 21 1/2??? Really? How? No. No, not because I was having a ... iOs7? Do you celebrate your halfbirthday?
09/18/13 08:07 |
all things purple: The Luckiest: a good read
Day Five of the Third Annual Half-Birthday Bash is brought to by the generosity of the author of the ... Shannon came on board the half-birthdayboat last year, before she had a blog to link to, before she...
09/18/13 03:00 |
The Adventures of Stephie and Haley: Five and a half!
Happy half birthday Stephie! When she woke up this morning she insisted that it was not yet her half birthday as she was born at 12:32pm. So funny! We had a party to celebrate...
09/17/13 21:52 |
Every Day Is A Country Song: Five Months
Five Months Piper is just a couple weeks away from her half birthday. I have to say, month five may have been my favorite so far. More and more, Piper's personality is shining through. She's just...
09/17/13 12:36 |
Half Birthday Cake
...tradition of celebrating his half birthday every year. When we reach the halfway point between one birthday... We recently celebrated Jake’s halfbirthday. He is now two and a half! He loves chocolate, so I made...
09/17/13 11:15 | France |
The Luckiest: Board Games and Giveaways
Anyway, speaking of fun and games, I just wanted to give you guys a quick reminder about The Purple Lady's half-birthday bash that is taking place over at All Things Purple this week. Below is a list...
09/17/13 02:49 |

Movie: Disney's "Maleficent" receives new release date!
Yasssss my half-birthday :')
09/19/13 14:30 | United States |
So how's life been ? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers
Though there are definitely smart @ss flirty guys, too. BQ5: I'm too lazy to count. It's in March. My half birthday was a few days ago. :D
09/17/13 15:43 | United Kingdom |

September 18, 2013

all things purple: A slice of half-birthday cake?
I am supposedly celebrating my blog's third half-birthday while recovering terribly from a tonsillectomy... So anyways, I did mention a certain blog'shalf-birthday celebration happening right now. It has been...
09/17/13 17:56 |
magicjug: a really nice ginger cake with cashew cream frosting...
magicjug: a really nice ginger cake with cashew cream frosting that i made for topher’s half birthday party.
09/17/13 10:16 |
Niagara Mobile Marketing: Case Study: Restaurant Loyalty Creates Raving...
We're constantly in touch with them, of course with the birthday, halfbirthday, "Miss you" type automatic emails that SalesBuilder does, and sending them rewards (like frequent flier miles) for their...
09/17/13 09:36 |
Rainy Days
I want to also include a quick note on the date; September 15th, in addition to being my sister’s birthday and my half birthday, is the anniversary of an important historical event that took place in...
09/17/13 09:14 | France |
The New Suburban Paleo Farmer: Milestones.
Today I am reaching a couple of milestones in this blog and in life. I started this blog on my half birthday, March 17th, exactly 6 months ago. That also means its my birthday today, I am turning 25...
09/17/13 08:55 |
Adoption Ethics – A Guest Post by Jessica Goudeau
A few days ago, in a Chinese orphanage in a very large city, our third child celebrated her half-birthday. She is now two and a half; we go get her in a few short weeks. Her videos and pictures, her...
09/17/13 07:32 |
Weekend Wrap-Up
Homework already and she's only 2! (Actually, she's 2 and a half, because today is her half birthday!) My parents got in town on Friday afternoon, and we went to Iguana Joe's for dinner. Madelyn had...
09/16/13 21:49 |
magicjug: a really nice ginger cake with cashew...
magicjug: a really nice ginger cake with cashew cream frosting that i made for topher’s half birthday party.
09/16/13 19:37 |
The Campbells: 18 months
Other than that we are just excited to be ringing in the fall season and loving these two boys to bits. Happy half birthday mcgweetums - we love you with our whole hearts (and your brother too!)!!!!
09/16/13 18:31 |

September 17, 2013

Misty Carone (momistab) on bloglovin
Sep 10, 2013 You and 1 person likes this Share Eva: 18 Months Evita Pilar, Today is your half-birthday. At 18 months old, you've visited four different continents and can speak words in four different...
09/16/13 22:15 |
Birthday cupcakes for my little boy - Minneapolis dessert restaurants
Every day is something new and something to celebrate. In order to celebrate his half birthday, I decided to make a special batch of cupcakes . I wanted to make something that was easy and something...
09/16/13 20:18 | United States |
Everyone Stay Calm
...Sheesh. You’d think it was HER half-birthday. But I may just take myself on a date to the mall later tonight ... important news about today being myhalf-birthday and all. That is all.
09/16/13 15:39 | France |
Our Lucky Charm: Six Months - Half Birthday
Six Months - Half Birthday Hello Loyal Readers, Its my 1/2 birthday! I am 6 months old! Wow - time flies when you are having fun! It has been a busy month...
09/16/13 10:00 |
DIY Playbook: Dining Room Updates: Dishing on our new rug
...the dining room looked like this: As we celebrated our homes halfbirthday (six months in), our dining room looked like this: Now, about 9 months in, our dining room is looking like this.... Thanks to...
09/16/13 08:00 |
all things purple: Silver Spoon Catering: Delish!
...I have one contributor to my half-birthday whims who has been here each of the three years now. She went... In celebration of Day 4 of the Third Annual Half-Birthday Bash , you have the chance to win (1) custom...
09/16/13 05:09 |
Dear Nadya (a letter to) #2
My birthday is 25 April, so my “half birthday” is coming up in a week on 25 September. I’ll be 44-1/2... My birthday is April 25 so that my “half birthday ” is coming up next week on September 25. I’m going...
09/15/13 23:54 | Montenegro |
The Luckiest: Memories of Christmas All Things Purple this week in celebration of her third annual half-birthday. Today, she has a giveaway for an amethyst healing crystal . There is also still plenty of time to get in on the Blackmoore...
09/15/13 16:29 |
BlackKitty's Korner...: Happy 1 and a Half Birthday!
This means a whole lot of frustrations between parent and child, with thehalf-birthday being the peak of this. Of course, this is a generalization, and each child is different, but my point is, Rini...
09/15/13 02:50 |
Happy half-birthday Carson!
Happy half-birthday Carson! Whoa. These last couple of months flew by, and somehow... He did not want to be on that blanket! Happy half-birthdayCarson! Jen + Jeff 9/14/2013 dear Carson...
09/14/13 16:58 |

Turn off the technology and tune in to your kids
Full article at: The New York Times 11 hours ago Good Luck Charlie Videos Good Luck Charlie - Episode - Gabe's 12-1/2 Birthday 2,605,694 views Good Luck Charlie 4x05 Rock Enroll 219,776 views Good Luck...
09/16/13 08:24 | United States |

The Shug Project: Happy 1/2 birthday noodle!!
via Instagram
09/16/13 11:19 |
Our Lucky Charm: Six Months - Half Birthday
Six Months - Half Birthday Hello Loyal Readers, Its my 1/2 birthday! I am 6 months old! Wow - time flies when you are having fun! It has been a busy month for me and I have grown so much. I have...
09/16/13 10:00 |
Hudson . 6 Months
Happy 1/2 Birthday to sweet Hudson! This little man is full of smiles and fun expressions - Mom and I were giggling the entire session. At 6 months...
09/15/13 21:09 |

September 16, 2013

space jam fan blog, it's almost your half-birthday
no its my birthday wtf are you talking about
09/16/13 00:10 |
Going on 26 | Lauren S. Murphy flip your office wall-calendar to February or you hit your half-birthday. So it’s September 15th today, which isn’t a particularly important or emotionally significant date, other than the fact that...
09/15/13 15:02 | France |
...until Feb. 16 — his "half-birthday" — whe
...Thompson until Feb. 16 — his "half-birthday" — whe Cam F. Awesome proudly wears a shirt that has his original ... Thompson until Feb. 16 — his "half-birthday" — when he shelled out $179 bucks, he says, to "begin a new...
09/15/13 05:19 | United States |
all things purple: Friendship's Binding Ties
...and I ( related link from 2011 Half-Birthday Bash ). However, one of the big differences in my friendship ... with you in honor of my blog's half-birthday. I feel so honored to have her support for my writing and...
09/15/13 03:00 |
The Luckiest: Reflections on Retirement, plus Book Giveaways
Anyway, speaking of being a fabulously talented writer, The Purple Lady is continuing with her Third Annual Half-Birthday Bash today, and has another book review and giveaway for Cragbridge Hall, Book...
09/14/13 10:54 |
all things purple: Cragbridge Hall, The Inventor's Secret: Innovative
For Day Two of our Third Annual Half-Birthday Bash, I hope you will enjoy this review and giveaway of Cragbridge Hall, book 1: The Inventor's Secret. Cragbridge Hall, Book...
09/14/13 08:00 |

September 15, 2013

soak up life: Happy half birthday!
Happy half birthday! Cade is a six months old today! Right now he's drooling like a madman but with no signs of teeth. mostly taking power naps...
09/13/13 21:50 |
all things purple: Blackmoore: Intriguingly Beautiful
Our first day of the Third Annual Half-Birthday Bash will be celebrated with a review and giveaway of Blackmoore , by Julianne Donaldson. Blackmoore: A Proper Romance by Julianne...
09/13/13 10:00 |
the phoenix and the koi: out of sight out of mind
...schedule), days left (751 days since my dad's anniversary, 96 days til halfbirthday/weight goal day, 43 days til vacacion!!), transit tracks (when is 'my ride' available! life), google calendar (cause...
09/13/13 08:38 |

September 14, 2013

September 13 Day 211 3×5: “Happy Friday the 13th”
...taxes were due on March 15th, so she wanted to celebrate her halfbirthday instead. So what if we had an international holiday whenever the 13th of the month fell on a Friday? We could all actively try...
09/14/13 00:09 | France |
A Very Merry Half Birthday to Nolan!
Post navigation ← Previous A Very Merry Half Birthday to Nolan! As of September 6, I have a 6 month old, I honestly cannot believe it! It really does just fly by, unlike what happened...
09/13/13 14:16 | France |
The Luckiest: Christmas in September!
...this week, for The Purple Lady is celebrating her third annual half-birthday over at All Things Purple , and she is hosting some awesome giveaways all week long. Today, she has a book review and giveaway...
09/13/13 13:45 |
Waiting for Patience: 7 Quick Takes Friday, September 13th
Can't wait - roommate and I are making a road trip out of it! 5. Happy Friday the 13th as well! And Happy Half-Birthday to me! 6 months until the first time I turn 29 (haha)! Tonight is our 5th installment...
09/13/13 09:47 |
Lessons Learned from a One-Year Bucket List
...couple weeks ago, I reached the halfway point of this project – my half-birthday, as many would call it. While off the pace I had three months prior (to complete 60 things over the course of the year), I was...
09/13/13 01:54 |
all things purple: Third Annual Half-Birthday Bash
September marks the half-birthday for All Things Purple. I can't tell you how quickly the past ... really excellent part of this half-birthday adventure--the celebratory giveaways! Day 1: (1) copy of Blackmoore...
09/13/13 01:34 |
Adventures in Our Life: A busy day- measurement, poetry, and gym
...and gym It's been a busy week at our house. Yesterday was A's halfbirthday and we had some beautiful weather. We spent the day outside and pick 13lbs of blueberries from the tundra! Perfect. (I will...
09/12/13 04:15 |

September 13, 2013

Thursday Thirteen: Six Months thing:) (just shy of 6 months, day after Labor Day): Happy HalfBirthday, Kiddo. :) And happy Thursday, everyone! The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better...
09/12/13 12:31 |
6 Months! My child definitely isn’t neon red. Dearest Archer, Happy half-birthday babycakes! This month was a lot of fun, but also really really tough. We were missing Daddy the whole time (because we love...
09/11/13 20:14 | France |

Birthday sex movie on cinemax download
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09/12/13 08:35 |

September 12, 2013