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Sept. 2014 Half Birthday Happenings, Stories,
Gifts & Party Ideas from the Blogosphere

Half Birthdays are big! Here's just a small sampling of all the half birthday celebrations, events, news, novelties, and suggestions floating around daily on blogs everywhere.

Calculate half birthdays and schedule FREE ecards up to a year in advance to be sent automatically to family & friends on their special day. For celeb 1/2 b'days and more:

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September 30, 2014

Ideen Schule on Pinterest
Great project for my nearly 7 year old daughter. | halfbirthday, cupcake birthday, birthday cupcakes, birthday board, kid, birthday ideas, birthday decorations, back to school Birthday...
09/29/14 07:08 | Brazil |  Tweet

...celebrating EvaLina's first half birthday! Time flies by wow.
» » @LaidbackLuke We’re celebrating EvaLina’s first half birthday! Time flies by wow.
09/29/14 22:21 | Netherlands |  Tweet
...nerdy-fighter: hazels: Hazel’s half birthday is March 29th, which means...
wonderstruck715 : nerdy-fighter : hazels : Hazel’s half birthday is March 29th, which means today is her actual birthday. Happy birthday Hazel Grace! happy birthday! if she’s still alive…
09/29/14 17:18 | United States |  Tweet
MY ART TAG IS THERE FOR A FUCKING REASON., hazels: wonderstruck715: nerdy-fighter...
wonderstruck715 : nerdy-fighter : hazels : Hazel’s half birthday is March 29th, which means today is her actual birthday. Happy birthday Hazel Grace! happy birthday! if she’s still alive…
09/29/14 17:10 | United States |  Tweet
Last Weekend in RVA. Sort of.
...of the Little Mermaid, and celebrate another friend, Casey’s, half birthdaywith chocolate cake and a fire pit. It certainly started the weekend right. Saturday brought more exciting times! My friends...
09/28/14 20:27 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
I can't believe 6 months has already gone by!!! Happy Half Birthday little dude!!!
09/28/14 12:35 | United States |  Tweet

Upset because her parents didn't do anything for her birthday...
I just learned what a half birthday was this month. Quoting Sparkler16: Yes. We are Italian so... And he started celebrating my half birthday as a joke one year and now does it always. Get I'll take...
09/29/14 15:29 | United States |  Tweet
Bargain Town (the last one) | Birmingham area | Alabama (AL)
...birthdays and anniversaries. Plus they will send a coupon on your halfbirthday. So we get coupons at least every 3 months. $5.00 off lunch is pretty good. Plus on your birthday visit you get a free desert...
09/28/14 21:48 | United States |  Tweet

Celebrity Baby Scoop
Samantha Harris Celebrates Josselyn's 7th Birthday
To celebrate her daughter Josselyn's seventh birthday, Samantha Harris threw a ... SH: “Hilly is an energetic, sassy 3 1/2-year-old. She has a spirit that ...
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Are You a Half Birthday Hater?
LIGHTNING RELEASES 09/29/14 Some people, when first presented with the trending concept of a half birthday, are instantly opposed.
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September 29, 2014

Half birthday! |
...s lifewitholiverblair brvnettebarbie th3littlestavenger Happy half birthdaydaisy ! th3littlestavenger mamababezy mamababezy octopusandrockets 100acresofsycamore pinkbowsnbutterflies joythedaughter endlessemoceans...
09/28/14 10:34 | United States |  Tweet

Simply Shelley: My Bitty Baby
That chill in the air has come too soon and whispers a warnin... 2 days ago n honor of Indy's half-birthday, I put together some of my favorite video clips of her so far and put them to music... 3 weeks...
09/28/14 10:56 | United States |  Tweet
Inside Park Lafayette Towers Apartments
MIAD Opens New Residence Hall, Celebrates 40 Years Aug 27th, 2014 by Jeramey Jannene Half-birthday bash, half-ribbon cutting, the ceremony unveiled MIAD's new six-story, Third Ward building. Urban Vancouver...
09/28/14 05:17 | United States |  Tweet

birthday near Christmas | help
I agree Pinterest! Love that site. We have started to do a half birthdayparty for my daughter. She was born on Christmas day. So in July she gets a huge party but on her b-day we do cake & ice cream...
09/28/14 04:56 | United States |  Tweet

Baby Photo Prop
Half birthday baby photo prop - half sign - 1/2 year old! | See more about baby photos, photo props and birthdays.
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September 28, 2014

The iPhone 6 Plus Is Apparently Too Big to Watch Porn in Public
He's no puppy anymore. At six months exactly, Boomer celebrated the half-birthday with a weigh in of over fifty pounds. This puppy is one of the biggest six month year olds I've ever tried to cuddle...
09/27/14 14:44 | United States |  Tweet

On days 7-17 of Vytautas voila mail Magnus University students for the...
...Youth Day Baltriškėse Youth tour half birthday Belmonte birthday! Christmas ... Youth Day Baltriškėse Youth tourhalf birthday Belmonte birthday! Christmas
09/27/14 02:24 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
It was more a half-birthday: my birthday is March 25, but September 25 is six months… :) Thanks, though! I had been doing faithfully for the...
09/26/14 22:09 | United States |  Tweet
Raising Leafs: Things That Make Smile 9/26/14
...Happy Friday! This week was filled with many memories: Alyssa's halfbirthday (post coming soon), Tyler's many shenanigans, and God keeping Alyssa safe through a very scary experience. That pretty much...
09/26/14 20:46 | United States |  Tweet
2.5 Years hearing your take on the world. We love you so much! Happy halfbirthday!
09/26/14 09:00 | United States |  Tweet

Half Birthday
 Party Ideas
Half Birthday Party Ideas. Home > Party Ideas > Half Birthday Party Ideas. half birthday party ideas 5 Half Birthday Party Ideas half birthday party ideas ...
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September 27, 2014

Wisian's Ways: (Not) Best in Show
...both a collage poster of photos featuring both of them. Happy halfbirthday Boo! Hopefully they saw, as well as Linny (who I will talk more about in tomorrow's blog), that you never know what will happen...
09/27/14 03:02 | United States |  Tweet
being cindy {baldwin}: C. Kate Grow: Eighteen Months
C. Kate Grow: Eighteen Months Dear Kate, Today is your half-birthday: you are officially eighteen months old. Although we've laughed that you've been a toddler for the greater half of the last...
09/25/14 15:13 | United States |  Tweet

Zulu 1/2 Year Birthday!
Happy "1/2 Birthday" Zulu. He has grown from the cutest boy in the liter and is well on his way to becoming a very striking adult. It is so fun...
09/25/14 22:21 | United States |  Tweet

-Birthday Parties for Kids Are Apparently a Real Thing Now
As if it's not enough to plan and execute an annual birthday party for each of your kids, complete with coordinating food, entertainment, decor and.
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September 26, 2014

A 22-year-old’s Diary Entries From Early October, 1973
...beautiful night – and I gave her her half-birthday card. It was a picture of a daisy that said, “Take care of... You’re someone special.” We recalled my last half-birthday card to her, before we were even dating...
09/26/14 00:06 | United States |  Tweet
290 caches - The best time I've had since... ~ Sub Carapacea de RaC... days after the birthday?? Man, this year I had two and a halfbirthday parties :D. One before I left Odense, one now, and the birthday barbecue I made in Flensburg... That wasn't really a party so...
09/25/14 12:01 | Romania |  Tweet
Sophie Rose is 6 months old !
Sometimes I love her so much that it is almost painful and it scares me how vulnerable I am to this little lady. Happy Half Birthday, darling! Has it really only been six months since you entered our...
09/24/14 11:59 | United States |  Tweet

Zulu 1/2 Year Birthday!
Zulu is so handsome! Happy half birthday! __________________ Krys Roxy ~ My Sheltie Angel Enzo ~ Shadow puppy
09/25/14 16:59 | United States |  Tweet

Cynwyd Station Cafe's half-birthday bash is Oct. 5
The Cynwyd Station Café and Tea Room will celebrate the six-month anniversary of its opening Sunday, Oct. 5, from 1 to 6 p.m. with crafts, live music, ...
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Finally our half birthday today! 6mo pic
Here's our 6mo photo. Well one of the 200 I took lol. I made this onesie and she wore it to daycare today :)
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half birthday
Jax's half birthday is May 6th, the day before Chris's birthday. On May 6, 2010, I was making cupcakes to bring to Family Group dinner to celebrate ...
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September 25, 2014

Birthday poem for husbands
...husband 's birthday , other half birthday poem 1. Wish your hubby on his birthday with some amazing ... husband 's birthday , other half birthdaypoem 1.
09/24/14 20:39 | United States |  Tweet
How to Use Twitter to Add to Amazon WishLists
...friends and family what I want for my birthday or Christmas or my half-birthday or for whatever excuse I can find to get presents. Twitter has just made it even easier to add stuff to my wishlist than ever...
09/24/14 11:02 | United States |  Twee

Simply Shelley: Lessons from Life
...Your Space in a Small Kitchen... 6 days ago n honor of Indy's half-birthday, I put together some of my favorite video clips of her so far and put them to music... 3 weeks ago Two Crazy Crafters Hello...
09/24/14 20:23 | United States |  Tweet
We Need Diverse Books
...connections for all kids. Oh and the suggestions, here’s a few… Oscar’sHalf Birthday by Bob Graham Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match by Monica Brown Yoko by Rosemary Wells I’m Your Peanut Butter Big Brother by Selina...
09/24/14 15:07 | United States |  Tweet
Amelia at 18 Months Monthly Update
on facebook ...on twitter ...on instagram ...on bloglovin } Happy HalfBirthday Amelia! A Year & a Half! This time 18 months ago I was sat in a London hospital, scared to take you home! Well we have managed...
09/24/14 03:27 | Ireland |  Tweet
A Half of a Cupcake For a Half birthday.
...when he would be 3 1/2. Jax’s half birthday is May 6th, the day before Chris’s birthday. On May 6, 2010 ... half and we wished Jax a happy halfbirthday and voila, a tradition was born. My boys love this simple...
09/23/14 21:51 | United States |  Tweet
The Making Of Melanie: "Norfolk based ships..."
wheels up on Friday and I c... In case you missed out September was dubbed "Half Birthday Month" Several reasons- well, okay, 2 reasons. 1. Summer was over ... Lucky Lady I found these on my desk when...
09/23/14 15:12 | United States |  Tweet
His five-years-old, but I mean really, he's practically six. His half birthdaywas a couple weeks ago. Caderyn treats every day as an adventure, and he is happy to get up (nearly) every morning. He loves...
09/23/14 10:20 | United States |  Tweet

[MRY] Murraycoin ▪ The Only Currency Worthy of Bill Murray ▪ Now Scryp...
And I just realized this today, but Bill Murray Day is on my half birthday! So yeah, the stars have aligned probably.
09/25/14 01:31 | United States |  Tweet
I got my permit 3 days before I turn. 17 can I get my license at 17???...
I live in wisconsin. I just turned 16, but didn't get my temps on my halfbirthday. The rule in WI is 6 mo. After your temps is issued. Do some research on your state, but it also should be covered in...
09/23/14 21:30 | United Kingdom |  Twee

September 24, 2014

YES, I AM A GEEK on Pinterest
I'd make this for my other half's birthday #whenthathappens birthday parti, chocolate cake recipes, lego cake, half birthday, brick, lego birthday, homemade candies, chocolate cakes, birthday cakes DIY...
09/23/14 15:16 | Brazil |  Tweet
...fantasies fulfilled. Watch "Half- Birthday Sex" and more funny videos on CollegeHumor Lyrics to ' Birthday ... fantasies fulfilled. Watch "Half-Birthday Sex" and more funny videos on CollegeHumor " Birthday Sex"...
09/23/14 14:37 | United States |  Tweet
Teens Should Really Thank Their Mothers More | Mackenzie Patel
...25. And if that isn't crazy enough, it also happens to be my half birthdayexactly. Wondering what to get your mother for her birthday can be a daunting task. Shoes? A new cooking pan? Nutella? Frankly...
09/23/14 11:42 | United States |  Tweet
Happy birthday poem for husband
Welcome to our free online printable Husband birthday poems Pagewhich brings you happy birthday verses, other half birthday poem 1. A very Happy Birthday We also have Birthday Poems For Husband quotes...
09/23/14 08:41 | United States |  Tweet
your fave is problematic: London Tipton
aduhm: -Capitalist -Had better half-birthday party the same day as Maddie’s Sweet 16
09/23/14 01:26 | Vanuatu |  Tweet

Cracker Crumb Chaos: The Weekend: Baseball and a Half Birthday and celebrating Henry's half birthday. On Saturday night, we went to our first baseball game of ... and fun. We celebrated with a half-birthdaydinner of skirt steak, coleslaw, caprese salad and Gene's...
09/23/14 13:13 | United States |  Tweet
No Title
...Mia's birthday was in December. My son's is too, so we throw a halfbirthday party, so I'm not running around like a crazy woman trying to organize a birthday party and Christmas!
09/23/14 12:14 | United States |  Tweet
Birthdays Galore! Unless, of course, you are Desire’, who also celebrates her halfbirthday. Her birthday is in February. February, in case you are unaware, is NOT conducive to sitting outside in NYC, drinking margaritas...
09/23/14 00:18 | United States |  Tweet
Dear waistline, I stood your guard!
...more, could you ask for one Timbit that’s half chocolate and half birthdaycake. Maybe!”. That was the day and to-date, every time anyone is making a round to coffee-house, she always makes it a point...
09/22/14 20:27 | United States |  Tweet

Minimalist yet magical Christmas? | Mumsnet Discussion win win). For food, I plan the menu from around 22 Dec (my halfbirthday and usually our last day at work), and try to make sure I have planty of leftover dishes. I tend ditch about a third of the...
09/23/14 09:43 | United Kingdom |  Tweet

September 23, 2014

Simply Shelley: Happy Autumn
...Your Space in a Small Kitchen... 5 days ago n honor of Indy's half-birthday, I put together some of my favorite video clips of her so far and put them to music... 3 weeks ago Two Crazy Crafters Hello...
09/22/14 23:24 | United States |  Tweet
10 Classic Stereotypes At The Bar
...“bon voyage” for a friend’s three-week vacation, or perhaps a “half-birthday” soirée for a colleague. Other times, we’re simply suffering from FOMO (“fear of missing out”) and if we don’t go, we don’t...
09/22/14 16:25 | United States |  Tweet
Cason Crew: Reese's Half Birthday
Yesterday was Reese's half-birthday. I forget how much babies change from month to month. Reese is a completely different child than she was a month ago. She is...
09/22/14 14:33 | United States |  Tweet
greenstar910: Happy half birthday, Kailee!
greenstar910: Happy half birthday, Kailee!
09/22/14 14:03 | United States |  Tweet
Icon FYI: Today’s my half birthday. Want a half b-day present?
greenstar910 replied to your post: FYI: Today’s my half birthday. Want a half b-day present?
09/22/14 13:29 | United States |  Tweet
FYI: Today’s my half birthday.
FYI: Today’s my half birthday.
09/22/14 13:22 | United States |  Tweet
Jack Simon Robbins: Happy Half Birthday, Jack!
I saved some of his birthday cake in the freezer with the sole intention of us singing happy half birthday today. I can't believe my little guy is getting so big!
09/22/14 08:59 | United States |  Tweet
Turning The Corner
And yet some part of me kept emerging to ‘make a change’, to ‘set things right’. Whether it was my birthday, half-birthday, New Year’s Eve, Lent, March Break, or the third Thursday of June, I looked...
09/21/14 18:18 | Canada |  Tweet

have veterans rewards changed?
has 5 veterans favor/prestige and xp vials in each one had 2 and a halfbirthday present with heroic favor/prestige and xp vials. Was looking for the veterans reward cache item on the character i now...
09/23/14 06:03 | United States |  Tweet
Christmas Savings and Spending
...same *sigh*  My son's birthday is Jan. 3 and we celebrate his halfbirthday instead of his actual birthday. People thought it seemed weird at first but he loves it. He gets Christmas and then a birthday...
09/22/14 09:16 | United States |  Tweet

September 22, 2014

5 Secret Ways to Save at Pottery Barn: Part 2 « The Krazy Coupon Lady
So what are you waiting for, go ahead and create that registry for National Donut Day or your half-birthday! Click here to start creating your registry. 5. Take advantage of Pottery Barn’s Weekly Wow...
09/21/14 16:00 | United States |  Tweet
The fun one...
My lovely school threw me a PORRIDGE party for my nineteen and a halfbirthday on the 8th of this month. It was very sweet, I love those mad people I call my family and will defenitely miss the half...
09/21/14 01:33 | United States |  Tweet
Sunday Morning Inspo
Happy Sunday folks and happy half birthday to me! Let this Sunday be a reminder to slow down and appreciate the little things in life! Wear your good jewellery out to...
09/20/14 20:00 | United States |  Tweet

Thinking about cutting my hair, don't know what to do!
...cut. I got my hair cut for my birthday in 2013 & today is my half birthday. Anyway, I probably should have specified, an english braid is my go to style when going out, but if I'm at home or just running...
09/22/14 11:21 | United States |  Tweet

Sunday Morning Inspo
...MyRealPretendBlog September 21, 2014 at 2:08 am You’re so right!! Happy 1/2 birthday!! Xoxo September 21, 2014 at 2:42 am Thanks Suzanne ❤️ Desiree September 21, 2014 at 3:04 am September 21, 2014 at 3:11 am kpsays...
09/20/14 20:00 | United States |  Tweet

September 21, 2014

Allen Alvarado @allenxnella Instagram photos
jpg @thechrislyric @_alix_with_an_i @shhha_starsea allenxnella #FBF to my half birthday party, when I got this beautiful painting from the far more beautiful @kimia (repost from earlier, because I deleted...
09/20/14 22:29 | Montenegro |  Tweet

In the Sheepfold: Slumber Parties, er, I Mean Sleepovers
...children remain wholly ignorant of that nefarious trend called the "halfbirthday." 12. Bite the bullet every now and then and schedule a summer birthday party anyway. It's easier than ministry and cheaper...
09/20/14 13:26 | United States |  Tweet
Stoops to Nuts Happy Half-Birthday!
Six months later, he’d send you another card wishing you a happy half-birthday. I’d get my half-birthday card and say out loud, “Boy that Uncle Norman is one swell guy. Hey Mom, I need a new pair of...
09/19/14 12:25 | United States |  Tweet

[chat] Kinane to the fogey industry her maj threw him a nod for her halfbirthday I do enjoy how the queen is supportive of thriving British economic sectors
09/20/14 18:04 | United States |  Tweet

half birthday
Celebrating Half Birthdays: A Simple Tradition. A great idea b/c it's usually a surprise- every kid knows when their bday is, but forget about their half ...
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September 20, 2014

One Day At A Time: Tiny's Big Day!...
...I'm sure she will in time. We started with baby carrots. Happy 1/2Birthday Tiny!!!! We absolutely adore you sweet baby. Favorite food- Her formula Favorite toy- Her feet Favorite thing to do- Take a...
09/19/14 20:43 | United States |  Tweet

Half birthday
Pins about Half birthday hand-picked by Pinner Christina Monroe | See more about six month photos, it's my birthday and 6 month baby.
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Oscar's Half Birthday
Oscar's Half Birthday, Oscar's Half Birthdaypdf, Oscar's Half Birthday books, Oscar's Half Birthdaydownload. Oscar's Half Birthday free.
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